[3.14] [Coop] The Codependent Ice Cream Man | Aura abusing party carry | Ice Crash + Frost Blades

I regularly play Path of Exile in a party and some leagues I have an aura bot present nearly at all times. I started wondering what build could take the most advantage of the aura's and came up with this build. We are playing a crit staff Inquisitor as I think this is one of the best combination for scaling the extra damage the aura bot offers. The Templar is a great choice if you want to deal a lot of all kinds of elemental damage. We are using 2 mains skills with this build, Frost Blades with Awakened Ancestral call and Awakened Fork for absurd clear speed and Ice Crash for dps. Usually this is not an option as most builds need the sockets for defensive skills and their aura's but with an aura bot present we can use the sockets of both our weapon and our body for offensive skills. I picked Ice Crash and Frost Blades but you can honestly play this with any melee physical to elemental conversion skill that you like.

I've seen other ask what is a good build would be for when one of their friends is playing an aura bot so I decided to make a guide on my own creation.

Above all, this is a cheesy build. It's power is insane but it's dependent on an aura bot. This build can't be compared to most regular builds. There is a solo variant but it only works when properly invested into. The idea of this build is purely to do as much as we can with the aura's that another player offers.

1. The mechanics explained


The goal of this build is to take as much advantage of an aura bot as we possibly can. We do this by scaling elemental damage and crit as much as we can so we maximize the bonus damage given to us by the aura bot. Because we get so much support from an aura bot we can have a separate skill for dps and clear.

We run 4 heralds because we don't need to run our own aura's. We also use the purposeful harbinger node from a cluster jewel to get 32% extra aura effect from the aura bot.

Our ascendancy grants us the ability to ignore enemy elemental resistance. This is excellent because the Anger and Wrath aura's also grant us a lot of fire and lightning damage. This damage also benefits from the resistance negation, this means that with minimal investment we can get decent(but not excellent) elemental resistance penetration. If you also run with a curse bot we'll choose another ascendancy note however.

2. Solo variant of this build

Note: do not play this build solo unless you have enough currency to get some good gear. Without an Aura bot we do not have a lot of defenses so you will need to kill everything before most things have a chance to hit you.

Though it's not ideal this build can be played solo. In that case we rely on March of the Legion boots to give us our aura's. These boots turn permanent aura's into ones that last for 12 seconds but we can improve this duration a little with a few skill points. We can also use Supreme Ego to give us 50% more aura effect and still run 4 aura's at the same time as they no longer count as permanent aura's.

This play style is a little awkward but it's the best substitute for an aura bot that we have.

If you are planning to play this select the 'March of the Legion' tree in PoB. This tree does not use cluster jewels, and will always have to annoint Soul Raker as there is no other way to get mana leech. You will also need to swap your Silver flask for a 'Prepetual Eternal Mana Flask of Warding'. Which is a mana flask that grants curse immunity and doesn't stop when your mana is full. This allows us to keep our temporary aura's up without running out of mana even when there are no monsters to leech from.

We can run 4 aura's this way. I suggest Hatred, Anger, Wrath and Haste unless you can't maximize your accuracy without Precision. In that case swap either Wrath or Anger out for Precision. If you need extra accuracy try getting it on your rings or possibly weapon.

3. Notes on party play

The size of your group is not very important. This build is more than fine with just 1 aura bot and nobody else. A curse bot is a great addition but not required. This build does not have any anti-synergy with itself so you could technically create a party with an aura bot, curse bot and 4 of these Inquisitors to deal illegal amounts of damage.

Notes for the aura bot:
Most aura bots will run every aura that is important to us regardless so you they don't need to make any changes to accommodate this build. But if choices have to be made here is a quick overview of which aura's to prioritize:

-Hatred is our most important damage aura
-Anger, Wrath, Haste and Precision are also very important to us
-We benefit from all defensive aura's. Determination, Discipline, all the purity aura's, Grace and vitality all help us be more tanky. But Grace and vitality are the least important of all of these.
-Zealotry is very nice to have despite not dealing any spell damage. It makes us create consecrated ground everywhere which is beneficial for the whole party.
-The vaal versions of all aura's which have it available are great on us too. Vaal Haste in particular.
-Since we deal only elemental damage with Ice Crash and mostly elemental damage with Frost Blades Pride is not very good on us.

