3.14 Burning Arrow Auramancer Build

Same Build
https://pastebin.com/ZVSyXU5a - 19.6 Mil AoE Damage Gear
https://pastebin.com/74r5KZ0n - 41 Mil Single Target Damage Gear

https://youtu.be/toGtIvBS1uc - youtube video

- 3,500 Molten Shield
- 2,550 Primal Aegis Shield
- 70% Physical Damage Reduction
- Max Fire, Lightning, and Cold Resists
- Inspired Learning for Buffs
- Mind Over Matter added with clarity recoupled mana
- 4 Power charges, 4 Endurance charges, and 3 frenzy charges with easy way to build them up and keep them up
- etc.

+ I'm working on making a video with killing hard stuff in PoE

- Only use single target gear on big Bosses ( Sirus, Shaper, and Elder )

Items you change for big Bosses

- Soul Catcher Boss fights
- Swift Affliction Boss Fights
- hatred Boss Fights
- Replica Emberwake boss Fights

Items you change for - Maps & Ultimatums
- Guardians of the Void
- Elder Guardians

- Berek's Respite for Maps/ Remove Replica Emberwake
- Greather Multiple Projectiles for Maps/ Remove Swift Affliction
- Grace or haste for Maps/ Remove hatred
- Doedre's Elixir for Maps/ Remove Soul Catcher

Cost of the Build would be around 50ex to 100ex.
you will need to take the Red Pill to find out
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I would like to see a video of this build.
The dps looks too low in PoB
Nothing here to see..
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