[3.14] 73Million A9 Sirus Dps No-6Link Budget friendly Ice Storm Hierophant MoM

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/BL2PCkf2

73M A9 Sirus Dps using archmage Ice Storm (old skill) and indigon.

It's budget friendly since we don't use any 6links, the 6 socket Whispering Ice is real cheap 1c. The rest of the gear will cost 30c each dont need perfect rolls, divine the indigon etc. The indigon is like a few exalts so that can be problem to try build out. It gets cheaper as league progresses.

One problem the mana cost ramps kind of broken in PoB so indigon can only 1 tap before capping your mana flask, thats inside pob idk if it works in game. When you add mana to indigon, it skyrockets your mana in 1 tap in pob that idk how to fix if any of you can help thx.
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Archmage stops working if the mana cost > your total mana pool.
Nice PoB warrior but will never work IG...
Been playing this build. I like it a lot. Can you update PoB link w/ current or suggested gear?

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