[3.14] ReapGolemMines *Elementalist* Pure Physical

Hey sup!
This is a build that I came up with this league. Hopefully it will interest you! The mechanics with the mix-n-match fusion could be really complicated, but I'm glad to have tried it out.

This build is not competing in terms of high dps so that we one shot bosses. Its dps is reasonably high enough to destroy bosses fast enough, while having much defensive capability to enjoy Ultimatum as well.

The budget is of course, not as high, but you can really invest in such a build.

This guide, however, isn't noob-friendly.

Here are some mapping videos.
T15 Summit Corrupted 8 mods -https://youtu.be/uIde-fXq5MI
More to come!~

Here's my current pastebin

For a start, this is what I did in a video, it's poorly edited, but that was when I wasn't as funded. It's a good look if you're starting out to see with a little budget, how much can you go?

Before we begin the guide, we need to mention about one of the newest physical spell skill gems, "REAP". We are definitely gonna make use of these weapons.

Understanding how Reap works is crucial. So do take a short read here.
Reap hurts your life real bad. So if you don't have enough spell leech or life regeneration, you won't be able to cope with spamming reap as well as incoming damage taken.

One problem for Reap (self-cast) is that it's a swing around the caster. So have to use it as though as you're a melee caster. Since there's a cast time, it could be clunky and slow and unable to clear maps fast.

Initially, I tried with totems, but it's clunky.
So we have to deal with this.

Overcoming the choice of Reap.
To depend on spell leech to LIFE requires very specific items which is a problem. Since passive nodes regarding to spell leech is related to energy shield, it makes it difficult to rely on leech.

Hence for this build, we rely heavily on life regeneration.

Due to the inefficiency of reap as self-cast or totems for mapping, why not mines as it's less clunky, and you can throw all around you?

The only problem is that you probably have to hold down your "D" button to detonate constantly.

BUT WAIT! Reap consumes life. If used with mines, then won't it just spend life and reserves on life too?!

Interesting Interaction of Reap + Mines

Yes, this is really interesting. Reap consumes life. Hence if used as mines, there won't be mana reservation, but LIFE Reservation instead.

Oh crap???

This is how it looks like with full health... BUT look at what's next.

With Petrified Blood (Low life) Without mines.

With Petrified Blood (Low Life) WITH MINES / Life reservation.

I'm not sure whether this is a bugged. As you can see, without petrified blood, my eHP decreases down to 4479. But with petrified blood, my health is at 2596 regardless of the reserved life from mines. And yes, still considered low-life.

In short, Petrified blood ignores life reservation from mines.


My current life regeneration

So you must be thinking, mines yea? Saboteur! Let's Go! Halt that thought...
I decided to go Elementalist for these reasons over Saboteur.

(1) Life Regeneration.
Together with Cold Iron Point, our stone golem will enjoy a +6 in levels. Together with stacking effects from each golem summoned, our regeneration can easily outweigh Saboteur's "Pyromaniac" at 10% life per second.

(2) Immune to elemental ailments.
Due to Elementalist's Ascendency, have a minimum of 3 golems would make us be immune to ignite, chill/freeze and shocked. Better than Saboteur's immunity against ignite and shock.

(3) Offensive capability.
I believe that this is on par with Saboteur's offensive ability. Elementalist's stacking effects from Golems, as well as "Shaper of Storms" allows any damage dealt to shock.

(4) Defensive capability.
While Saboteur's ability to blind is yummy, Elementalist's Primal Aegis would be comparable against spells.

My Ascendency Choice
Golems first (Priority), Shock, then Primal Aegis.

When I started out, my skill tree is as such. Do take a few minutes to watch how I started out.

Leveling Guide
Well, use whatever skill you want to level up as a witch, but preferably, use mines. I switched to Reap Mines once I hit level 34 (Stone Golem skill gem available) and did my first ascendency. And make sure you hit the passive of golems at the witch area, so that you can summon 3 golems by then. (Stone Golem is a must)

Next, go for Pain Attunement (In Passive) + Petrified Blood (Skill Gem) for that juicy 30% more spell damage. And the rest as shown. Feel free to add more life nodes along the way.

Next, it's up to you what you want. Go for more life at Templar Area.
If you're unfunded at the moment, go towards scion's life nodes.

If you're funded, go acrobatics, as well as getting a "Thread of Hope with Large Ring". This would free up a lot of passive points for us to invest in life, and other damage passives.

This is my current skill tree (Level 93)

I went for intuitive leap at the bottom right of the passive tree and added as such. It's more worth and you can spend some of the points elsewhere.

Remember, try to get your max life to 5k, as well as to cap your resist. That's a priority.
And here's my gears and links! Starting with the body armour!

Body Armour - with Gem Links

We can use various Body Armour for the build. If you want more dmg, you can go with Carcass Jack (as what I did initially). If you want more survivability, you can go with a rare armour with good life and res, as well as +spell crit or even +1 to active gem level.

