[3.14] [Build Showcase] Transcendence Replica Dreamfeather | upto 35m DPS | 120k Phys & 1.7m Ele eHP

So I have been playing and showcasing a lot of high DPS skill, I always have a thought what if I played high survival ability skill instead. So with that in mind, I made and tried to revive this Transcendence build through several references back in 3.12.

This is a build showcase and not a buide guide but I am willing to help out if you have any questions.
That is also not theory-craft build, you can see my character in my profile.
This is sorta min-maxing, the gears are pretty expensive, be warned.

I am also welcome any critic about my build.

Boss Fight:
Trialmaster - https://youtu.be/xYN3QHKM0TA
The Hidden - https://youtu.be/oR8IzUD62V8
The Twisted - https://youtu.be/lFSrAkgZXOI
The Formed - https://youtu.be/etkGNLBzSys
Harvest Lab - https://youtu.be/dc6-C7VxqSk
Solo 6-man Chayula - https://youtu.be/-z66fCzd2dI
Cortex - https://youtu.be/imTDmnrkKPw
Uber Atziri - https://youtu.be/TiyLYbqYuz4
Uber Elder - https://youtu.be/H33KoxR1HPg
AL9 Sirus - https://youtu.be/9tJrgUynQ2Y
Maven - https://youtu.be/KtBlruAXtOs

*Note: Despite high eHP, still not able to survive certain hit damage as shown on the boss fight.

Pros and Cons:
+ Up to 120.7k physical eHP with Molten Shell
+ Up to 1.75m elemental eHP with Molten Shell[/span]
+ Facetanking all bosses' hit skill
+ Able to survive Uber Atziri's 2% damage reflection
+ Able to survive any corpse explosion as well as Porcupine's

- Only up to 35.6m DPS, heavy reliance on flasks for DPS
- Without Flasks, only 10m+ DPS, one third of full DPS
- Despite Transcendence is keystone to survive hit damage, but certain hit still not able to survive (see boss fight)
- Extremely vulnerable to DoT especially when there is Maven's intervention
- Unable to do Reflect or no regeneration maps
- Medium mapping speed
- Not beginner friendly
- Expensive

Path of Building(Fork):
[3.14 League]
5345 ES and 35.6m DPS with 120.7k physical eHP and 1.75m elemental eHP
(toggle on/off on Vaal/Molten Shell to see DPS and eHP)

With 100% uptime buffs ONLY:
5345 ES and 11.4m DPS with 30.7k physical eHP and 613k elemental eHP
(even without Flasks and Vaal/Molten Shell, you are more than enough to tank every Hit damage however damage is extremely low)

Going for Ascendant just because it offer more passive points as well as ascendancy diversity.
1st - Guardian for flat physical damage reduction as we have all armour converted for elemental hit
2nd - Can be any but chosen Berserker because of raw damage that this build is lacking as well as some speed modifier offered by Rage.

Bandit & Pantheon:
Bandit: KILL ALL. Need all the points for the passive tree!
Pantheon: Lunaris and Tukohama. As mentioned, need physical damage reduction for this build.

Gears & Links:


Since I am playing melee physical attack skill, I will need these 2 to scale physical damage as a core weapon for this build.
Get Fortify so that I can have more eHP as well as not needed for Champion ascendancy. 2nd sword just get as high pDPS as possible.

Since I am running so many aura, getting aura effect implicit really help a lot to scale aura's effectiveness, same goes for +2 AoE.
Mana reservation is important as we need it to run a lot of auras.

Core body armour of this build. Need to Iron Reflexes keystone to make Replica Dreamfeather works wonder so that we don't need to path to the bottom of the tree. 100% Increased Global Defences also scale off the ES, Evasion rating and armour perfectly.

Get this implicit so that we can get more physical damage reduction, everything else can be any that you wanted. I got attributes here just because it scales with my gloves and there is nothing else I can get to benefit from.
The enchantment also fit perfectly for this build as we scale DPS off armour.

This is just a perfect gloves for this build, beside Life, everything else make perfect combo. At least +2 Lv corruption is needed so that the Purities auras can go up to 5% maximum resistances then scale off 100% aura effect to get a total of 10% maximum resistances.
As mentioned before, DoT is extremely deadly since the introduction of Maven with her intervention. Getting extra 10% max resistances slightly help in surviving DoT.

With the attributes we get from the Cluster as well as resistances from Purities, we can get all the damage modifiers from this boots. Beside hybrid STR/INT, I think nothing else could be better here for these 2 influences.

Since I am running a lot of thing in this build, I am socket starved, so I got Vitality here.
Mana reservation is important as we need it to run a lot of auras.
This could be better if the attack speed modifiers is Physical damage reduction for more survival ability.

Probably the best, we need physical damage reduction and at the same time we can get Herald of Purity buff effect and Determination/Grace aura effect.

Core jewel for this build, we need this jewel to get Transcendence keystone. We can also scale aura effect and AoE damage at the same time.

This is the perfect 3 liner for me.
Pride's for more damage.
Determination's for more physical damage reduction.
Vitality's for more survival ability.

Got lucky with double corruptions for 1% reduced reservation of skill and Corrupted Blood immunity. Corrupted Blood immunity is quite important since we are weak against DoT and we can also save up a slot for Flask for defences modifier.


What is the best attack skill for this build?
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Really nice build. I always thought replica dreamfeathers would be a good choice for a melee transcendence build. But my poor theory attempts in pob weren't even close to useful. Cool you got this working. Will test this in the future!

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