Hello there, fellow exiles!
To just hit bare minimum of 5M dps, the budget is about 2 to 3 ex.
If you are kicking in about 5ex, it would be easy to hit higher dps.

Why LIMITED EDITION? It's because of a specific item which is cheap, but rather limited edition. It can be said that this item is trash, but someone's trash can be another man's treasure. And it's the treasure of this build.

This build isn't just about aiming for the HIGHEST DPS, but balance every other aspect, to maximize the gameplay of this league.
Which can reach up to 25ex to 30ex for end-game (of what I am now)

This is my first character of this league. And I'm still playing it and enjoying it very much :)

My Current FULL DPS set-up for Boss (Sirus)
(An Average of 10 mines laid) Since we detonate mines almost immediately when throw.
With Pride = 17M / Max Pride = 21M

Here's my pastebin

Video Showcase
to be updated

(To be updated when needed)

+ Our Mines RESERVES NO LIFE (Due to Mortal Conviction)!!!! It still costs life to cast though.
+ Able to throw mines and Reap all corners around you
+ Easy Set-up for Bossing
+ Swap Weapon only during Ultimatum to make use of Rampage
+ All Content able to do once you knew the boss mechanics
+ Uber Atziri
+ 7 reserved skills! Oooo...

Defensive Mechanism
(Max Life 5k+ / Life Regen 1.5k+ (2k with Flask) / Acrobatics / Phase Acrobatics / Petrified Blood)
Currently testing Corrupted Soul instead of Acrobatics.
As we gain 15% of our max life as extra ES, our Body Armour will double that value.

- Constant Dashing. We can't stay still most of the time.
- Unable to handle heavy DOT (i.e. Desecrated Ground / Cold Cloud) as we have petrified blood.
- Unable to do maps with mod - no/less life recovery rate

Mapping 4.5/5
Bossing 4.5/5
Ultimatum 4.5/5

Lonely is the man who seeks power without cost.

This set up, is almost equivalent to the following corrupted implicit on our 6L body armour, except that it is much cheaper, and having some restrictions that can be overcome easily.

How much does this cost? Simply poe trade and filter it out, and you'll see the price.

So, if we are a witch, playing mines, and Mortal Conviction is at the bottom left of the passive tree, won't it be a hassle?

This is the item we get. (I bought it for 20c)
But there's some restrictions. Socket colours can't change, and only corrupted gems can be socketed. We will handle that later.
And of course, if there's no more Mortal Conviction for Skin of the Lords, then too bad.
In a way, this body armour is a LIMITED EDITION!

Now, let's talk about specific uniques that we use in this build.

These core uniques amount to 1ex and less.

Thread of Hope (Large Ring) would free up a lot of nodes going around the mines passives around shadow area. (Will talk more when explaining about the passive tree)
According to your budget, get as low -resistance as possible.
Budget : 70c

The body armour makes this build limited edition due to the keystone "Mortal Conviction" but yet cheap since it seems unwanted.
Budget : 40c

The dual cold iron point give the best dps (Normal ones would do, but Corrupted 'Spell Damage' Implicit gives the best dps.)
Budget : Both for 10c

So does the ring, Circle of Guilt with (1) Herald of Purity Buff Effect, as well as the boost in (2) Physical Damage while affected by the Herald, with Physical Damage Catalyst.
When you are rich enough, do get a good ring with good implicits on it.
Budget : 30c

As we are unable to change the socket colour from body armour, what gems are mandatory?

Do note that the gems must be corrupted to be used in the armour. Just buy a cheap corrupted version if you're new, or corrupt it yourself just to socket into the armour. And when you're richer, spend on a good corrupted gem, or level it up yourself and corrupt it.

The first 3 Gems are mandatory.

Reap (Best Alternate Quality : Anomalous)
Anomalous gives increased critical strike chance. Super yummy.
A Normal Level 21 Reap still does more than a 20/20 Anomalous Reap.
So buy a normal level 21 Reap until you self-corrupt to a 21/20 Anomalous Reap.

(2) High-Impact Mine Support

(3) Swift Assembly Support OR Minefield Support
This is based on preference. I prefer Swift Assembly due to it being much less clunky than Minefield.

And the rest of the support gems based on your preference and socket colour (Regardless of awakened gems).
Red : Brutality / Cruelty
Green : Trap and Mine Damage / Hypothermia (Not the best)
Blue : Charged Mines (Decent Damage with Good Utility) / Controlled Destruction / Concentrated Effect (Good Damage but less area)

For me, my preferred gems link are (2R 2G 2B) to give me as much DPS and utility.
Reap - High-Impact Mine - Swift Assembly - Awakened Brutality - Trap and Mine Damage - Charged Mines

What skill gems do we put into your daggers?

