[3.14] Raskoril's Lazy Impale Dancing Duo Scion

Preface: This build is heavily inspired by CaptainWarlord's Dancing Duo build from 3.7. As he stopped updating the build and subsequently vanished from the internet I have made significant changes each patch, and thus consider the build my own now.

This build removes active skills in favour of abyss jewels. This build is all about going fast, FAST, FAST.

+Low budget, with high budget options available
+Minion build, so easy playstyle
+Mandatory items are common, and league start is viable
+Can run all content with budget gear
+Great for clearing AND bossing
+All map mods
+No 6L required

-Relatively squishy with few defensive layers
-Minion build, so boring for some
-Lower damage than popular minion builds
-Scion, so leveling can be obnoxious
-Flask piano ALL THE TIME

The Dancing Duo

This is what the build is all about. What appears to be a mediocre two-handed sword is actually a pair of minions that come alive for as long as we maintain rampage. You obtain the sword by having The Dancing Dervish in your inventory and completing the 'Dance of Steel' prophecy. The minions themselves are simple: they target whatever they can see, and spam cyclone in a back-and-forth pattern as long as they see enemies. They are also nearly indestructible, with them usually not even getting scratched anywhere outside of PvP. When rampage ends they vanish.

--How does the build work?--

The Writhing Jar

This is our engine, our startup, our sustain, our lifeline. We take three of these for convenience and comfort, but it is possible to sustain in most situations, if not all, with two. Once we enter a map we pop our flasks a couple times to pop some worms out, wait a few seconds, then press one flask every second or so. As our support minions kill the worms we quickly enter rampage, spawning our swords. We then activate our other flasks giving us speed and phasing. Once our startup is complete (taking just a handful of seconds on average) our game plan is simple: we run headfirst into and through packs of monsters while our swords melt everything in our wake.
[insert graphic of running through packs of monsters]
Bossing typically involves just dodging mechanical elements while the swords work, casting curse/offering if you have it, and standing near the boss if possible. It's that easy.

Why Ascendant?
We choose Ascendant largely for quality of life reasons. Pathfinder gives us unlimited flasks, extra movespeed, and extra recovery from flasks. We take Path of the Ranger for access to valuable flask nodes. Juggernaut gives us some much needed survivability with endurance charges and stun immunity. Other options are available, but this is what has felt most comfortable over the years.


Beyond the sword and flasks most of our entry level gear is very basic- just grab stuff with life and resists. The exceptions are our gloves and boots, where we want the uniques as soon as possible.

Body Armour

Now that Craiceann's Carapace only prevents bleed and not Corrupted Blood we opt for a rare chest with high resists and a lot of life. An armour base makes getting the red sockets easier. BALLER OPTION: Replica Shroud of the Lightless, +gems corrupt.


Beyond life and resists we prioritize +level of minion gems, and with an Elder base we can get minion damage and minion life. An ideal endgame helm is crafted from an 86+ Elder Bone Helmet base (obtainable from the divination card Nook's Crown) with +3 minion gems, minion damage, minion life, and resists. There are many ways to craft this, but I personally just spam bound fossils at the base until I get the prefixes then use Harvest to reroll the suffixes. BALLER OPTION: Add Redeemer influence for Reduced Reservation of Skills. 150% Carrion Golem Buff Effect enchant.


A Stygian Vise is the clear choice, with %Reduced Flask Charges Used. Life and resists are high priority. Bench craft %Chance for flasks to not consume charges if you have enough resists. Darkness Enthroned is BIS if you can manage the resists elsewhere. BALLER OPTION: Fertile Catalyst, close your eyes and Hunter slam t1 %life.


Early on we just use rings with life and a lot of resists to fill the void of our gloves and boots, and bench craft minion speed if possible. As soon as we can we swap in unset rings to make room for Desecrate and Flesh Offering. Make sure one ring has an open Suffix to beastcraft Aspect of the Spider on it. BALLER OPTION: Redeemer slam minion damage.


We want a Warlord influenced amulet for 'Pride has #% reduced reservation', with a maximum roll if possible. With the recent nerf to Flesh and Stone we need to take down our reserved mana as much as possible to be able to fit Spider and still be able to cast our support skills like Flame Dash and IC. Beyond that it's our standard fare of life and resists, with an open suffix for minion speed if possible. We anoint Freedom of Movement for the extra speed and dodge. BALLER OPTION: Add in +1 Physical gems. Anoint Charisma.


Bubonic Trail is the best option here in nearly all cases. Try to get one with two abyssal sockets asap and 6% life if you can afford it. BALLER OPTION: With the new Votive Hoard node in New Vastir added in the 3.13 patch it is easier than ever to find rare boots with an abyssal socket. It may be possible to find/craft rare boots with much better utility than the extra abyssal socket. I don't know, I'm not a high level crafter.


