[3.15] Kitava's Herald spectre melee/physical necro build

Welcome to my melee physical damage kitava's herald build! If you were looking for:

* An undying spectre
* Physical damage spectres
* Leaps, leaps, LEAPS!
* Meltage of everything

This build is hardcore viable!

Youtube video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taAJ8wfNUy0

I also stream on https://www.twitch.tv/malaum

pros / cons

+ very tanky (go hardcore!)
+ The spectres never die
+ fun AF and non meta

- not fastest spectre without UH
- needs some positioning (can't facesmash the keyboard)
- not very cheap to get the most of it


vulnerabilityWill amplify your physical damage by a lot


Kitava's herald spectre : you can find them in acts 5 or 10, at the Cathedral Rooftop.
They have 3 basic skills: cleave, leap slam and mortar. In this build we focus on the melee part, which is cleave + leap slam

Unending Hunger https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Unending_Hunger : Very offensive and expensive jewel. If you can afford this, you're done!

Fearsome Force : This, together with pulverize, scales the aoe for a smooth clearing speed.

How to obtain 5 spectres
You will need:

A level 21 corrupted Raise spectre gem
A +1 minion/spell skills wand
A +1 Raise spectre gems elder boots
The unnatural Strength ascendancy node (+2 to level of all minion gem skills)

until here you achieve a level 25 Raise spectre which allows you to summon 4

Then you need to acquire a +1 to maximum number of spectres Delve body armour to obtain the 5th spectre
(drop only, from necromancer's excavation). Easy on trade leagues.

Gem links

Carrion Golem: This is a golem that adds physical damage to your non-golem minions, scaling even more our damage output.

Victario's Charity: For frenzy charges!

The Jinxed Juju: This is a very strong defensive layer of spectre builds, as it directs 10% of incoming hit damage to your spectres, effectively increasing your Effective Health Pool for hits on 10% more

By using Mistress of Sacrifice together with Bone Offering and Glancing Blows, we can achieve a decent ~72% attack block + ~36% spell block whilst healing some life during block. This is one of the best defense layers of the game.. don't skip this even on softcore! (remember that dead dps is no dps).
I generate corpses with desecrate hardcasted for boss fights that don't present many corpses

Shield charge + fortify I use Shield charge + fortify to move around. I use Flame dash for cliffs

Important for positioning

Chaos version https://youtu.be/veXgEGNl0qk

3.14 PoB Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/vUCUwpQ9

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Ty for the Build guide.

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