However, I decided to go with this.

Reap - High Impact Mine - Swift Assembly - Awakened Brutality (Or Normal) - Trap and Mine Damage - Charged Mines.
(In order of links)

Reason of choice of armour : This body armour, is as good as our "Shaper of Winter" Ascendency nodes. It's nice to be freezing things (not only bosses) but also monsters while Ultimatum-ing. It adds a huge defensive layer while doing this league content!

Reason of choice of gem supports : You can change Charged Mines for Awakened Controlled Destruction for more damage. But I use that as it makes me less clunky.
I did think of removing brutality, so that I can use some flasks which uses chaos damage. It's possible, and the damage output may be greater. But it's just a very slight boost.

Gloves (Wow)
You might be wondering why I added this.

That's because I have this gloves.

Well, honestly, holding "D" down is more of a hassle than it should (not to forget those flasks). To press more buttons, NO WAY FOR ME!
These curse implicts on gloves, works with mines! Hurray!

Vulnerability increases physical damage taken, while enfeeble reduces the damage dealt towards you. (Temporal Chains isn't that bad, considering we have our body armour, which enable us to chill/freeze - SLOW TO THE MAX!).

But are these gloves necessary? Not really. It's just easier way for me to curse. You can choose any rare gloves with decent life and res, and some spell mod too.

Skill Gems : Corrupting Fever - Brutality - Swift Affliction - Efficacy.

Due to about +7/+8 skill gem, casting corrupted fever might be difficult as it requires more life per level.
(Currently, mine cost 2583 life to cast)
Level 21 Corrupted Fever + 8 Levels

Not to forget this...

These +6 to Physical Spell Gems are so damn yummy.

Gems : Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge

Now, we are able to use arcane surge due to the little mana we have (with reserved mana). That will give us extra spell damage, as we will be dashing a lot.

Gems : Enduring Cry - Second Wind - Mehhh

Well, I don't use enduring cry while at fights, due to the casting time. But since I used Petrified Blood. At times, to recast "Corrupting Fever" Would burn my life to almost 0. So to recast my corrupting fever (if I didn't throw my mines), I would use Enduring Cry first, and then Corrupting Fever. This way, my life recovers much faster / safer.

Oh wait for my next item... YUMMY


I just bought this. +1 to All Strength, and +1 to All Physical Skill Gems.

What you want to aim is life, +1 to All Strength (Cheaper), and spell dmg / global critical multiplier if possible.
Resist / Life Regeneration is a bonus.

Missed out on Anointment.
Gonna anoint "Arcane Potency"


What you want in your helmet is,
Life / +x Socketed Minion Gems.
Anything related to Physical Spell Damage / Area Damage is a bonus.

So here's my golem choices.

Gem : Stone Golem - Chaos Golem - Flame Golem - Ice Golem

These Golems provide us with my offensive benefits, as well as defensive benefits.

What enchantments you want, would be,
(1) Reap
(2) Increase buff effect of STONE Golem.

Sexy Belt

Yummy life belt.
What you want in your belt, is that juicy life recovery rate.
Try to get as much life as possible, as well as life regeneration. Put in those Fertile Catalyst, and you'll see how yummy and thick this belt is.

Other Rares (Boots and Rings)
The remaining equipment will be to cover up whatever we are lacking in (Life / Res / Stats as priority)

As for our boots,
Gem : Petrified Blood 35% - Pride 50% - War Banner 10% - Steelskin

Petrified Blood is awesome with Pain Attunement.
Pride and War Banner make enemies take in more physical damage.
Steelskin (put it on your left mouse hotkey).

Enchantment : What I have on this boots is surely yummy. Since we throw mines and our mines are doing the crit-ing, we have this perma 120% crit chance.
That's why I didn't use any CWDT combo for it may screw up my crit chance.

A nice SWAP for a weapon

Before you begin an Ultimatum, swap to this weapon. Throw some mines on the floor, and begin.
Detonate those mines, and then swap back to your cold iron points. This would proc rampage. A nice boost in damage!


What you need in your flasks are anti-bleed, anti-poison, and anti-curse. The other two is flexible.

The next possible big upgrade for me, would be Bottled Faith.

As shown in my passive tree, there are 5 jewel sockets.
(1) Thread of Hope (Large)
(2) Intuitive Leap
(3) Anima Stone - an additional golem is still good.
(4) Watcher's Eye - With Pride %chance to deal double damage.
(5) Rare Jewel - Life / Critical Strike Multiplier / whatever you're lacking.

And make sure one of jewels have the corrupted implicit of "You cannot be hindered".

Important notes
During Ultimatum, our golems might die. But due to our Liege & Elemancer Ascendency node, our golems will be re-summoned after 4 seconds after dying. If your golems are down to 2, just go out of the ring and wait for a few seconds before entering.

Do feel free to ask any questions!
And yea, I should be recording more stuffs to be uploaded here soon. I currently hit about T13 maps already. So do prepared for more fights!
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