[3.14] ED/Bane/Blight Occultist | Max Block | low to high budget | 15M+ DPS


https://pastebin.com/1znu7Ecr - below 1 Ex budget, CI, almost capped blocks, 6K ES, up to 2M Full DPS

https://pastebin.com/Aj9fXAyj - below 10 Ex budget, LL, capped blocks, 6K ES, up to 4M Full DPS

https://pastebin.com/4sByFyWs - My character in Standard, 9.5K ES, up to 17.5M Full DPS ~400ex budget

https://pastebin.com/NvKYS3gZ - 33M Full DPS theorycraft with realistic gear (no legacy items, no mirror-tier items).



- Good survivability
- Average/good clear speed
- Cheaper to gear due to being off-meta
- Safe bosskiller
- 80-100% ailment immunity
- Good at both AoE and single target damage
- All map mods (no regen requires mana flask)
- Very cheap to start, no expensive uniques required


- lots of buttons
- Need to aim ED at bosses
- Rare items can be expensive to minmax
- Hard bosses won't let you always channel Blight for max DPS

Core Mechanics

Capped blocks together with Glancing Blows allows us to survive big hits, and huge regen from ED puts us back at full ES in 1-2 seconds. ES on block mod from Shaper or Crusader shield helps survive in mapping.

We use Bane instead of ED + Contag to clear maps, because it's much faster and allows us to squeeze more single-target DPS against bosses.

Evil Eye and Brush with Death medium cluster notables provide Blind and ES recovery on kill for smooth mapping.

After putting ED and Bane on a boss, we channel Blight whenever we can to get more of the much-needed DPS.


We apply 2 curses with Bane, one is always Despair, the other can be Enfeeble or Temp Chains. Enfeeble is a straightforward survivability increase, Temporal chains makes our DoTs last longer, so you have to apply ED less often and most importantly, you can reach 20 stacks of Blight after channeling for ~4 seconds

Shield Charge + Fortify is a great movement skill for mapping, but for bossing you will mostly use Flame Dash because it's instant and lets you pass through dangerous zones.

If your Bane is not killing mobs quickly enough (low gear or you're doing juiced Delirium or other hard content) just switch to 6-link Bane

calculating Blight breakpoints

Look at your Blight cast rate and skill duration in PoB.

This equation should hold true:
20/Cast Rate > skill duration

This will allow you to reach maximum 20 stacks

Crafting endgame gear

Cost ~30ex

1. Buy lvl 86+ Hubris Circlet with Despair enchant. It can be Hunter influenced or uninfluenced.
2. Spam dense fossils till you hit 310+ ES.
3. If you have no influence, scour suffixes and slam for 20% chance to hit -9% chaos res aura.
4. If your item had Hunter influence or you failed at steap 3, craft prefixes cannot be changed and use harvest craft "reforge with Chaos modifier". You will have 1 in 7 chance to hit -9% chaos res. Repeat this steap until succeed.
5. T4 Aisling if you have 2 open suffixes
6. Craft Ailment avoidance on bench or resists or Dex if you still need some.

Cost ~12+ ex

Buy a 82+ Titanium Spirit Shield with already existing T2-T1 Spell damage and T2-T1 ES or increased ES, an open prefix and open suffix. Bonus points if you have both ES mods, but it won't be cheap then.
1. Scour suffixes.
2. Craft multimod, any prefix, prefixes cannot be chamged. Craft Harvest "reforge with a defense modifier". This guarantees ES on block suffix.
3. If you have 2 open suffixes, craft multimod, the other ES prefix and block chance. If you have only 1 open suffix, you might want to repeat steps 1 and 2 or leave as it is and craft only ES prefix.
4. Add quality with Hillock in Fortification if you have only 20% quality

Cost ~30-50ex

Cost ~30ex

1. Buy 84+ Hunter's Fingerless Silk gloves.
2. Use Essence of Delirium until you get 1 open prefix, 1 open suffix and one desirable suffix (a high-tier resist).
3. Craft "suffixes cannot be changed", use Harvest "reforge with chaos modifier" to hit CDoT multi. If you get resist, try to annul it, if it fails return to step 2. Repeat this step until you get CDoT multi.
4. Craft "suffixes cannot be changed" and use Veiled Chaos Orb. Unveil and look for +2 AoE gems. Repeat this step until you get AoE gems. If you get +2 Projectiles, you could try to sell these gloves, if there are builds that put ED in gloves (Bane or Blight main skill).
4.1 A more expensive option is to instead reroll prefixes with harvest's Defense modifiers to get an ES prefix or even 2 good Prefixes and then T4 Aisling to get +2 AoE gems. But this is very long and expensive.
4.2 Double corrupt them, because getting another +2 or even +4 lvls to our Blight is a huge DPS boost against bosses.

Why this build and not ED/Contag

Occultist gets much more DPS from Ascendancy than Trickster, and you don't need ED/Contag to clear trash mobs, 4-link Bane is enough, and it has much faster casting speed.

By using 3 damaging skills at the same time you can reach much higher DPS than a typical ED/Contag build and kill endgame bosses much faster.
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