On the first, Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge.
(Note that you don't want your arcane surge to be above a certain level due to the mana required to be proced by dash)

Our movement skill, which proc Arcane Surge = More spell damage.
The reason why we don't use Flame Dash or Whirling Blade, is that it will hit enemies.
This will prevent us from the enchantment we could have on our boots (Increased Critical Chance if you have not Crit recently)
If you're fine without that enchantment, you could use whirling blade + faster attacks + fortify for that nice fortify.
But I prefer Dash due to it being able to pass through some terrains, and give that nice Arcane Surge.

On the second, Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Maim Support - War Banner.

Our totem will be attacking, and maiming enemies would allow our Reap to deal more damage. This is just for boosting damage for Boss Fights. Not required to use while mapping or doing ultimatum.

And why war banner? It's one of our 7 reserved skills.
Increased physical damage to nearby enemies, why not?

So how would our remaining items look like?
From our remaining equipment, what we generally need is,
+ Cap Resist (After Act 10)
+ 5k MAX life+ (Red Maps)
+ Enough Attributes for Skill Gems / Items
+ Life Regeneration (More than 1k+ per second)

Let's share about our equipment and our skill gems as well.

The Helmet
We can choose to go for Damage, or Survivability.
Enchantment to look for : Reap Damage / Effect of Stone Golem Buff

For me, I went with this.

Remember, you do 0 dps if you are dead.
What is a priority is to have as much life as possible. And our helmet will be socketed with Golems. Hence, having to +x levels to socketed minion gems would be great.

We will be using 4 different types of Golem, to maximize our damage output.
Summon Stone Golem | Summon Flame Golem | Summon Ice Golem | Summon Chaos Golem

Of course, Anomalous versions of all the golem gems are rather expensive. Normal ones would do until you are rich enough to buy them.

Our main life regeneration, comes from Stone Golem.

The Boots
Our boots will be socketed with our main aura.

Pride - Arrogance - Enhance - Area of Effect

You must thinking... are you kidding me? So much multiplier on your main aura?
No worries mate. Mortal Conviction neutralizes all the life reservation for our main aura (thanks to arrogance support - turning this aura from mana to life, as well as boosting the aura effect). Pride doesn't reserve any life or mana. WOOHOO~!

And why should we increase our AoE for Pride?
+ When we are constantly moving around with our Dash, it's easier to keep monsters within range, to up to 4 seconds for the maximum effect of Pride to kick in.

Why enhance over empower support?
+When we have so many +x level to Pride, it only increases 1% more phy dmg (after 4 seconds). Despite Empower could +3 Levels to Pride, I would take 48% increased in area of effect over 1% more phy dmg within range.

This is my boots.

What is lacking : Enchantment for Increased Critical Strikes if haven't Crit recently.

Since we are miners, we benefit a whole lot from this enchantment.
And you do notice about another reserved skill in my boots.

Aspect of the Spider
(This is not really important. Just an end-game extra skill to boost our dps further. Not a priority but it's not very expensive.)
And yes, due to the arrogance support, our Aspect of the Spider will reserve life. We will add a 4% reservation node in our skill tree, and thus, 48% of our life will be reserved.

Just to note, that all Aspects are not aura. Hence, they don't gain the aura bonus from arrogance support. And somehow the other supports I threw in doesn't affect Aspect of the Spider.

The Gloves and Ring
The only mod that can appear on this two items (generally).
Curse Vulnerability on Hit

This can appear as a mod in a rare warlord's ring (exclude synthesis implicit).
Or it may be gotten through a corrupted implicit on gloves.

The priority for these two equipment, is that one should hold this curse mod. And to get as much life and resist as possible.
For the ring, it is best to focus on resist, OR life. So that when you catalyst it with quality, you will make full use of it.

For me, I bought this gloves with 2 curse mods and frenzy charges. Thus, I added Whispers of Doom, and rely and Charged Mines.

It can be rather expensive to have an implicit like this on a decent glove which gives life and res.

If so, I would suggest you to use a rare gloves with as much life and res as possible. And get a fairly cheap ring with the curse mod instead. If possible, get life and res along with it.

For my remaining 3 reserved skills, it will be socketed in my gloves.
We will need at least a level 3 enlighten support.

Herald of Purity - Petrified Blood - Skitterbots - Enlighten

Reason for Reserved Skill choices

Herald of Purity : Great deal of physical damage + Circle of Guilt.

