[3.14] No-Flasks Shock Nova Scion

This is a theoretical build to try and do as many map types as possible without flasks. It can definitely be better- I welcome suggestions and improvements!

PoB code: https://pastebin.com/HShGWijD

In order to do as many maps as possible, you need to be able to handle reflection (physical and elemental), deal with ailments, curses, poisons, bleeding and corrupted blood. You should be un-stunnable. You also need to have a decent health pool, and ideally capped resists.

Fortunately, being an Ascendant allows the Scion to deal with both types of reflection, gear crafts can deal with ailments and stun, and uniques can deal with curses, poisons, bleeding and corrupted blood.

As for Shock Nova- I wanted to try a ranged skill, and shock nova should work well with the Elementalist Ascendancy and Astral Projector.

But before I try building and running this, I'd like feedback- how can this be better?
Last bumped on May 15, 2021, 9:21:02 AM

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