3.14 SSF Spellslinging Minion Instability Bomber with SRS + Skeleton

I started out as a conventional minion bomber using Minion Instability, and although the damage was there it felt somewhat awkward/slow to always have to wait and stand around until the minions were low enough for the explosion to deal the brunt of the damage.

Bored as I was I skimmed the forum and read the Animate Weapon Spellslinger guide https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3080407 from Wrecker_of_Days.
While Animate Weapon does nothing for me as a skill I was intrigued by the use of Spellslinger to compress a minion build into a 1-button build.

Purifying Flames - Arcane Surge Support at the start.
Purifying Flames - Added Lightning or SRS - Infernal Legion later on.

Summon Skeletons - Infernal Legion - Minion Damage will be the first major step to comfortably summon a pack of skeletons at your cursor and watch them burn a pack of enemies in seconds, but they still need help with manually casted SRS when it comes to bosses.

Once Spellslinger is available start working towards the gem links below.

Spellslinger - Flammability - SRS - Combustion
Spellslinger - Summon Skeletons - Infernal Legion Support - Concentrated Effect Support

Raise Spectre - Spell Echo - Lifetap Support - GMP
Raise Zombies - Elemental Army Support - Feeding Frenzy Support - Added Fire

CWDT(lvl 1) - Desecrate(lvl 1) - Flesh Offering(lvl 8)

Power Siphon(lvl 1) as the trigger for Spellslinger

Passive tree

EE was supposed to be triggered by Ball Lightning if I would've continued with a common minion bomber build, but by chance I happened to wear cheap gloves I found with 7-10 cold damage added to attacks, which now is the trigger.

Showcasing only both Spellslinger gem links in action, as Zombies/Spectres are quite standard gameplay:
- T5 Atoll trash packs
- T5 Atoll boss

With both Spellslinger active each Power Siphon results in:
- 2/3 Skeletons with Infernal Legion AoE damage which will automatically explode once their HP is low enough
- 1 Raging Spirit, which might explode if getting hit enough, if not it's your typical Raging Spirit which attacks
- Flammability to boost Infernal Legion, Minion Instability + Raging Spirit attacks
- Culling Strike from Power Siphon with its 5 projectiles

Once both Spellslinger gem links are done it's down to finding a good rotation for Power Siphon:
- With bosses/larger packs its best to do 3-4 in quick succession to get both skeleton and SRS numbers up
- Once they're up do a Power Siphon every time a pack of skeletons dies due to Minion Instability to keep their supply steady
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Got a video? I'm a fan of summonner playstyle and a bit bored with regular builds.
akavangop wrote:
Got a video? I'm a fan of summonner playstyle and a bit bored with regular builds.

Showcase of running T5 Atoll is linked above.

I had to fight with my old PC to be able to record those videos, so I reckon you asked when I was still editing my post.
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