Give your shield a cool new look with the Coldsnap Shield Skin! With its icy shards and Lion decal, this Shield Skin is great to show off with any cold-themed outfits! Check out the video below or get yours here.

The Coldsnap Shield Skin looks great with the rest of the Coldsnap Armour Set.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Very Cool!
Last edited by PunisherXOmega on May 31, 2021, 8:44:49 PM
Waiting on Misery n Warlord box contents to go on sale. :D
Looks like the Painted Buckler grew a winter beard....

No thnx.
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
Nebulis spotted!
Must be an aura stacker ...
good shield
how do they make so much mtx... this the boxes the supporter packs the core packs...

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