Tombfist. BALLER OPTION: Command of the Pit gives us the extra accuracy our minions need to reach 100% hit chance. Corrupt for +Auras/Gems


In addition to our worm flasks a requirement for this build is the Quartz Flask. This allows permanent Phasing, which allows us to smoothly run through packs of monsters and (usually) not get hit. I don't remember WHY this is, but supposedly has something to do with monster turn speed and action time or some other weird mechanical interaction. The flask also gives us some extra dodge chance, which is important. Our fifth flask slot is usually reserved for a Quicksilver for the extra speed. It is highly recommended to have 'of Warding' and 'of Heat' between these two flasks. Situational flasks can be very important for certain endgame bosses, and can easily be swapped into our fifth slot as needed.

BALLER OPTION: Bottled Faith. This is our only DPS option for flasks, and it is significant.

Ghastly Eye Jewels

This is where the bulk of our power comes from. With a total of 13 jewel sockets we use 12 Ghastly Eye Jewels in total. The absolute priority stat on these is minion movement speed. After that we try to get a decent flat phys to minions on them, then life and minion attack speed as you can. Try to get at least one instance of minion taunt and minion blind across these jewels, as shown in the above examples. Our minions hit so often that just one instance is enough for permanent taunt/blind

Fortress Covenant

We take one of these, and place it here:

BALLER OPTION: Get as many implicits as you can through Harvest/Corruption for Movespeed, Aura AoE, Reduced Reservation of Skills, etc.

Cluster Jewels

They can keep nerfing it, but Renewal is our bread and butter here. On a large cluster we want an 8p with Renewal, Rotten Claws, and Primordial Bond. We use two 4p medium clusters with Renewal, and possibly Dread March if you feel safe sacrificing life nodes. Early on taking a jewel with extra passives is okay if you are on a budget and, again, feel safe sacrificing the life nodes. The same is true for notables on the large cluster. If you end up with Feasting Fiends this can be a useful notable to take, as it helps keep our supports alive. BALLER OPTION: Imagine you're playing an aura stacker, but instead of aura effect you're stacking Renewal and Dread March.


Mostly standard minion tree, with a few modifications. We want all the minion AoE and speed we can get. We also want as many jewel sockets as we can get. The flask nodes on the Ranger side make life easier for us, as well as keeping us alive with bigger sips. We grab the top-left aura wheel to help mitigateour reservation and boost our damage. A few minion life and leech nodes keep our supports alive.

(can't generate pob with pastebin for some reason, so this is all I got for now)


Kill all the bandits. We need the passives.

For our major god Lunaris is a solid choice, as we are almost always surrounded by enemies (our worms count). Solaris can be swapped in for bosses as need.

For our minor god we have many options available, such as Ralakesh for bleed, Shakari for Chaos, Garukhan for speed and avoidance, etc. I personally leave it on Ralakesh since the changes to corrupted blood in 3.14.


Ranger -> Pathfinder -> Path of the Ranger -> Juggernaut


DD Supports: Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Damage on Full Life - Multistrike - Impale - Minion Damage

Sometimes it can be difficult to get 4R1G1B on the sword:

3R2G1B: Faster Attacks instead of Damage on Full Life.

3R1G2B: Minion Speed instead.

Reroll until you get one of these three colour combinations.


-Initial Setup: Raise Spectre - Carrion Golem - Feeding Frenzy - Meat Shield

-Endgame: Carrion Golem - Animate Guardian - Feeding Frenzy - Empower

Our spectres and golem serve no purpose but to start our rampage, buff our swords with Feeding Frenzy, and potentially absorb damage, so our priority is keeping them alive. Tanky options for spectres are Towering Figment (Act 4 Grand Arena), Redemption Sentry/Knight (Redeemer Maps), Arena Master (Warlord Maps, also buffs), Stoneskin Flayers (Primeval Chamber in Delve), and Primal Crushclaw (Harvest). We can switch to AG once we have a helmet with +gems, Minion Life, and Empower.

Body Armour

Flesh Offering - Immortal Call - Vulnerability - Increased Duration
Separately: Flesh and Stone - Maim

There is flexibility with the two linked red sockets here if the colours on your body armour make swapping Flesh and Stone with other gems easier for you, such as Flame Dash or Desecrate. We only put offering and curse here after we have the unset rings to support the extra sockets. If you're having trouble with mana during mapping you can unsocket Maim to make dashing easier (especially in no regen maps) and swap back in for bossing.

Boots and Rings

Since none of these need to be linked and our boots want to roll green or blue you can put any two of these three in your boots: Desecrate - Flame Dash - Convocation

Whatever doesn't fit will go into our rings, along with Pride


Dread Banner - Generosity


Leveling with a Scion sucks. If this is your league starter or you don't have access to some leveling items you're going to have a bad time. The good news is our lowered expectations opens up a lot of options for us. Taking almost nothing but generic minion nodes makes all minion skills viable leveling options. ED/Cont and Stormblast Mine are also viable options if you use the vendor recipe to make proper wands. I have leveled with all of these, and personally I enjoy SRS the most, but feel free to use whatever you like the most.
[insert graphic of passive tree with incremental steps]
[insert PoB with leveling and endgame trees]


A8 Sirus: https://youtu.be/tk5gzpMKR3Q

100% AoE The Feared: https://youtu.be/EW-ULAUxtqs

[insert frequently asked questions here]

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback, please let me know here. This guide is still under construction.
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