Drop aura's in the following order if you can't run all of them(unless you need them yourself of course):
Clarity (we leech) > Purity of elements(but you may need it yourself) > Grace (we don't get increased evasion from tree) > Malevolence(makes your Vaal Haste last longer but that's about it) > Pride(we deal very little physical damage) > Vitality > Discipline(but you probably want this for your own survivability) > Zealotry

Notes for the curse bot:
We make most use of the following curses:
1. Assassin's mark
2. Frostbite
3. Elemental Weakness
4. Enfeeble
5. Temporal chains
6. Conductivity
7. Flammability

All the others don't benefit this build greatly. Sniper's mark, Poacher's mark and Warlord's mark are the only really bad ones an enemy can only be afflicted with one mark which means that they remove Assassin's mark.

4. FAQ

Q: I can't afford a good 6-link staff yet what do I do?
A: You don't need two 6 links to get started. Both Frost Blades and Ice Crash can work with a 5 link. If you can only get 1 6 link ask yourself what you need the most: single target dps or the ability to clear a lot of mobs. The answer may depend on the league you're playing. In Ultimatum and Heist I would recommend Frost Blades. In Harvest and Metamorph I would have recommended Ice Crash.

Q: Why do we not use as many Purposeful Harbinger passives as we can fit in our tree?
A: Sadly this does not work. You can only get a maximum of 40% aura effectiveness from all your Purposeful Harbinger nodes combined. We use 4 Heralds and we get 8% aura effectiveness per herald up to a maximum of 40%. If we add another Purposeful Harbinger we would get 16% per Herald but still only to a maximum of 40%. So the second purposeful Harbinger would only give us 25% of the stats that the first one does, and any Purposeful harbinger after that does nothing for us.

Q: Is this build a viable league starter?
A: Well yes and no. You could start with this build but the person in your group who is playing the aura bot probably doesn't have a functioning aura bot on day one. Therefore it's probably better to play something else first. If you start the league later and your friend already has an aura bot that is operational then you can start with this build if they're willing to escort you through the acts. Level downscaling will gut the aura's in the early levels but as you level up they will become stronger

5. Update log
This build was originally created in 3.12 but the guide was written with 3.14 in mind.

6. Pro's and cons

1. Insane clear speed. The limiting factor for our clear speed is actually how fast our aura bot can walk.
2. Maximum DPS. Most builds will deal a lot of damage when accompanied by an Aura bot but ours is completely through the roof.
3. Scales well, can start with cheap gear due to not requiring any expensive uniques. Can be upgraded with almost no limit.
4. Allows for a lot of personalization. You can choose other attack and support skills as you see fit.
5. Not very reliant on uniques so maxing chaos res is achievable.
6. Cluster Jewels are optional and never really need to be very expensive

1. Completely dependent on support players until you have the money to REALLY invest a lot into gear.
2. Tankiness is alright with an aurabot but really nothing special. Not very tanky without an aura bot. We rely on our damage to protect us.
3. Does not deal with reflect very well. Ice crash deals elemental damage but Frost Blades deals both physical and elemental damage meaning that both types of reflect are a problem for us. Uber Atziri can be done with Sybil's lament in the left ring slot and Yugul Pantheon but be very careful not to use Frost Blades while fighting her.

7. Video Showcase


Note: all footage in this video was taken in Ultimatum league with decent but not perfect gear. None of this footage was shot with perfectly Harvest crafted items.

8. POB



Contains trees with and without cluster jewels and also contains the tree for the solo variant.

Calculating an accurate DPS number is pretty hard for us since we're mostly a vessel for our Aura bot's damage. Hitting 50m PoB DPS is possible with thoroughly min maxed gear but you'll likely see a lot less. But that's ok. The majority of our damage comes from the aura bot so the number in PoB is only a fraction of our actual damage.

See the gear section for advice on jewels.

See the solo variant section at the top for info on how to run it.

9. Gear


General notes on gear:

We don't use a whole lot of unique items so we have a lot of choice as to what we want on each piece of gear. In general you want life on as much gear as possible and you want to cap your resistances on your own. Even though the aura bot will give you plenty of resistances it is recommended you also get 75% of all resistances yourself so you don't immediately die when you are out of range of your aura bot or if your aura bot disconnects or dies.

Do not look at the gems socketed into the gear in this section. Some of the equipment pieces in this section have gems that belong to a different build or have experimental gem setups in then. Go to the gem go to the skills and links section for info on what gems to

Other things to look for on gear:
1. Ideally you want some dexterity as we don't get to the 160 we need just from our tree. It is possible to sacrifice 1 skill point for the +30 dex node on the tree as well.
2. Chaos resistance is nice.
3. We can always use more elemental damage with attack skills, critical strike multiplier and attack speed. However these shouldn't come at the cost of other essential pieces of gear.


