[3.14] CoC Spellslinger Blast Fall/Blade Blast End game #Expensive

Salutations Exiles,


If you answered yes, keep reading!

EDIT 1: I just realized I am on poe.ninja :D https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/themoongamer/HeraldOfThunderGoesBOOM but the dps if obviously wrong! We deal a lot more shapers per second :(

I have always wanted a blade fall/blast build that is zoomy and reliable, and here we go!

This is my first build guide on PoE forum, and first post speaking of which! So I will try to refine it based on your comments.

This build is not 100% original, I have been following the original Poet's Pen CoC build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2785328.

This build is fantastic and got me mid game without issues.

Being the theory crafter that I am, I wanted to make something a bit unique based on it. If you read that build, you can clearly see that we can push for more damage by going low life and stacking auras. For this reason, my version of the build is going to be more expensive and end-game oriented. If you want a league starter guide, the former build does a perfect job, so I will not cover that.

Also I will not be going into the DPS calculations, as this is already covered as well.

So let's get started!

Mandatory Items:

Low life + Auras automagically means going Shavronne's Wrapping and Prism Guardian, these are mandatory items.

Almost all of our auras will be reserved in our life pool. The Mana will be used for spellslinger.

Since we are scaling energy shield a lot, tranquility is a good annoint. However, to stack more aura, we will leave the annoint for Charisma, therefor, I have decided to go with:
and annoiting Charisma.

Thus, the best way to get Transfiguration of Soul, is to use

The helme enchant is extremely important, since we are not using Poet's Pen anymore, but rather spellslinger, our cooldown time on both spells will be worse.

The Spellslinger effect applies a 0.6 second Cooldown to linked spells by default. Source: https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Spellslinger

This cooldown can be further reduced with Increased cooldown recovery mods and Enchant

tl;dr: We can reach 0.33 cooldown with boots + enchant.

By reducing the cooldown, we can cast more bladefalls and blade blasts.
We also still have Blade Fall on CoC with barrage, so that's that.

Even though we cast less often, we hit harder!

Using Spellslinger, have two advangtages:
- Our spells gain bonus damage from equipped wand
- We can socket them in rare items with cool mods

I have decided to socket Bladebast in Shaper gloves:

Since we always crit as assassin, the crit multi is a massive bonus. We could also use the warlord mod inc. spell damage. Notice how both mods are elevated, but that purely a luxury. The Slower Projectiles effect is completely useless, i was just lucky to hit it, it doesn't work on blade bast and it doesn't even cost us mana reservation, so just ignore it.

To benefit from the increased damage from equipped wand, we can use a rare wand with High physical damage. However, Void Battery outperforms most them (except mirror tier wands).

Still! Our bladeblast doesn't benefit from Attack Speed, and there is actually a sweet spot between the wand physical damage and the increased spell damage which comes from void battery. For this purpose, I have decided to craft a rare wand with high phys + inc sell damage + crit multi.

Crafting procedure:

I was extremely lucky with this craft, i bought the base wand with T1 flat phys + t2 increased spell damage and two bad mods. I just annuled them (thanks GGG's RNG).

From there, I multimodded, crafted %phys and crit multi, slammed it with Redeemer's exalted orb and there we go, this outscales Void Battery with nearly +2M dps to the shaper.

Since i am using a HeadHunter (not by choice really), I have decided to get cooldown recovery speed on Boots:

PoB says 14% inc cooldown recovery is fine, but 13% is not. I am good guy, I listen to PoB.

Since we lack resistances on both gloves and boots, we help Allira to get res + crit multi.

For our rings, one is scuffed with resistances:

and the other with damage

In my case, I use a filthy
because of the inc in strenght and dex that we desperately need! Using HH allowed me to save few nodes in my tree.

Complete Gear + Gems Setup:


Cluster Jewels:


Very expensive and luxury. The ES gain on hit is huge though for ultimatum and even face tanking bosses: sirus/shaper. We do hit a lot with our barrage, 2x blade falls and blade blasts! Also it allows us to have our flasks almost always up. This Jewel is just SICK.
We are stacking power charges, this is free damage!
Next to Melding, course.
Feels really good to attack with this!

Gem Quality Alternatives

We support both blade falls with this, because it reduces the AoE even further, we want blades to be as close as possible to each other so when they explode, they have more chances for overlapping
we use these two alternative quality gems to compensate for the lack of attack speed on our wand. We already have a Crit chance of 100% with
10% impale chance, but boy oh boy we proc this a lot per sec. Target is almost guarenteed to be impaled.


Alright shut up already: https://pastebin.com/sKj6RbJD

Content Done:

- 100% delirium maps
- Simulacrum
- Uber Elder/Shaper/Sirus (a joke really)
- All maven encounters except the Feared
- Farmed Maven till she stopped dropping orbs xD (can skip her entire mechanics except mind games, she meltsfast!)
- Uber Aztiri (you need to respect your ascendancy for reflection immunity with crits)

I don't Delve.
I don't Heist.
I have failed the feared and don't think this build is tanky enough to handle it.


Other notes:

- All these videos where before my wand upgrade.
- For mapping, I use these gloves:

Gotta love RAMPAGE!

I do stream occuasionnaly on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lunarisgamer

Finally, i urge you write feedback and any ideas to push this bad boi even furhter BEYOOOND.

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I think you would benefit by allowing twitch to hold onto your vods. I would have liked to see how this build generally performs, but you have no videos on twitch.
Thank you for the note! I have enabled VODs now on twitch!
Really cool build /guide / author.
Answer all my question on twitch and build is REALLY what it seems when follow the guide.
Good Job ! Don't hesitate to make other guide/build guy.

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