Petrified Blood : Make our life not going above 50% (unless flask). Make Big Hits be taken over time. Good combination with our Aspect of the Spider taking 48% of our life reserved. We just need to spend a bit of our Reap Mines to hit 50% to be considered Low Life.

Skitterbot : Even though Skitterbot has an aura tag on it, but it's not considered an aura. So we use this for the 10% more mine damage.
As well as the nice free chill for enemies near the chilling skitterbot.

*Our shock comes from our ascendency*.

Just as much life and res as possible.

Just make sure the combination of your gloves and ring has the curse mod, and as much life and res as possible.

The Belt
Our belt has to be an elder belt. With as much life nodes on it, life regeneration if possible. But most importantly, it must have the mod of
+ Increased Life Recovery Rate

This mod will increase our life regeneration multiplicatively.
And by putting as much life mod into this, makes it even juicier when we quality it with fertile catalyst.

And here's my belt.

(I'm still rolling the values of it in harvest)

If possible, I would rather have the increased in area of effect while affected by Arcane Surge - Enchantment.
We'll see how :)

The Amulet
It should at least have a +1 to all Strength Skill Gem mod on it. (It's cheaper),
and having a +1 to all Physical Skill Gem mod is a luxury. (Not a Must)

What we want is to boost not only our damage, but our golems and auras as well, if we would like to have the luxury mod of +1 to Physical Skill Gem mod.

But having increased spell damage + global critical multiplier would give us more damage than this extra +1 to Physical Skill Gem mod.

It will be difficult to find life mod on this amulet, and even if you do, it can only be crafted on it.

For my amulet, I want to have a balance. But of course, it can be expensive. Not just decent life, but also a bunch of life regeneration too.

For anointment, I went for more life too.
If you prefer damage, the best would be Arcane Potency.

The Flasks
What we need from our flasks is anti-bleed, anti-poison, anti-curse.
We don't need any anti-elemental ailments because from our ascendency, we would have rid off the problem.

We just have to pay attention to whether we have at least 3 golems alive. And if we are down to 2, disengage, regroup yourself until your golems are resummoned after 4 seconds, and continue battle.

Since we are pure physical spell build, we can't go any flasks with gives benefits to other elemental/chaos damage. The most expensive item in this build is this flask.

If you are unable to get it just yet, it's fine. Just go for a normal sulphur flask.

Here are my flasks setup.

I prefer stibnite, because of the smoke cloud.
It is not intentional to be in combo with my belt's enchantment.

The Jewels
In our build, we will allocate 5 jewel sockets along our pathing.
It is best to buy a corrupted implicit jewel which has "Cannot be hindered" - if we want to do Ultimatum well.
We can also try to get "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted" but that is very costly, and not highly recommended since we have a anti-bleed flask, as well as having high life regeneration to cope with the bleeding.

In order of importance.

(1) Thread of Hope (Large)
Will be shown while explaining passive tree.

(2) Anima Stone
+1 to extra golem. (And no, we are not gonna socket 3 other Primordial Jewels)
This additional golem will bring a huge buff to our buffs from Golems.

(3) Watcher's Eye
With the mod, % to deal double damage while affected by Pride.

(4) A rare jewel.
+ % Max Life | Global Crit Multiplier | xxx xxx

(5) Intuitive Leap
Not really needed. But can give good boost to the points invested.
Will explain in passive tree

The Weapon Swap (Not a MUST)

Well, just some useless sockets to level up your gems.

The reason why I use this as my weapon swap is only Ultimatum. Throw some mines on the floor, and then begin my Ultimatum.
Swap weapon, detonate and have that sweet Rampage while Ultimatum.

Do remember to activate your War Banner again (as it is on the dagger).

So what's our 7 reserved skills? You mentioned 6 only?
Did you forget that mines reserved life/mana?

(1) Reap Mines - Due to Mortal Conviction, Reap Mines no longer reserved life. YAY!
(2) Pride
(3) Aspect of the Spider
(4) Herald of Purity
(5) Skitterbots
(6) Petrified Blood
(7) War Banner

Alright. Let's take a look at our passive tree and leveling guide.
My passive tree at level 95.

From 1 to 34
We can use whatever skills to level 34. But preferably mines, just for you to get used to being a miner.

Use a Tabula to level, or you can already wear your Skin of the Lords (SotL). But do take note that you can only socket CORRUPTED gems into SotL.
Get a Goldrim, Wanderlust, whatever uniques or rares with decent life and res for leveling before you use your late-game gears.

