[3.14] Champion Exsanguinate: 8 Auras, Low Life, Super Tanky, A8 Maven Down

Keywords: Exsanguinate, Champion, 2M DPS, 8 Auras, Super tanky (Fortify+Leech+Feast of Flesh), Low Life, Semi-permanent Adrenaline, Mind over Matter

POB: https://pastebin.com/Yz0pkinR (you can find the tree, gem setups, gears, etc. here, still a lot of room to improve)
You can also find the charater details via my profile.

A8 Maven kill: https://youtu.be/rDu4m0cdEEE

Budget: 3/5, no high-tier gears necessary, just try your best to upgrade.

Clear speed: 4/5, not the fastest acendancy but the skill with chain has very efficient clearing.

Boss fights: 4.5/5, very tanky with sufficient DPS to clear most bosses if you are familiar with boss mechanics. Haven't tried "the Hidden" and "the Feared" with this character but other bosses should all have been done deathless if my playing skills can be improved a little bit.

Fun: 5/5, with many flexible interactions with gems, skills and gears. It is tricky but fun to set up all the 8 auras properly.

Offensive layers:
Very straightforward for the skill, which adapts many many ascendancies. Just pursue more physical damage, physical damage multipliers, gem levels and skill duration effects. The DPS is not impressive, but I find it is sufficient. Our advantage is more aligned with defense.

Denfensive layers:
1. Stun/freeze/chill/bleed immuned
2. Fortify (20% less damage taken)
3. Long-duration Immortal Call (auto-activated for 53% of time, 35% less damage taken, together with fortify and enduring cry this is super insane)
4. Life regen of 750+hp/s, physical spell leech 1150+hp/s, 2000 hp/es recovery every 5 seconds (super useful for long boss fights)
5. Easily capped chaos resistence
6. Flexible choice of both major and minor Pantheon
7. Life flask with low life mod is always instant.
8. Blind enemies if you use Sand Stance of Flesh and Stone but it is not necessary because we can do any Trialmaster waves in maps with most mods, even without using flasks.

1. By going semi-low-life (reserved life should be slightly lower than 50%), we can trigger Adrenaline (20% increased cast/movement speed, 10% less physical damage taken, 100% increased damage, etc.) with Petrified Blood and a life flask easily.
2. It is not easy to stack 10 corrupted blood via corrupting fever and the added DPS is not impressive. I gave it up and used the four sockets for much better utilities.
3. The helmet, The Devouring Diadem, is a bit complicated and leads to two negatives and two positives. We don't have to use mana for skills if auras reserve all mana, and we have 2000 HP/ES instant recovery every 5s. But Arcane Surge cannot be triggered and ES do not protect life anymore. To deal with this, I use four skill points to reach Mind over Matter for higher life pool and use a Watcher's Eye to generate Arance Surge. There should be a lot of flexibility with the use and choice of the helmet.

I'll keep updating this when I have time.
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