We basically want a 6 link staff with as much physical dps as possible. You do not need anything near as strong as shown in these examples. You can get by with a much lower pdps staff. A 5 link with 450 pdps is enough to get started. See the FAQ and gem links to see how to play with a 5 link. A 600 dps staff is great and will get you through most content. Anything above is a nice bonus but not required.

IF you have the option between multiple similar staff consider looking for staves that give chance to blind on hit or extra accuracy so you can also have 100% hit chance without your aura bot.

Note on implicits: an implicit that gives block chance is preferable. That way we can get some extra tankiness with the Glancing Blows keystone. The new Heist bases also includes a staff that offers +1 maximum endurance and power charges but this is not that great for us. We tend to have 100% crit chance so an additional power charge doesn't do much for us. An extra endurance charge is nice but the block chance is probably better. Keep in mind that this is not an essential part of the staff and should only be taken into consideration when deciding between multiple similar staves. If you find a nice staff with the extra charges implicit instead of block chance go for it.


An Abyssus is the obvious choice but a Crown of the Inward Eye also works. The Abyssus offers a lot more damage but a Crown of the Inward Eye makes you tankier.

If you have the money look for the enchantment "15% Ice Crash physical damage gained as extra cold damage".

Body Armor

Above are examples for what you can get on the left are the more luxurious option. Go for a tabula if you really don't have money for anything.

We do not need a whole lot from our body armor. What we are looking for is a 6 link chest with Attacks have +#% to critical strike chance with as much life and resistance as possible. The critical strike chance can help us get our crit chance to 100%. But if you have a staff with a very high base crit chance this may not even really be necessary. This build does not have a whole lot of life so getting as much as possible on it is a priority.

A note on the 'explody' mod: In my opinion it isn't worth it, especially after the Harvest nerf. We can clear a whole screen of mobs in the blink of an eye, we do not need to make that big of an investment into more clear speed. Our targets tend to explode anyway because of our cold damage and Heralds. This mods will cost you many exalts and offers an absolutely minimal advantage.


Wealth level: poor

From Gloves we also mainly want life and resistances. Look for something like this first if money is tight.

Wealth level: average

If you can afford it go for a little more resistances and try to get Spiked gloves for the melee damage implicit.

Wealth level: high

If you have a budget and are looking to upgrade you can look for some luxury mods like more attack speed, physical damage to attacks, or increased damage with hits against chilled enemies.

Spiked gloves are the best glove bases for us.

A note on the 'strike skills target an additional enemy mod'. You can technically use this mod and then get rid of Ancestral Call support for your Frost Blades to use another damage support gem but this will be expensive and severely limit your choice in gloves. Frost Blades is not our DPS skill so we do not need to go to great lengths to min max it's damage. I recommend sticking with Ancestral Call.



Wealth level: low/average

Simply get some boots with life and resistances. Movement speed is a nice bonus but actually not essential for us. We leap slam faster than the speed of light and are generally too fast for our Aura bot to keep up with us if we go through a map at maximum speed. So having 15% ms on our boots instead of 30% is perfectly fine.

Wealth level: High/very high

This is probably how our ultimate boots would look like. 80+ life, 30+ movement speed, 40% resistances of 2 elements and the Elusive and Tailwind mods. You do not need this by any means but if you have the money, go ahead.


Wealth level: average

Wealth level: Scrooge McDuck

Basic desired mods for our amulet:
-Critical strike multiplier
-Elemental damage with attack skills
-Adds # to # physical damage to attacks

Luxurious mods for if you are rich:
Gain 15% of physical damage as extra cold damage
Non-channeling attacks have -# to mana costs (only if you feel like you need it)

The most useful Annointment you can give your ammulet is Soul Raker. We do not benefit from claw damage whatsoever. But it's a very great node to take regardless of what weapon type you use. Soul Raker's mana and life leeching components are not tied to using claws so we can benefit from it with a staff. Even greater is that unlike most leeching nodes they are not tied to physical damage either so we can leech both mana and life even if we deal 100% elemental damage. We do not have a lot of options to get life and mana leech from elemental attacks anywhere else so this solves a big problem for us.