By the time you hit 34, you can start using Reap Mines with the following condition.
(1) You have done your first trial.
(2) Added Golem Commander, as per passive tree.

GZ! You can now summon 3 golems. I suggest Stone, Flame and Ice for dps.
Once you're using Reap, you can use Herald of Purity, and Petrified Blood.

If you are already using SotL, socket Pride + Arrogance + Herald of Purity together.
Herald of Purity has 25% Reservation. With Arrogance, you'll be eating up 50% of your life. Just nice for Pain Attunement + Petrified Blood!
And on your mana reservation, you will have Petrified Blood (35%), Skitterbots (35%), and War Banner (10%) for now. (Total 80% mana reserved)

If you are not using SotL, then use arrogance + Herald of Purity. Now you will have 50% Life reservation. And on your mana reservation, use Pride, Petrified Blood and War Banner (Total 95% reserved without enlighten).

We won't be needing to summon golems frequently. Only once, and if they die, no worries. They will auto re-summon themselves after 4 seconds.
You will only consume mana from dashing.

To 50
Move on to the jewel socket at shadow area.
Socket our Thread of Hope, and all these 5 good damage nodes.
This way, we will able to save so much points for other important pathing.

To 70
Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics.
Proceed on if you have intuitive leap at Ranger area.

To 90+
White : Jewels
Yellow : Damage Nodes
Red : Life Nodes

The "Anima Stone" is a good jewel to have. A good boost in damage, as well as life regeneration. Go for Watcher's Eye for Pride (% for Double Damage), and the rare jewel with at least life% and critical multiplier when you're ready.

Depending on how much life you have, by 85 you should have about 5k life.
Unless you have an additional curse implicit on your gloves or elsewhere, you don't have to add "Whispers of Doom".

So based on your other rare equipment, don't be afraid to adjust and add damage much later. We have sufficient dps. Survivability is important :)

Our Elementalist Ascendency

We won't get chilled or frozen due to our golems. So no worries on that. We don't have any stun immunity, so this is definitely our pick.

For minor, this would be most helpful.

ALIRA - crit multiplier + res

Gears Guide of Priority with Budget
(1) Skin of the Lords (MORTAL CONVICTION)
Make sure you have the recommended Socket Colours. Without this, this build is completely unplayable with this set-up.
Budget : 40c or more (depending on availability)

(2) Thread of Hope (Large Ring)
As low as possible for the -res.
Budget : 70c

(3) Dual Cold Iron Point.
Gives huge damage easily and cheaply.
Budget : 10c total.

(4) Circle of Guilt with the recommended mods.
A huge dps boost.
Budget : 30c.
(It will cost more for a much better implicit mods)

These uniques = 150c which is 1ex budget.

(5) *Priority*
All the other rare items which give life, capped resist and attributes.
Budget : 1ex to 2ex.

From here, it will be rather expensive, because we are aiming for specific mods in our build.

(6) Anima Stone
Try to get cannot be hindered mod. If you don't, it's alright. Try to get it on your other jewels.
Budget : 80c (non-corrupted) | few ex (for hindered mod)

(7) Helmet with enchantment (Increase Stone Golem Buff)
Look for + Minion Gem, and life mod if possible (or craft)
Res or Attributes would be a bonus.
Budget : 1 to 2 ex

(8) Elder Life Belt (as recommended)
Look for max life / life recovery rate / life regen.
Budget : 1 to 2 ex

(9) Amulet (as recommended)
Look for +1 Strength Skill gem at the least.
Open mod to craft life, or decent life mod on it. For damage, look for spell damage or critical multiplier. Life Regen + Res are at bonus.
+1 Physical Skill gem is a huge luxury and costly.
Budget : 1 to 5 ex

(10) Aspect of the Spider Boots (as recommended)
Look for Life, Movement speed (luxury), Res (if possible), and of course, the aspect of the spider mod.
You can also buy a boots with an open suffix, and craft it on your bestiary.
Budget : 1 to 3 ex.

(11) Vulnerability on Hit (as recommended)
It's easier to find it on High Templar Gloves, and then you can focus Life/Res on your rare ring. But the mod on the gloves can be expensive.
Glove Budget : 2ex to 5ex
Ring Budget : 1ex

(12) Bottled Faith
The most expensive item on our build.
Budget : 13 ex+

This build will generally work for all mine skills.
Support it with Cruelty, and your mines will not reserve and cost life.
You might have to change weapons if you intend to use elemental spells.
Adjust the auras accordingly and see what suits best to your mine skills.

I hope you enjoy my build! :)
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