We recently released our second Path of Exile 2 Trailer and Gameplay Showcase which prompted community streamer, KittenCatNoodle, to dig deeper into the potential narrative of Path of Exile 2! While the content within is purely speculation, there's certainly a lot of interesting things to uncover…

Check out the video below!

If you are interested in checking out more of KittenCatNoodle's lore videos, check out her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitch or Twitter for updates about the series.
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Grinding Gear Games
An official post linking to a video that talks extensively about datamined lore?

Ok, this is a bit odd but we'll take it!

Jokes aside, thanks KittenCatNoodle for another good video. FARIDUN LORE HYPE!
ggg approval and confirmation?

or mega red herring?

Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
Le go. If it wasn’t for that streamer I wouldn’t even know that there is a lore in PoE -_-
Persistence makes impossible possible, possible likely and likely definite. Yep, Mirror will drop eventually -_-
Lore? What's that???
Great stuff. The lore is amazing in the game, and I'm glad someone compiled it all in an easy to digest manner.
GGG tease...I wouldn't put it past them to have intentionally put his into the hidden files for it to be datamined. Even if that is true, Chris is nefarious enough that it still may or my not be true.
I strongly recommend avoiding all tools that price check. There have been several reported bans for breaching the ToS, and I suspect this is the cause.
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Very nice dialog with some lore facts...can't remember the last post on the forums that I actually enjoyed!
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

25 Exalts...oh God my stupidity has stuck around!

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