If you get your leech from something else like for example a cluster jewel with Fuel the Fight and Feed the Fury, you can annoint Kinetic Impacts for more damage or a life node of your choosing for more life.


Wealth level: poor

If money is tight look for a simple leather belt with some resistances and life.

Wealth level: average

If you have a little more currency to burn get a stygian vise with life, resistances and elemental damage with attack skills. The more you can get of all these things the better.

Wealth level: Elon Musk

A Headhunter is pretty funny to use on this build though arguably unnecessary. Only get this if you really have too much cash. The dexterity it provides is really nice but it's not that
great for killing bosses that don't give you the opportunity to kill a lot of rares beforehand.

Wealth level: Money can't buy this

This is arguably the perfect belt. It uses many powerful Redeemer mods and has the maximum amount of elemental damage with attacks. Unlike the Headhunter it is not reliant on killing rares to be useful. The only problem: with the current state of Harvest crafting you should not expect to run into a belt like this any time soon. Thankfully that isn't necessary to play this build, this serves as an example of useful mods on a belt if you have a larger budget.

Abyss jewel: If you use a stygian vise you can socket an abyss jewel. Examples of what you could socket in there look like this:

Look for life, added damage (physical or elemental) to attacks and attack speed if you've dealt a critical strike recently.


For rings you have two options: go for a ring with 'Trigger level 8/12 assassin's mark when you hit a rare or unique enemy' or just get the best rings you can get without AM. Assassin's mark is a nice benefit, it provides us with extra critical strike multiplier against rare and unique enemies. But that is about it. We don't need the extra crit chance it provides as we should be capped on crit chance regardless. It can be beneficial to run with it but it's by no means required. If there is a curse bot in your party most of the time it's a good idea to leave it. I would only look for rings that have this mod if you can really afford it.

A quick overview of what mods to look for on our rings:
-Elemental damage with attack skills
-Adds # to # physical damage to attacks
-Increased cold damage
-Critical strike multiplier (warlord mod)
-Trigger level 8/12 assassin's mark when you hit a rare or unique enemy (optional)

If you are planning to run solo from time to time consider getting some accuracy on your rings as well. With our Aurabot we should always have 100% hit chance but on our own it takes some effort to maximize our hit chance.

Here are some examples of rings you can get.

Wealth level: poor

A basic ring with some life, resistances and dexterity.

Wealth level: average

If you have a little more budget also add elemental damage with attacks to your trade search.

Assassin's mark rings

Wealth level: Bezos on crack

This is not a ring you can reasonably expect to obtain without Harvest but it's an example of one of the best possible rings for us. If you can get a few of these mods on a ring it's more than enough.


1. An instant life flask. You can get this with either bleeding + corrupted blood immunity or poison immunity. If you have a jewel with an 'corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you' implicit you don't strictly need the corrupted blood removal from your flask. If you are low on chaos resistance you can go with poison immunity instead. If you both are immune to corrupted blood and have 75% chaos resistance the choice is 100% up to you.

2. A utility flask. I went with a silver flask. It gives us onslaught which is also provided by some aura bots but we really need 1 utility flask to get curse immunity. You don't really need a quick silver as we're way faster than our aura bot with leap slam anyway. The best prefix to get on this is 20% chance to gain a flask charge if you deal a critical strike. That way you can keep the flask up permanently against bosses too. If your aura bot already provides onslaught consider using a Basalt flask instead.

If you play the solo version of this build you may need to swap to mana flask as listed in the solo variant section at the top.

3. A taste of hate. A great flask that offers us both a lot of dps and tankiness. We get a lot of extra cold damage from it and we also take 20% of the damage from hits as cold damage. The aura bot should give raise our maximum cold resistances to 90% so we prefer taking elemental damage over chaos and physical damage.

4. Lion's roar. It gives us a lot of armor and melee physical damage which we convert to cold damage. A great offensive and defensive flask.

5. Atziri's promise. It simply gives us damage. We also leech life with this flask. This is nice however this is of no use of us in the end. We will need another source of life leech that isn't tied to a flask, and once we have that we don't need the leech from Atziri's Promise anymore.

Other notes on flasks:
1.If your crit chance is low for whatever reason consider using a Diamond flask. But do not use it once we have 100% crit chance because then it does nothing for us.
2. Bottled Faith is not that good on this build. We already have maximum crit chance and spawn consecrated ground everywhere regardless. This flask is very expensive but does almost nothing for us.


Look for jewels with as much critical multiplier and attack speed as possible with possibly life as well.

