[3.14] Return of Pizza Sticks -- Totem Flameblast Hiero/Chief


I am returning to POE after a multi-year break. I saw olympiakospk1's Hierophant Pizza Sticks build and it brought back fond memories. I decided to take my own crack at it.

Generally, the idea is to spam flameblast totems. For this to work, you need cast speed -- lots of it. You also need totems -- lots of them.

All told, I have 7 totems active after 4 casts. This helps defense, because Tukohama's Fortress gives you 300 Armour per Totem.

It also helps offense. The downside of spamming totems with Soulmantle is the truly impressive number of curses you accumulate. With a Self-Flagelation Jewel; however, you get 20% increased damage per curse.

Combining Viridi's Veil with a magic ring in the right slot, you make yourself hexproof.

Note: I am not a min-maxer and I don't have magnificent equipment. Despite that, this build is doing Red Maps fairly easily.

Pro's & Con's


-- Lots of explosions
-- Totem playstyle is fairly safe
-- Spamming totems will give you both armour and damage.
-- Cheap. I don't think I've spent more than an ex on any indiviual piece of equipment.


-- Totem Playstyle is not for everyone
-- Not Min-maxed
-- Has yet to be tested against high endgame content.
-- The author makes no claims to be a guru. I'm sure good players can find many improvements.


Skill gems

6-link Soul Mantle

FB - Multiple Totems -- Controlled Destruction -- Elemental Focus -- Faster Casting -- Increased AOE/Concentrated Effect.

Orb of Storms -- Increased AOE -- Hextouch -- Enfeeble (or flammable)

CODT -- Immortal Call -- Tempest Shield (Or Void Sphere) -- Extended Duration

Trigger Wand -- Frost Shield -- increased Durration -- Second Wind

Flamedash -- Second Wind

Stone Golem -- Fortify

Petrified Blood


Passive Tree


Not yet POB fluent. I will try to add PoB link later.

Defensive layers

Extra Totems = Extra Armour
Lots of Regen
Decent Block, both spell and attack damage
Petrified Blood
Viridi's Veil makes damage vs. you unlucky, makes you hexproof and defangs crits. Other than that it doesn't do much.
Frost Shield is up most of the time -- if not, Immortal Call is the back up.

Ascendant Heiro/Chief

Bandits Kill All
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So how is it?

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