3.14 Blood Magic Toxic Rain / Use Petrified Blood

・Hight Life Recover & High defense
・DPS that can take on a lot of content

・Flask Management
・Not good at Dot damage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDovlcqd8NI [T16 Mapping]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7SLRN_ITWQ [The Feared]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFE2bGzd6Qc [Twisted]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsKLhxlhPFA [AL8 Sirus]




Mana Cost

Getting Blood Magic pays for all MANA costs with Life. This will remove Mana Flask/Clarity/Mana Cots - Craft.

Mortal Conviction & Supreme Ego

Due to the limitations of Mortal Conviction, you can only use one Aura, but with Supreme Ego and Arrogance Support, you can get enough DPS with just one Aura.

Toxic Rain AOE

The TR gimmick was nerfed in 3.14, making it less necessary to earn AOE.
As a result, Conc Gem can be employed, but the AOE needs to be adjusted. After some testing, I've set the AOE at about -10% to -15%.

While Leeching Gimmick

By using this gem, you can Leech ES, and by combining it with Blood Rage, you can fulfill the condition of [While Leeching].

Need for Spell Dodge

In the case of Attack, there are two levels, Evade and Dodge, but Spell dodge is very important because its accuracy is directly related to your defense.
Whenever possible, you should adopt the Boot of Spell Dodge.


Investing in Steelskin will make you stronger against unfortunate consecutive hits, which is Evade/Dodge's weakness.
This is very powerful, and even if your Life is greatly reduced, Steelskin will shoulder 70% of the damage.

Maloney's Mechanism

This unique is very powerful.
Combine it with RoA to spread Curse to your enemies, and gain Frenzy Charge in the fight against Boss.

Life Regen

By using several pieces of equipment together with the Life Regen placed on the Tree, I have gained 15% Life Regen.

Flask Order

The Flask uses these five basic types.
Basalt Flask greatly reduces Physical Damage.
Jade Flask is essential due to its low Evade Rating.
Quartz gives you high dodge and allows you to pass through enemies without having to wait for them to die from Dot Damage.
The reason why the Life Flask chooses the Giant Life Flask is explained in the Petrifield Blood section.

Use [The Overflowing Chalice] only when fighting bosses.

Use equipment with x% Reduced Flask Charge Used whenever possible.
This will increase the number of times you can use Flask, the lifeblood of Pathfinder.

Cluster Jewel

Use something that consists of [Tempered Arrowheads] and [Feed the Fury] +1 Suff Passive mod.
Using ES Leech's gimmick, Feed the Fury is a very strong Passive.

Use three Mediam Clusters composed of [Peak Vigour] and [Special Reserve]. Gain a large amount of Life and Regen.
Both of these Passives have Life Tags, so they are easy to create.

The above two are candidates for the fourth Medium Cluster.
The [Brush with Death] and [Eternal Suffering] configurations are for Farm, while [Misery Everlasting] and [Wish for Death] are Jewels for Boss Kill. Both are Medium and can be swapped.
If you can't get either of them, use [Vitality Extraction] near Blood Magic.

Petrified Blood

When Petrified Blood is employed, Hit damage is increased by 10% and Dot damage is effectively doubled. If you can overcome this disadvantage, you can treat Life Regen, Flask, and Leech as double the value.
This build can heal more than 20% (40%) of Life in 1 second when combined with Regen and Flask healing, and has a very high resistance to Dot Damage.
It can be more effective than that under some conditions.

To counter hit damage, use [Hardened Scars], which was nerfed in 3.14.
Currently, in order to use this anoint, you need to be in a state of recovery with a Life Flask, and if you use a Life Flask like Divine or Eternal, you will reach Full Life in an instant. For this reason, we intentionally use a lower Life Flask.

My Gear


Bandit & Pantheon

All Kill +2P / Lunaris or Solaris + Abberath or Shakari
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nice TR variant , one question , as a league starter should i level as the usual TR or should i go for the petrified version right away , thank youu
You can use petrified after you are somewhat equipped for the end game, or earlier if you are not considering Chaos Resist.

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