[3.14] 100M+ DPS Fire Reap Badge Assassin T1 Clear; Glass Cannon

Jezie wrote:


Video Guide

Path of Building


The PoB DPS is misleading because it doesn't take into account overlap and unleash.

Build Highlights

- big deeps (basically 1-2 shot all endgame)
- screen-wide clear with HoA + Asenath's
- pree fast
- cheaper than past leagues (but still kinda expensive?)
- BUT, it's a glass cannon build

How it Works

Unlike most other skills in PoE, Reap has the potential for overlap. As a result, Spell Cascade and Awakened Spell Cascade offer both increased coverage and multiplicative damage when used as support gems for the skill.

This build otherwise takes the Badge of the Brotherhood + Void Batteries + Herald of Ash method of scaling which has been popularized in the past, but recently fell out of fashion due to the nerf of the Vast Power medium cluster jewel notable.

A good starting budget to get this going is the Awakened Spell Cascade Gem + 5 Exalted Orbs.

Core Items

x2 Void Batteries for +1 Power Charge
to scale your power charges and frenzy charges further.
as your source of frenzy charge generation. DO NOT FORGET THIS.

Gear Summary


The +1 Curse is optional. Just make sure you have the Frenzy Charge on Gained on Hit mod. Otherwise your build will be completely scuffed. Resistances, Flat Life, and Flat Energy Shield are also good mods here. Ideally, you'd be left with an open prefix to craft the Gravicius "Gain Energy Shield Equal to #% Maximum Life)

Blizzard crown is an unreal base. You ignore the downside of it and convert half of the upside into fire, which is a bigger DPS gain than any possible helmet enchantment. When you have the money, look to get a +1 Power Charge Helmet. The top end has double warlord mods of Nearby Enemies have -#% Fire Resistance in addition to the +1 Power Charge.

Your clearspeed magnifier. These gloves synergize amazingly with Herald of Ash.

For bossing and/or if you are running on a budget. Insane amount of damage from using these, and they cost 1c!

You can literally do whatever you want here. I went with these boots for the increased speed.

For the highest damage output (and if your resistances are already capped), use Inya's Epiphany.

Some Life + multi abyss jewels. I normally slot a headhunter here. You can also use this as a flex slot to cap resistances.

Non-negotiable. Do not forget the annointment of Magmatic Strikes to ensure you have 100% Physical to Fire conversion, in addition to the Watcher's Eye and Avatar of Fire.

Herald of Ash is the single most important aura for this build because you benefit from it doubly. These rings multiply the effect of Herald of Ash. There are better implicits available but I am now poor. Buff Effect is the priority explicit mod. Otherwise, a Mark of the Shaper + Elder-influenced ring combo is a good budget option.

Rather than going through jewels 1 by 1, these are the necessary mods to run this build which you can search for in trade, found on an assortment of jewels:
- #% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage while affected by Anger
- 1 Added Passive Skill is Doryani's Lesson
- 1 Added Passive Skill is Seal Mender
- 1 Added Passive Skill is Essence Rush
- 1 Added Passive Skill is Vast Power (get two of these)

Everything else is gravy (but good). Check my PoB or PoE profile for options, but it's quite flexible beyond these. The Unnatural Instinct is purely a high-end upgrade.


Ascendancy and Bandits

Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Mistwalker -> Opportunistic

Bandits: Alira




Reap - Power Charge on Critical Strike - Awakened Spell Cascade - Awakened Unleash - Awakened Elemental Focus - Awakened Controlled Destruction
(the awakened gems aren't important outside of spell cascade)

Herald of Ash - Anger - Enlighten / Aspect of the Spider

Bane - Flammability - Elemental Weakness (if you have +1 curse. Otherwise just run Flammability unlinked to anything)

Wave of Conviction - Arcanist Brand - Combustion - Culling Strike (lvl1)

Flame Dash or Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge (lvl7)

Immortal Call - Cast When Damage Taken / Vaal Righteous Fire

If you don't have Aspect of the Spider, you can use Vitality or Herald of Purity.


Any spellcaster assassin will transition smoothly into this.

For most players, I'd recommend using the racing setups that transition into ball lightning/arc/WoC Spellslinger at level 24.

Dampin also does a pretty sweet run with Bladefall/Bladeblast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdd8ymlRbIw.

Even if you go Essence Drain/Contagion, the respec isn't that expensive.

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Hello m8 :)

I collected this build. Hits are insane. Also insane is my amount of deaths :DD
I'm now at low Ele Def :/ 69%-5%-5%-(-17%). Is it good idea to gain it through jewels?
Second question. Which pantheon perks u pick for bossing and clearing?

Thanks :) and good job.
Definitely need to cap resistances LOL...

I used some jewels, but it was mostly through my chest piece, body, and boots.

I run stun stun recovery one for my major and abberath for minor. This is for both bossing and clearing
Hi, can i do this build with 90 ex budget? ^^
Tecken1407 wrote:
Hi, can i do this build with 90 ex budget? ^^

Easily. I ran it on like 50
What do you think about the alternate quality gems? Considering using divergent reap for more recovery.
I'm new to the game and i wonder if i could play this build, but with Scion... And if yes, what about the tree look like? :)
What is the good timing to transit into your build?
level? or item? gem?
Jezie wrote:
Tecken1407 wrote:
Hi, can i do this build with 90 ex budget? ^^

Easily. I ran it on like 50

I am new here, gear pics wount tell me anything, could you plz write down names for these gear pices? 😁
eric4337 wrote:
What is the good timing to transit into your build?
level? or item? gem?

well... I transit @ level 38, with some cost,, 50c~ i think?
here is my PoB


the pain is @
note for those plain life regen, % life regen

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