Invoke the clutches of hell to restrain your foes with the new Demonic Ensnaring Arrow! This cosmetic effect chains your enemies to the denizens of the underworld, perfect to pair with any Demonic themed outfits! Check out the video below or get yours here.

Pair the Demonic Ensnaring Arrow Effect with the Demonic Armour Set, Demon Wings, Demonic Weapon Effect and Infernal Bow and Quiver pictured below.

Thanks for your support!
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A .1% skill mtx :D
Don't normally even care, but that's cool.
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This is sweet.
Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done.
Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.
It looks nice, but shouldn't the hand be gripping the chain? You know, trying to drag the enemy down with it? As it is, it kinda looks weird.... Good but weird........
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
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Interesting effect....but not another centavo from me....
"We tell people that Path of Exile league starts are a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to actually make sure that is the reality."

Blatant lie by the HMFIIC.
Perhaps Tencent should consider a leadership change.
Cheers for an MTX for a skill no one uses. More to follow, or will we get Cyclone MTX #10?
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.

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