3.1415 Low Effort Vaal Storm Call Pathfinder (3.6 mill per cast under 10Ex invested) *Updated*

Talking begins at 4 minuets

PoB: https://pastebin.com/g8ZEYebT

Progress report as well as a discussion about Min Maxing down 3 distinctively different routes based on the kinds of content you wish to engage with.
According to the PoB at this moment in progression with all buffs active and boss cursed we are dealing 152,696 unmitigated damage per tick of vaal storm call... which ticks 24 times throughout its duration... quick maths... 3,664,704 per cast, but now with Atziri's Reign we can actually cast 2,3,4,5 vaal storm calls very quickly meaning our burst damage for bossing is between 7 million to upwards of 15 million in the luckiest and most ideal conditions (totally proc reliant, zero consistency btw)


QoL Additions:

Kill Bosses With This
Keep Hand Casting Non-Vaal Spells
With most of our damage becoming cold and fire we actually shatter the majority of enemies we kill. this is the most optimal choice for "additional souls on kill"
This jewel can actually proc off of its own proc's which means that occasionally you will be able to hold down one of you Vaal spells and manage to cast multiple times... I myself have seen as many as 8,9, or even 10+ procs back to back to back and this item alone can turn an otherwise very difficult boss encounter into a much more manageable and balanced engouement (this is my favorite part of the build personally)

Fancy Frivolities:

Cluster Jewels: (Should Be Considered Required)

Empowering the build Through "Bloodstained Jewels" improves uptime dramatically.

Alternative endgame build focal point:
This Amulet provides us with virtually unlimited uptime on "soul eater" a hilariously powerful buff. there are limited environments wherein this buff is applicable, Ultimatums, Blighted maps, Delve... Wave based, "Streams" of monsters are the best application for this playstyle and this alternative allows the player to focus on maximizing the hand casts and synergizes VERY WELL with the "Lucky" buff you get from pressing Vaal Arc. Less flexible, arguably inferior in most applications... but quite a lot of fun and technically dramatically better for Blighted mapping specifically.

To make this as concise as humanly possible I will simply explain the button rotation and how to achieve maximal uptime on the Vaal Spell casts... Please keep in mind this build can be converted to any and all Vaal <<<SPELLS>>> generally speaking the core principals can be applied to attacks as well however rolling the weapon will be considerably more costly.

Rotation: Hand cast till either the soul ripper can be pressed, or the Vaal Spells are charged (this is why bloodstained jewels are helpful but not required)
2) Make sure the Soul CATCHER... Is active and lay down a Vaal Storm Call (Do not Spam or you may inadvertently trigger the soul gain prevention an additional time *there may be a bug with this part of the rotation btw devs*)
3) While the Storm Call is ticking you should be generating more souls for subsequent casting BE AWARE that the soul gain prevention for Vaal Storm Call is virtually 0 seconds whereas Vaal Arc is nearly 1 entire second. You can press Vaal Arc, however I recommend only doing so when the screen is an absolute cluster F... ultimately Vaal Arc is the "Oh Shit" button.

<<<For Bossing>>> The rotations is mostly the same but with one addition.

Assuming you have full souls and full flasks you must
1) Press Soul Catcher
2) Spend ALL or as many souls as possible during the flask duration
3) as soon as the Soul Catcher expires OR once you know you are out of souls and will not be able to generate more... Press the soul ripper as well at the soul catcher a second time (soul ripper refills all of your souls and the catcher reduces the soul gain prevention thus allowing SOME souls to be recouped but it is unlikely to sustain beyond this point)

For the most part... when executed properly... This should be more than enough to kill any map boss

This build is HIGHLY MODULAR
This Build is NOT FOR Killing end game encounters (shaper, elder, maven)

PS **Devs**
Why is it ok for attack builds to generate 10-20-90 Vaal casts but Vaal Spells are hard locked at 1 press no matter what?
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