Look for jewels with 4(or 3 if you're on a budget) of these modifiers:
-Attack speed with staves
-Attack speed with two handed weapons
-Attack speed
-Attack and Cast speed
-Global critical strike multiplier
-Melee critical strike multiplier
-Critical strike multiplier with cold skills
-Critical strike multiplier with elemental skills
-Critical strike multiplier with two-handed weapons
-% increased maximum life

Look at the total crit multiplier and attack speed your jewels will give you. Not just at how many of these mods are on it. It is possible that Attack speed with staves gives you more attack speed on it's own than both regular attack speed and 'attack and cast speed' combined.

Also try to get the Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you corruption implicit on one of your jewels. These can be expensive so it's ok if that jewel has only 2 or 3 of these modifiers.

You may want to do the same for the You cannot be hindered implicit if you feel like you need it. In the Ultimatum league this is very useful as the league mechanic will very often inflict hinder on you.


Cluster jewels
The most important thing is to get a medium cluster jewel with 'purposeful harbinger' on it somewhere in your tree. (Unless you are playing the solo variant). Everything else can be customized.

Large cluster jewel:
We can only use 1 of these at most and it's important that it has as few small passive nodes as possible. A good option is to get a cluster jewel with Fuel the fight and Feed the fury. This opens up our annointment slot as these nodes offer us mana and life leech. You could also go for a cluster jewel with 'Overlord' on it. This gives you fortify for 6 seconds on hit which means that you will also get the fortify effect when attacking with Ice Crash and that you can swap your fortify support out for Hypothermia for your Frost Blades.

Medium cluster jewels:
After you got the purposeful Harbinger on 1 of your medium cluster jewels you can opt for some damage related passives on the others. I chose Skull breaker and Pressure points for mine so I would get extra critical strike multiplier and a chance to deal double damage with critical strikes. This is excellent for us as we have a 100% crit chance.

Small cluster jewels:
I don't recommend using these. They cost too much skill points for us, instead just sockets a regular jewel on the end of your medium cluster jewels.


Unique jewels
Use a thread of hope with a MEDIUM radius at the place specified in PoB. Try to get one with as little negative resistances as you can reasonably afford.

You can also choose to use a Watcher's eye jewel. Due to our aura bot being present at all times we have a lot of options as to which one we can get. This means that we can even get some very good combinations for a very affordable price because certain aura's are rarely used together.

Examples of good mods on a watcher's eye:
-Critical strike multiplier while affected by Anger
-Gain #% of physical damage as extra fire damage while affected by Anger
-Critical strike multiplier while affected by Precision
-Attack speed while affected by precision
-Increased cold damage while affected by Hatred
-Adds # to # cold damage while affected by Hatred
-Gain #% of physical damage as extra lightning damage while affected by Wrath

These may not be the only good mods but if you can get 2 of these on one Watcher's eye you have a very strong jewel for this build.

None. Most Frost Blades go for Fight for Survival but we don't need it. If we ignore elemental resistances the cold resistance penetration does nothing for us. And if you run with a curse bot and don't spec into that ascendancy node it's only a marginal damage boost. It also does nothing for our Ice Crash damage and we don't really need to maximize our Frost Blades damage anyway.

10. Skills and links


Weapons and body armor:

Frost Blades - Awakened Ancestral Call - Awakened Fork Support - Inspiration Support - (Awakened) Elemental damage with attacks support - (Awakened) Multistrike - Fortify Support

Ice Crash - (Awakened) Elemental damage with attacks - (Awakened) Melee Physical damage - (Awakened) Multistrike - (Awakened) Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect

It doesn't matter which you socket into your body and which you socket into your staff. But staves roll blue sockets more easily than green ones. Awakened versions of Ancestral Call[/span] and Fork[/span] are highly recommended. They are usually quite cheap and really provide a lot of clear. The other awakened skill gems are really only for when you have a lot of currency to blow. Awakened Melee Physical Damage[/span] provides intimidate so that is the one you probably should look for before Elemental damage with attacks[/span] and elemental focus[/span]. Awakened Multistrikes[/span] are good for us but they are usually incredibly expensive.

If you want more damage and freeze effect on your Frost Blades[/span] Fortify[/span] support can be swapped with Hypothermia. But this is not really needed.

If you only have a 5 link drop either Fortify[/span] or Inspiration[/span] for Frost Blades and either Melee Physical Damage Support[/span] or Concentrated Effect[/span] for Ice Crash[/span].

