[3.14] Spellslinger Assassin with Shrines | Low Budget AL8 Map Farmer,Fun and Fast | Guide by Jaamon

Who am I ?
Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since the time when Act 3 Dominus was the last boss and there was also no loot filter.Those were the dark times :) After a couple of leagues passed with learning the game, i started creating my own builds.I make lots of builds guides every league so check my youtube channel if you are looking for more builds.

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Build summary
In Ultimatum,some builds started to struggle in maps so that's why i'm trying to make different and fun mapper characters these days.Because noone plays volatile dead,detonate dead as assassin(cause boss dps is low if you're not low life+necromancer),i wanted to give this a shot.So my goal is to make a low budget,fast and fun mapper character.
I spent less than 10ex for this build.Most pieces are like 5c each.You only want to spend extra for some good jewels.This build doesn't even need a 6-linked chest.
Playstyle is simple,you just use Frenzy(it's a wand skill) so it triggers your spellslinger setups.That way your volatile and detonate dead skills are gonna be cast to everywhere and kill monsters,that's it.Additional info is in gem section.

Video guide

Important Details

Spellslinger is a skill that needs mana reservation.This means that if you want to use similar gem setups that i used,you need to get mana reserve reduction from talent tree and some items.
Some examples;

You can also use different gem setups on your Detonate dead or Volatile dead.If you pick a gem that has lower mana multiplier,that means that gem needs less mana reserve when attached to spellslinger.Also make sure you buy Spellslinger gem as lvl 21(very cheap),that also has additional mana reservation.



Trigger setup in wand

WoC is for fire exposure(reduces enemy resistances),Purifying flame creates consecrated ground which gives us crit chance against the enemies' standing on it,flammability as a curse choice for more fire resist reduction.

We need desecrate to create corpses because both volatile dead and detonate dead need corpses to be used.You don't need divergent desecrate cause it doesn't do anything.I just tested it for you.Using spell cascade support so we can summon 10 corpses with a single cast.

Volatile deads are those red balls that chase enemies and deal damage.These are excellent for clearing maps and killing bosses.Make sure you craft your gloves with essence of hysteria and socket these gems in your gloves,so your volatile deads will have extra fire damage.Use different gems if you struggle with mana reservation.PoB tells you what to use so try picking something with less mana multiplier.But in the end,you should get additional mana reserve reductions from jewels etc. and fix that problem.

Detonate deads to consume rest of the corpses.Because this is a low budget build,i'm not using Awakened Spell Cascade on any of the setups.Because of that,even after we cast volatile deads,there are some extra corpses on the ground.So using another spellslinger setup with detonate deads help us deal additional damage by removing those extra corpses.Don't waste any corpses :)

This is the only skill you need to press to deal damage.Whenever you use frenzy and your spellslingers aren't on cooldown,you'll cast all of those spellslinger setups that i mentioned above.Frenzy also generates frenzy charges so you'll have more damage and attack speed.

Just some defensive setup.Make sure you use low level cast when damage taken and immortall call.You need to make sure that immortall call requires same or lower character level compared to cast when damage taken,or it won't get triggered.You can level increased duration to 20,it's fine cause it's a support gem.

Mobilty skills,i'm using both of them depending on what i'm doing.You can play with one if you want.

Our only buff because we don't have much mana to reserve.We are also using a unique jewel that increases herald buffs so we get more damage.

Pantheons and Bandit

Lunaris or Solaris as major.I like Lunaris while mapping because it provides dodge and avoid projectiles.
Abberath as minor pantheon,because it provides immunity against burning ground and also upgraded version lowers ignite durations on you.

Bandit=Alira or kill all
I helped Alira for crit multi and all resistances.

Path of building & Pastebin

Make sure you are using LocalIdentity's Community Fork version of Path of building.
POB link
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