[3.14] Doryani's Fist Mana Slammer Berserker - 40 Million Damage Slams

This is a build I have been theory-crafting since I saw the Mahuxotl's Machination Unique shield.

The core of the build is a Mahuxotl's Machination Tempered by War Doryani's Prototype MOM Agnostic Doryani's Fist slammer.

Quite a mouthful, but I'll explain the build theory in detail.

Before I start, I want to clarify that this isn't a full build guide, its only a theory-craft. I haven't actually played the build, mostly because I'm not a big fan of slammers or of mana stackers, of which this build is both. This means that the build is not tested, so if you plan on playing it, do so at your own risk.

I've decide to go ahead and release a theory-craft build spotlight anyways because I find the build concept extremely interesting, and I think other people might enjoy it as well.

I use POB Community Fork. I strongly recommend upgrading to this version if you use the base POB
POB Community Fork download: https://pathofbuilding.community/

Edit #1: Added Pros and Cons, added gem-links, added flasks
Edit #2: Added Cry Wolf Medium cluster

A quick overview:

POB: https://pastebin.com/YbsuyY33

The build has up to:

* 4K life
* 6.5K mana
* 40% MOM
* Fortify
* 40 Million DMG Single hit Slams
* 50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos
* 86% Chaos Resistance
* Take 0 Cold or Lightning damage

Build Concept:

The build scales negative Lightning Resistance to utilize Doryani's Protoype, gains survivability from Mahuxotl's Machination and Tempered by War, and scales mana in order to gain flat Lightning Damage as well as additional survivability.


* Very good single-target
* Good survivability
* Cool off-meta playstyle; 'meme' build
* Doryani's Fist is awesome


* Not a 1-button build
* Very micro heavy: lots of buffs you need to manage
* Clear speed won't be fantastic bc of slow attack speed

Mechanics Explained:

Doryani's Prototype:

Doryani's Protoype has two relevant modifiers:

1) Deal no Non-Lightning Damage

Pretty straight-forward. We can only deal lightning damage with the build

2) Nearby Enemies have Lightning Resistance equal to yours

If we have 75% Lightning Resistance, nearby enemies have 75% Lightning Resistance. If we have -60% Lightning Resistance, nearby enemies have -60% Lightning Resistance.
We want to have as low Lightning Resistance as possible. The lower our Lightning Resistance, the higher our damage

This mod also means that we cannot lower enemies Lightning Resistance further.

These have no effect:
* Conductivity
* Elemental Weakness
* Elemental Equilibrium
* Eye of Malice
* Exposure
* Nearby enemies have -X% to Lightning Resistance

Do NOT use:
* Glimpse of Chaos

There's just one problem with Doryani's Protoype: If we're running around with negative lightning resistance, we're prone to roll over and die.

Mahuxotl's Machination and Tempered by War solves this by converting away 100% of Cold and Lightning Damage taken
Previously, you could not obtain Divine Flesh and Tempered by War on the same character. With the introduction of Mahuxotl's Machination Unique shield, you're now able to.

Mahuxotl's Machination:

Mahuxotl's Machination provides 6 keystones. I will simplify what the keystones do for this build:

Corrupted Soul
* Useless

Divine Flesh
* 50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage
* +5% Maximum Chaos Resistance

Eternal Youth
* Energy Shield recharge applies instead to Life

Everlasting Sacrifice
* Useless

Immortal Ambition
* Overleech

Vaal Pact
* Cannot regen Life

Note: The Agnostic provides 'Life Recovery' not 'Life Regen', so we still get excellent life sustain even when not leeching

The important keystone is Divine Flesh

Tempered by War:


Tempered by War is obtained from a Lethal Pride 'under Rakiata'
The number of the timeless jewel is unimportant

Tempered by War grants:

1) 50% of Cold and Lightning Damage taken as Fire Damage

2) 50% less Cold and Lightning Resistance

Note: A bit unintuitive, but this less modifier lowers the magnitude of your Cold and Lightning Resistance
100% -> 50%
-100% -> -50%
This means that Tempered by War is a damage loss in exchange for drastically increased survivability.

Damage taken Conversion Calcs:

TLDR: The build takes no Cold or Lightning Damage

Divine Flesh converts 50% of Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage taken to Chaos.