Helmet, Boots and Gloves:

Leap Slam - Life Tap support - Faster Attacks support - Fortify Support/Ice Golem

Fortify Isn't really needed on our Leap Slam as we also use it with our Frost Blades. Consider using Ice Golem in this slot if you need extra accuracy and crit chance. If you feel like you need neither use something else entirely.

Reservation skills:
Enlightened lvl 3 or 4 - Herald of Fire - Herald of Purity - Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder

That is right, we are using 4 different Herald skills. We do this to take advantage of the 'purposeful harbinger' cluster jewel notable passive which gives us 8% increased effect of all aura's we receive per active Herald up to a maximum of 40%.

Sadly we have no 5 link left so only 3 of the 4 Heralds can take advantage of Enlighten. The other one needs to be socketed into another equipment slot.

An Enlightened level 3 is enough but your mana can run out at times. A level 4 provides a little more quality of life.

Solo version: See the solo version section at the top.

Flex whatever you need into your remaining slots. I highly recommend to use Vaal Ancestral Warchief and Blood rage. You should also store your 4th Herald here and possibly your Ice Golem.

11. Ascendancy, Pantheon and Bandits.



Our ascendancy of choice is Inquisitor. I chose this one because it offers us a lot of crit chance, the ability to ignore enemy resistances and various consecrated ground effects. Something else that makes this ascendancy a good choice is that our starting class is Templar and the Templar area is the best starting area for us on the tree. The other Templar ascandancies; Guardian and Hierophant don't complement this build at all.

First Ascendancy: Righteous Providence. This will offer us a lot of crit chance, strength and intelligence.


Second Ascendancy: Inevitable Judgement. With 100% critical strike chance we completely ignore enemy elemental resistances. This may not always be beneficial as you can no longer take advantage of negative resistances that we could give monsters with certain curses and items. However with an Aura bot this node really shines. Normally we would only deal cold damage so we could stack cold penetration and cold resistance lowering mechanics. But with an Aura bot we also deal fire and lightning damage. We can't possibly invest into all 3 types of penetration at the same time. With this node we can also stop worrying about map mods that give monsters elemental resistances or endurance charges and the mod that gives us elemental equilibrium.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not only run with an aura bot but also with a curse bot this node is very bad. A curse bot will lower enemy resistances dramatically and we can no longer take advantage of this. If you are running with a curse bot drop this node and switch to 'Augury of Penitence' instead. This will make you take less elemental damage and makes every monster around you take more elemental damage.


Third Ascendancy: Sanctuary. This will make you spawn consecrated ground whenever you stop moving for a brief moment. Both Ice Crash and Frost Blades will make you stop moving when you attack so we will spawn consecrated ground whenever we use them. Monsters also take increased damage while on consecrated ground created by you. The consecrated ground we spawn is not very large it would seem that we don't benefit much from this. But this is not the case. Aura bots tend to run Zealotry, an aura that gives us chance to spawn consecrated ground whenever we hit a rare or unique enemy. Because of our ridiculous attack speed we will be spawning it non-stop whenever there are rare or unique enemies nearby.


Fourth Ascendancy: Pious Path. This node further improves consecrated ground we spawn. It now also offers energy shield regeneration and ailment immunity. it also allows us to keep any positive effect offered by consecrated ground for 4 seconds after we are no longer standing on it. Since we are creating consecrated ground constantly we are practically immune to freeze, shock and ignite effects and we can constantly recover the energy shield offered by our Aura bot's Discipline. These effects also apply to other players and minions on your consecrated ground so we also grant ailment immunity to our party members a lot of the time.


I personally used Soul of Lunaris and Shikari, but there is nothing we absolutely need. Solaris also seems like a solid choice, but if you want to run something else that's fine too.


I recommend to help Eramir for the 2 skill points, especially if you are planning to go with cluster jewels. If not than helping Alira is also a good option. But I recommend Eramir regardless.

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Hi, i'm, trying your build with solo version (i dont have any partner)
But i have some questions:
1. Does this build can play solo? i see you say ICE CRASH FROST BLADES PARTY CARRY
2. With solo version on your POB you spend a point in Supreme Ego which make i only can cast 3/4 Herald, how do you manage to cast 4 Herald (i used Lv 4 Enlighten but i cannt cast 4 Herald as your POB)
I still dont understand the effect of 4 Heralds of this build.
Hope you see my comments!
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