Give your Sigil of Power a holy glow with the new Divine Sigil of Power Effect! This cosmetic Skill Effect switches out the standard blue Sigil for one with a transcendent glow, perfect to match any holy-themed outfits! Check out the video below or get yours here.

Put the Divine Sigil of Power Effect together with the Radiant Armour Set and Radiant Weapon Effect for a great holy-themed look, pictured below.

Thanks for your support!
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pretty cool! love me some divine/holy theme, need more :D
k looks nice

but so u pretend that no1 need/want to see more often trialmaster? when buff spawn trialmaster? its rly needed long time ago so do it!
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Hi mom!

Btw, when is celestial vortex coming?
Hi mom!

Btw, when is celestial vortex coming?.

Celestial Vortex already exists.
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Only the colour changed
Now you have to create a pentagram

then you can have my money.
Demonic Sigil of Power needs to happen now.

...and you know it.

But make a Demonic Arcane Cloak then as well, because otherwise you're just stuck with red and blue mixed still.
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