With Divine Flesh, you take:
* 100% of Physical as Physical
* 50% of Fire as Fire
* 50% of Cold as Cold
* 50% of Lightning as Lightning
* 100% of Chaos, 50% of Fire, Cold, Lightning as Chaos

Tempered by War then converts 50% of Cold and Lightning Damage taken to Fire

With Divine Flesh and Tempered by War, you take:
* 100% of Physical as Physical
* 50% of Fire, Cold, Lightning as Fire
* 0% as Cold
* 0% as Lightning
* 100% of Chaos, 50% of Fire, Cold, Lightning as Chaos

This means you take 0 Cold and Lightning damage, rendering your Cold and Lightning Resistance useless. This has perfect synergy with Doryani's Prototype, because we can now lower our lightning resistance without sacrificing survivability.

Note #1: Converting Physical Damage taken as Cold/Lighting will brick the build(Damage taken conversion can only occur once). Be careful with shield corruptions!

Note #2: Divine Flesh and Tempered by War provide generic conversion, not 'converted from hits'. This means the damage conversion applies to DOTs and Degens as well :)

Doryani's Fist:


Doryani's Fist provides flat lighting damage to Unarmed attacks.
It also provides the Doryani's Touch slam skill
Doryani's Touch is the only Lightning slam skill, which makes it a natural choice for this build

Doryani's Touch Mechanics:

1) 100% of Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage
Useless for this build; we're scaling flat lighting damage

2) Hits Cannot be Evaded
This allows us to drop Resolute Technique and pick up Elemental Overload for 40% more damage

3) 600% effectiveness of added damage
A ludicrous amount of added damage effectiveness, scales extremely well with all our flat lightning damage

Damage Scaling:

The build transforms mana scaling into flat Lightning Damage using a combination of the Arcane Cloak and Sigil of Power skills, and the Mind of the Council unique helmet.

Divergent Arcane Cloak + Arcane Cloak helmet enchant provide significant damage. Prioritize these upgrades.

The build also uses Elemental Overload, Vaal Ancestral Warchief, 2 Warcries and Berserk.

You can also use Smite for extra flat Lightning Damage

Optimally, you want all the level/quality scaling buffs in a 6-link with Enhance + Empower level 4. Check the POB/Gem links section for more details

Damage output is highly dependent on having buffs up. Therefore, the build is very micro heavy, even more so than regular slam builds.

Note: If you're like me and the thought of maintaining 8 different buffs horrifies you, this build may not be for you. It will be VERY micro-heavy

In the previous section I've gone over the core mechanics of the build. In order to scale damage and survivability, the build scales Life and Mana on the tree and gear, and scales negative Lightning Resistance using 3 -20% Thread of Hope Jewels.

Core Gear:

All basic gear can be found in the POB. Endgame upgrades are possible

POB: https://pastebin.com/YbsuyY33

Two Ventor's Gambles with +Life, +Fire Resistance, -Lightning Resistance are the best budget rings. They can be replaced with Life + Mana + Fire Resistance + Chaos Resistance Cerulean Rings as an endgame option.

If you're having trouble capping Fire and Chaos Resistances, drop the Atziri's Foible for a Resistance amulet with Dexterity on it. Also consider picking up cluster jewels with Fire/Chaos Resistance on them

The best Anointment is 'Crusader'

All Thread of Hope and Pure Talent setups are in the POB. Prioritize getting -20% Resistance Thread of Hopes

For the Watcher's Eye you want 10% Clarity MOM. Anything else is a bonus.
If you want a second stat on your Watcher's Eye, look for either Clarity, Vitality or Precision mods; these are easy to fit into the build

BiS damage helmet is Mind of the Council
BiS helmet Enchant is 'Arcane Cloak Spends an additional 15% of current Mana'

A good alternative helmet is Crown of the Inward Eye (+Measured Fury annoint on amulet). It provides similar damage, with increased life

Note #1: You don't need any Cold Resistance and don't want any Lightning Resistance. Gear should only have Fire/Chaos Resistance

Note #2: Harvest 'Change Resistance to another type' craft can fix otherwise great gear. Be sure to check the trade website for fixable alternatives

Note #3: You can run a Temp Chains/Enfeeble corruption on your Doryani's Fist for a defensive curse setup

Cluster Jewels:

Large Cluster:
* 8 passives Lightning Damage
* Notables: Doryani's Lesson + Supercharge + Overshock OR Scintilating Idea
* If you can't afford this 3 notable cluster, prioritize Doryani's Lesson first, then Supercharge, then Overshock/Scintilating Idea

Medium Cluster:
* 4/5 passives Exerted Attacks
* Important Notable: Cry Wolf
* Other Notable: Lead by Example, Warning Call
* Cry Wolf is a big QOL improvement, but this cluster is not mandatory

Small Clusters:
* 2x 2 Passive Chaos Resistance
* Notable: Born of Chaos
* Try to get Fire/Chaos Res suffixes (helps with gearing)
* Budget Notable: Blessed (helps with gearing)


Check the POB for flasks

The build doesn't have any fantastic offensive flask options.

