{3.14}Hogg's Guardian Exsanguinator Lazy Man Facetank 12k ES/Life, Max Defense

Do you like holding 1 button and melting T16 maps?
Do you enjoy actually completing trials?
Do you suck at avoiding most boss abilities?
Do you hate dying?

This build maybe for you.

*100% Reduced Curse effects
*90% Physical Dmg Reduction
*-70% reduced extra dmg from Critical Strikes
*Positive Chaos resist+capped elemental resists
*Max power/frenzy/end charges
*12K ES/life
*27% evade chance
*Massive Leech/regen of both ES/Life
*Damage continues to tic while you move if you have to
*Immune to Poison
*Max Block/Spell Block
*Not super expensive to be effective
*Share charges/life/dmg reduct with group members!

Physical reflect 1 shots you
Bossing is slow, but steady---there wont be skipping stages 1 mill dps with corrupted blood stacked and 3rd phase of exsanguinate

T16 Maze of Minotaur Clear + Full Trial

T16 Juiced Metamorph Facetank Style

Sirius down, slow and steady FTW

POB: https://pastebin.com/R4ZsxhQq

Gem Links and Gear:

Gem swap: Chain for Culling Strike on bosses----its a huge difference

Ultimate weapon is +1 to physical skill gems + 1 to spell skill gems + cast speed for corruption stacks+physical dmg over time multiplier. Start with +1 to phys spell gems and physical dmg over time multiplier.

Shadowstitch: Get one with good armor/es and useful implicits(+2 Duration Gems is key)----dont forget you can reroll socket color with vaal orbs+chroms in your crafting bench.

Boots: Get that 80% to avoid stuns from lab!

Helm Enchant: 40% dmg to exsanguinate

Corrupting items: Corrupt as many items as you can without losing your resists...its big ES/life.

Bandits: Kill All
Ascendency: Time of Need, Radiant Faith, Unwavering Faith, Harmony of Purpose
Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris/Grukthul---if your chaos resist is bad use Shakari

Granite/Sulphur/Quicksilver---and I keep a couple health. Immunity/remove of ignite,freeze,bleed....then armor on the sulfur/granite

Leveling: I personally leveled with minions because I enjoy them....skeles and specs. Once you can use your gear at 72 you can easily swap to main build.

This is my 10th league, I am a dirty casual...I don't have a stream and I don't get lag free server play...as shown in the video of Mino. But this build has been by far the most enjoyable I have played. I very very rarely die and I think this will be my 1st lvl 100 char because of it.
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cool i am going to try this!
Nice build man, already making the build myself just started a Templar in Ultimatum. Thanks for the guide.
He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.
Quick update----half way through 96---did a Flawless lvl 83 Mastermind. Completed a couple 10 boss Mavens without death, about to do Sirius a 2nd time. Trialmaster was a total joke with this build.

Quick POB update---over 1 mill dps w/out Corrupting Fever dps. Added Transcendent Mind Gem and changed to +2 duration gem skill on gloves and chest.

I've swapped out CWDT for arcane surge on tempest shield----keep it at at level 5 and every time you cast flame dash or temp shield x2 you get a very nice damage boost.

Hey, maybe imma try this. Wondering can you lvl as exsanguinator from the beginning?
I didn't try it until level 72, next xpac I'm going to try from the start. I think if you have some gear it should be possible. I just don't know how damage is at low levels.

Its easy to roll up a low level wand into +1 to phys dmg gems....id run with two of them.

2 Kaoms signs for life on hit, The Magnate belt, Ezomyte Peak, then all the life on hit/leech stuff you can find. As soon as you hit first Lab you can get Time of Need and health regen becomes moot.
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How cheap can one do this build? Interested trying om budget..
The only items you really need are the shield, helm, neck, bp.

Right now:
BP= 40c
Hat: 2c
Shield: 5c
Neck: 15c

And craft yourself a +1 physical spell gems wand and add trigger. (Trade atm is broken for + to physical spell skill gems)

As you work your way through maps work on getting the cluster jewels, that is a major part of your damage.

Defense Upgrade order:
The Blue Nightmare---80c
Watcher's Eye with Clarity----1ex
Had a lvl 50 inq sitting around since league start. Currently lvl 55 and using the build with most of the gem setups. With some gem levels its pretty decent. Boss damage is crap but that was a given, so no worries there.

So far so good.
No Zealoths Oath? in vids u have so good ES regen it looks u use it?

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