How to get players interested in PvP. I ask GGG attention, please

Most Path of Exile players don't play PvP. A significant part of those who do not play PvP do not know at all that there is a PvP mode in the game, and those who know about PvP are either indifferent or very negative about PvP. At the same time, the PvP mode, as a source of endless challenges, competition and fresh new experiences for players, is an important component of multiplayer play, which can endlessly motivate players to stay in the game, even if the game content has not been updated for a long time.

Why don't players in Path of Exile play PvP, and what can be done to keep players interested in this game mode?

I see 1 main reason for players' lack of interest in PvP: PvP brings absolutely no in-game profit (currency orbs, valuable items, resources for craft, etc) to the players. Players are not interested in spending significant time and effort on the game mode that brings them absolutely nothing. As in life - no one would even participate in the Olympiad if there were no prize money. Playing PvP can be fun, but when the player spends considerable time and energy, he wants to get something in return, he wants to see real in-game benefits from his efforts. If he does not receive anything, he feels that his powers are wasted, and this is really true. In all RPGs with multiplayer and PvP, players receive some kind of reward for victories in PvP, for example, in Dark Souls rewards for PvP victories are "souls", the currency required to buy items and upgrade equipment, in Albion Online - valuable resources for trading and crafting. In Path of Exile players receive nothing. So players have no motivation to play PvP - they simply get nothing for their efforts. They can have enthusiasm, but enthusiasm alone is not enough.

What can be done about this reason? I suggest the following solution:

Create large, automatically generated locations (further in the text - "PvP-Locations"), for a maximum of 100 players, in this PvP-locations also must be monsters and several different bosses in same PvP-location, that will respawn after any player killing them after a certain period of time. So it will be locations, where players can kill mosnters and bosses, farm valuable resources and fight each other at the same time. Players can enter these PvP-Locations by using a special consumable item in the map device, which will create 6 portals to this PvP-location, like it happens with ordinary maps. Each entering that PvP-location will consume 1 portal. If there are already 100 players in the PvP-Location, a new one is automatically created and filled with new players. At these PvP-Locations, there is an increased chance of dropping valuable items from monsters and bosses, but all players can attack and kill each other, and upon death, the player loses everything from he's character inventory, that he picked up in current PvP-Location (exactly as it happening now in Heist in escape phase). The loot lost in this way remains where the player died, and can be picked up either by the players who attacked him, or by any other player in same place, or by the player himself, if he returns to the place of his death, and the loot has not been picked up by that time by someone else. Loot not picked up by anyone disappears after a certain period of time. The player have 6 portals to this PvP-Location, as for ordinary map. The player can choose any strategy of behavior in these PvP locations, for example, he can attack other players to get their loot, or he can team up with other peaceful players to farm and protect his loot from attacking players. The player can stay at the PvP-Location any amount of time, or he may decide to return to hideout to save the loot he received at the PvP-location, but exit from PvP-location will cost him 1 portal, as how it goes on ordinary maps now. Also, upon death, the player loses 1 portal. If 6 portals are lost, the player must use a new consumable item, after that the game will open 6 new portals to any randomly selected from the existing PvP-Locations, which are not yet completely filled with players, not necessarily on the same one where player was died. Players will be able to go to these PvP-Locations in the party, each party member consumes 1 portal, as for ordinary maps. For members of the same party, it is desirable to include friendly fire. In each PvP-Location, it is desirable to make several connected sub-areas with different biomes and different bosses, as well as add various traps and challenges, like in the labyrinth and Doryani's Machinerium, to further diversify the gameplay. Also, this PvP-locations can be attached to specific atlas regions, and consumable items that alows player to access to PvP-locations, can be different for each atlas region, so groups of players or guilds can try do dominate or fight for dominance in specific regions.

The advantages of this solution:
1. Becouse PvP is an endless challenge, in PvP there will always be something new and unexpected, each run in each PvP-location will be different, every time it will be a new fresh experience that will not let the players get bored. It will also motivate players to improve their builds, improve their playing skills, and stay in the game much more time.
2. Players receive significant in-game profit from the investment of efforts in pvp, the players do not get the impression that their forces are wasted.
3. Players will be highly motivated to play PvP to make a huge in-game profit.
4. Guilds will be able to join forces for successful farming in such PvP-Location, which will increase the motivation of players to unite in guilds.
5. Players who do not want to play pvp can simply not use a consumable item and calmly play the game modes they are interested in.
6. To implement the described functionality, no major game modifications are required, all the necessary mechanics have already been implemented.

I believe that the proposed solution will make the PvP mode much more attractive for the bulk of players. I ask the GGG developers, if possible, to pay attention to my post, and if what I described seems interesting and worth the investment, may be add the described functionality to the game.
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Big up
If they put an arena inside each town, with a particular range of allowed player levels to prevent stomping, that would be excellent for participation.
What is the value of my own life when it is taken from others so easily?
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