The best offensive flask is a Sulphur Flask.
Bottled Faith is usable for the mod: 'Consecrated Ground created during Effect applies (7-10)% increased Damage taken to Enemies'.

Focus on defensive and utility flasks:
* Basalt Flask
* Granite Flask: Magic OR Rumi's Concoction
* Quicksilver Flask
* Silver Flask

For flask Suffixes, prioritize:
* of Heat
* of Warding

Do NOT use:
* Taste of Hate --> It bricks the build's defenses
* Bismuth Flask --> Increases Lightning Resistance
* Topaz Flask --> Increases Lightning Resistance

Passive Tree and Skills:
POB: https://pastebin.com/YbsuyY33

Check the POB for the passive tree
The build is fairly level-hungry. It wants level 90+. The POB is at level 95.

I haven't included a leveling guide.
Doryani's Prototype requires level 67 to equip, so I advise leveling as a generic Marauder (with a similar tree) and then respecing later.

Note: The Large Thread of Hope above Elemental Equilibrium is allocating the starting nodes for both Witch and Templar. This is for the Pure Talent Jewel

Alternate quality skill gems included in the POB

Gem Links:
For this gem section, assume all gems are Max Level + Max Quality unless otherwise stated. Use the best gems you can afford (21/23 > 21/20 > 20/20 etc)

If a non-Superior Alternate Quality is optimal, I will include it as well.

Links not necessary:
* Fist of War
* Pulverise (Divergent) --> **IMPORTANT ALT QUAL**
* (Awakened) Elemental Damage with Attacks
* Fortify OR Concentrated Effect

Fortify is less Damage but more survivability, Concentrated Effect is more Damage with less AOE and less survivability (but can gem swap to Inc. AOE for clearing)

Divergent Pulverise is expensive but gives 10% more hit DMG

Body Armour:
1) Enhance
2) Empower
3) Sigil of Power (Divergent)
4) Smite (Anomalous)
5) Berserk
6) Arcane Cloak (Divergent) --> **IMPORTANT ALT QUAL**

6-link is not mandatory. If you don't have a 6-link, drop Enhance + Empower and just run the buffs

Divergent Arcane Cloak is the #1 most important Alternate Quality gem. Prioritize it

Links not necessary:
* Seismic Cry (Phantasmal / Anomalous)
* Intimidating Cry (Phantasmal / Anomalous)
* Clarity
* Vaal Ancestral Warchief (Quality not important)

1) Flame Dash
2) Arcane Surge (Anomalous) (Lvl 7) --> **IMPORTANT ALT QUAL**
1) Orb of Storms
2) Increased Critical Strikes

Anomalous Arcane Surge provides significant mana regen

Note #1 Other than Divergent Arcane Cloak, Divergent Pulverise and Anomalous Arcane Surge, all other alternate quality gems are minor upgrades. Don't worry if you don't have them

Note #2: Increase your attributes, equip a Mjolner OR high Dex weapon and then reduce your attributes. This will still count as being unarmed and will allow you to level 3 additional gems

Note #3: Don't use a CWDT Guard skill. It will interfere with Arcane Cloak's cooldown

Note #4: The build has 3 free gem sockets in the shield. Use these to level gems, or for utility gems (eg: Portal)

Damage Setup:

The damage rotation looks like this:

1) Sigil of Power
2) Arcane Cloak
3) Elemental Overload Proc (Storm Brand/OoS)
4) 2x Warcries (Generates Rage if near enemies)
5) Vaal Ancestral Warchief
6) Smite
7) Berserk
8) SLAM!!!

I hope you found this theory-craft interesting. If you end up playing the build, let me know how it turns out.

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And for the ascendancy? which one first?
Just respecced and started testing this. Looks very promising so far. Much kudos for a very cool idea!
Current IGN: Trying_Yet_Again, IKillMyChars
dmoniak wrote:
And for the ascendancy? which one first?

I'm not 100% sure on leveling for the build. If you're leveling as a generic slammer, you probably go 1)War Bringer, 2)Crave the Slaughter, 3)Rite of Rune, 4)Aspect of Carnage. You can pick up Aspect of carnage earlier if you feel you need damage
Protip: click the name of your character at the top of the forum post to link items. Build was kind of annoying to read through without having hover stats. Got any videos of it in action yet?

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