[3.14] Olesya's reverse chill Scourge Arrow Pathfinder

Build Overview


For the most part, this build plays like your standard poison Scourge Arrow Pathfinder. The difference is that this build reverse self chills for an action speed multiplier and uses Olesya's Delight to increase your chill effect and poison damage. The Icefang orbit ring makes it so you're chilled when you're poisoned. I use the Golden Rule which reflects poisons onto you and the malevolence watcher's eye mod that makes your character unaffected by poisons. This way we can safely apply poisons and therefore chills, to ourselves. The Winterweave ring reverses the effect of these chills so instead of slowing our character they actually increase our action speed.

In order to reach the maximum chill of 30% we need 200% increased chill because 10% is base chill. With 6 affliction charges (frenzy charges are converted into affliction charges with Olesya's) you have a 48% multiplier to your chill effect. You can think of this as increasing your base chill from 10% > 14.8%. This means you only need about 103% increased chill effect. We can exceed this with the following combination:

41% from level 5 Awakened Unbound Ailments
48% from Blasphemer's Grasp with 6 Elder Items
15% from Calamitous (Large Cluster jewel notable)



- Can do all content
- Run any combination of map mods
- Can do 100% deli maps
- Very fast mapper with Scourge Arrow, Pathfinder poison prolif, and 250%+ increased move speed
- Good bosser with max (30%) chills

- Decent defenses with 5k life, 54% dodge, 44-67% spell dodge (depending on gear) and Wind Dancer, but not really hardcore viable.

- Hard to gear, since requires some niche items
- Can be difficult to cap resists
- Damage on end game bosses can feel low if you're undergeared

Passive Tree

Kill all bandits

1. Winder dancer, Acro, Phase Acro
2. Frenzy charges
3. Cluster jewels (bottom left below duelist and on the right by acro)
4. Efficient damage nodes (Dirty Techniques, Toxic Strikes, Hunter’s Gambit, Fatal Toxins, method to the madness)
5. Efficient life node (Herbalism, Thick skin, blood drinker, golem’s blood)

Level 91

Level 98


Order is probably going to be different when leveling, but here’s the order that I would rate them at for endgame.
Master Toxicist > Nature’s Boon > Nature’s Reprisal > Nature’s swiftness


Olesya’s Delight is one of the core items of this build and converts frenzy charges to affliction charges. Each affliction charge grants 8% more damage over time for ailments and 8% more effect of non-damaging. With 6 charges that’s 48% more poison damage and 48% more chill effect. I highly recommend the wither charge enchant, since -x% chaos res is basically a more multiplier to poison damage, but I see a lot of people also use 14-16% all res corrupted version which is a good alternative, since this build has a hard time res capping. You can also try getting the wither enchant + all res corruption.

Winterweave is a core item, which reverses the effect of chill. Basically anytime you are chilled, you a multiplier to your attack speed, cast speed, and move speed. You can buy an elder blood boil for cheap, then upgrade it with the prophecy.

Icefang orbit is core item which enables self -chill, in combination with the golden rule. You can use noxious catalysts to buff the poison damage. Pick up an elder version if possible.

Blasphemer’s Grasp give 6 life, 4% damage over time multiplier and 8% effect of non-damaging ailments per elder item equipped. Ideally you want 5+ elder items to make this worth it since that nets 30 life, 20% damage over time multi and 40% effect of non-damaging ailments. I managed to get 7 elder items and it’s technically possible to get up to 9, but it’s not a problem if you can’t compromise and some items will obviously be better if you don’t get them elder influenced. For the corruption, priority is Despair on hit then +1 frenzy charges.

Darkscorne is BiS and pretty easy to get. It might be hard to get an Elder version, but if you wait long enough, one should show up for sale. You can also try chancing, but it’s a pretty rare item. If you’re really rich you can use tempering orbs and hope to get a phys/chaos/ailment enchant.

I crafted this chest by awakener orbing the 15% life elevated elder mod with 10% chance to gain frenzy charge on hit redeemer mod. Then I used Aisling 4 to get 14% spell dodge. You need the redeemer mod to generate frenzy charges, but the rest is flex. Also, recommend getting some resist here.

Hunter helmet with "nearby enemies have -x% chaos res". This shouldn't be too hard to craft and the elevated mod is not necessary.
-x% chaos res > life > resist > accuracy
For enchant I reccomend extra spore pod for Scourge Arrow

Pick up a good rare elder amulet.
Stats in order of importance chaos dot multi > resist > life > stats > added phys/chaos damage

Pick up a quiver with high dot multi and chaos dot multi.
Dot/chaos dot multi > resist > life

I crafted this by awakener orbing t1 spell dodge elder boots with tailwind hunter boots, until I got res. Then used “suffix cannot be changed” and harvest crafting until I hit a decent life roll. Then I aisling 4’d the move speed and crafted “Cannot be frozen”



Leveling is pretty straight forward. I started off as toxic rain and transitioned to poison scourge arrow around 80 - 85.

Start by heading straight to the damage nodes.

Pick up Nature's reprisal as your first ascendency for more damage.

Pick up Acro and path to Winderdancer, grabbing more damage on the way.

Get Nature's Boon or Nature's Adrenaline as your second ascendency.

As soon as you're high enough level to start socketing cluster jewels, fill those out, since they're staying and we won't have to regret them later.

Tips for single target and gearing

- Try to maintain 15 stacks of wither on bosses. Basically to do this you need to use withering step 2x.
- Get both large cluster jewel wheels with 4 medium cluster jewels. A ton of damage comes from jewels
- Get dot multiplier with malevolence on watchers eye
- Get a double dot multi quiver
- Get despair on hit on gloves
- Max out resists with jewels

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On regular jewels
Life > damage with poison > attack speed with bows > resist/stats
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