[WIP] [3.14] Mana Bolt - Petrified Agnostic MoM Hierophant

First of all
Hello, this is my first self made build and i'm looking for some advice on how to proceed with this concept. This is a simple draft but as the build grows and people gets interested i will make this guide prettier and more detailed.

Although i play Path of Exile since Breach league i never got too far on the game, i mainly follow build guides and stop playing when i reach T16 maps then i get bored and stop playing until next league. This means that i may make a newbie mistake or this build can be a total failure or even be a duplicate of another better build that i never heard of (but if there is... please send me the link!)

This build is a combination of 5 things

1) Agnostic Keystone
2) Mind over Matter Keystone
3) Archmage Support gem
4) High mana pool and mana recovery
5) Petrified Blood gem

This combination really means WE USE MANA FOR EVERYHING.

- For any Damage we take 40% goes to mana (or more if you have expensive Watcher's Eye)
- The other 60% goes to petrified blood, meaning 79% life loss taken over time
- We regenerate life trough agnostic, spell life leech, mana and life flasks.
- 2k mana regen on PoB, 813 positive mana regen due to agnostic and petrified blood interaction (The mana regen can be much more because my PoB dont calculate arcane surge).

- HUGE Archmage damage buff.
- 45% crit unbuffed.
- Spell Echo spend mana only on first casting making sure we spend less mana to take bigger hits.
- Crackling Lance for clearing on low intensity and bossing on high intensity.

Mandatory items

Shield - Prism Guardian. For petrified blood, clarity and aura of choice.
This shield will make sure we reserve life we dont use for our auras.

Boots - Goldwyrm. Huge mana regen and quantity is always welcome.
We really need the mana regen, if you think you can cast spells and tank everything feel free to change this boots to a rare with life mana and res

Amulet - Atziri's Foible. huge flat mana, huge increased mana, huge mana regeneration, very good amulet for this build.

Ring - Shavronne's Revelation. 40 mana regen per second is insane good.

Belt - Immortal Flesh. more mana regen per second, some extra life and life regen. This belt is only here because of the mana regen per second, could be replaced for a better belt

The rest of the equipment is rares with life, mana and res.


-Pure Talent. elemental penetration + loads of mana regen.
-Clear Mind. Huge damage boost + mana regen.
-Watcher's Eye with increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity. if you are rich you can go for mana recouped and damage taken from mana. BUT mana recovey is way more important!
-Tempered Mind. huge boost to our mana regen overall.


I'm using crackling lance for clearing and bossing, this is skill although not very good for clearing can be a very flexible spell.
I'm working on the rest of the gems, i'm trying some crazy skills to boost our regen or our damage, i will update this section as soon as finish experimenting.

Skill Tree

---Work in Progress---

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Just note that agnostic will permanently heavily manadrain you with petri blood. (20% of your mana pool per second) as you're never on full life - so subtract manaregen accordingly.
It's totally feasible to sustain it but it does put a damper on things.
There was pohx build running this combo with Doryani's prototype manastacker that bypasses heavy mana cost issue by exploiting orb of storms + tempest shield combo.
(Orb of storms is unique in aspect that it's the only spell you can link with archmage and benefit from archmage bonus while triggering it with another spell that costs next to nothing).

Without that trick you'd want to be in 4-5k manaregen per second range for it to be comfortable (mana recovery belt + wactchers eye, t1 manaregen on rings and weapons, foible, cod)
At that point it might not be worth running it as hiero, ascendant or pathfinder with stacked enduring mana flask effect might be way lower investment with bigger returns.

Also you _must_ reserve on life, you can't reserve on mana as mana-stacking build, which is a bit tricky, since arrogance will give you 200% reservation multi. But it's perfectly possible to achieve ~51% reservation with arrogance, since helmets can have corrupted implicit of 0.8 - 0.9 reservation multiplier that stacks with enlighten (or you can use prism guardian to bypass arrogance 200% multi, but then need to reserve something else on life to break 51% threshold). There's also 20% reduced petri blood reservation enchant to work with.
Biggest issue with reserving on prism guardian is you often want to go pledge of hands as archmage hiero.

When i tried to work this into my archmage hiero build i abandoned the idea because petri blood + perma rf + omeyoan is just too much mana drain, and pain attunement is still lower dmg bonus than RF.

Petri blood doesn't really make you tankier VS oneshots unless you don't use it for lowlife and have low mana cost of skills (high cost means you can't use it with archmage builds without reserving to lowlife).
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