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This Mana flask needs to be desperately looked at.

The leech mod follows leech mechanics such as instant leech and recovery gimmicks. This allows for abnormal amounts of tanking and sustain.

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I just realized legacy Vessel of Vinktar has 2 drinks per flask; that really does make it viable to have a couple in arena fights. Absolutely broken.

One thing about the flask mod is that normal leech mechanics apply to it. Even when used with instant leech. Kinda obvious but easily forgotten.

Basically you will hit your leech cap per leech instance quite easily but if your character isn't specced into leech this flask does very little.

To put the strength of it in perspective, my mana flask heals me for 20k~ life/sec and ~15k mana/sec. This potion heals me for 3-5k life/sec after I've taken a good beating of 5+ big hits. So first you have to be able to take several hits for it to start even doing anything. What I'm getting here at is that it is pretty okay to use in combination with indigon but if you don't have insane recovery to begin with, the potion mod is pretty useless.

In other words, it is not a 15% damage reduction when used with legacy vinktar. There are far better defensive potions than legacy vinktar which is why I would probably never use it on a tank. Leech applies after pvp formula so it is actually quite junk. The only reason the flask mod works to some extent is because the 15% value is so huge that it is just barely large enough to hit meaningful leech instances. This is also why you would only ever notice vinktar's power if you were hitting a tank that could recover tens of thousands of hp/sec.

Thanks to this flask, the perfect build now exists. A build that has the best of both worlds. The holy grail of builds lol. A build that makes you extremely tanky WHILE having glass cannon dps simultaneously. This flask paired with Indigon is simply the best build archetype you can make right now. Pretty amazing stuff. The Mana memes continue..
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ways to kill mana tank:

-Flameblast ( needs decent gear + decent skill tree )
-Discharge ( needs decent gear + decent skill tree )
-Bladeblast ( needs cold conversion + decent gear+ decent skill tree )
-Lightning warp + mines / Puryfing flame + mines ( needs decent gear and a decent skill tree )
-Barrage ( a decent archer )

you just need a decent skill tree and decent gear, i could tag the guys who can oneshot the indigon mana tank

if none of your builds cant kill that mana tank, probably your ''mirror tier 10,000 ex gear'' still bad without a decent skill tree, also spawnkill and offscreen taking advantage of having a wide screen will not work vs him
All those things may work against a bad mana tank player, but not a good one lol. Just cause you can kill them with these things when they stand still in one place afk doesn't mean you can do that when they actually fight you.
In an actual 1v1 a good mana tank would win and have the upper hand.

Not sure how you can defend a build that can both tank and deal enormous dps.
It should be either, not both extremes. It's not just a tank, it's a dps build as well. BOTH.
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Not to mention the flask has actually been a problem for a couple of leagues now..
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I do not defend any build, im okay if they balance poe pvp , I am mature enough to not talk bad/negatively about other players when my build cannot win or when someone thinks they should nerf my build ,because poe is just a videogame , and well grievel can kill the mana tank with his miner , Umbra can oneshot him with his bladeblast , also i helped to test if its possible to tank my Lightning warp miner (impossible to tank the dmg for more than some seconds), so probably you are doing something wrong with your ''mirror tier'' builds
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Testing is different than actually 1v1 pvp [Removed by Support] These players your talking about are actually good or decent disregarding screen size.. [Removed by Support] You're right though it is just a game and its all senseless fun anyway. Not like it actually matters.. [Removed by Support]

Censoring the truth USSR style lol gg good day

Original truth looked more like this:

Testing on people that stand in place doing nothing is different from actual 1v1 pvp. For example there is a player in the game that shall not be named here but everyone knows who it is, that is just bad in general at pvp. This specific player would still lose even if their opponent had the same exact build and gear as them. The only hope for this player to do well is to rely on broken mana flask Indigon builds to stand a chance. This player in question usually begs and nags other players for their builds until they give up or give in. This player usually utilizes broken mechanics and even used to "pvp" with flame wall when it was broken. Having said that, folks shouldn't take what he has to say seriously..
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just disable enduring mana flask in pvp we have too much problem since it been introduced.
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