[3.14] DS_Lily's Atziri's Rule Crit Inquisitor

the build revolves around the atziri's rule staff (drops from uber atziri) which gives you atziri's storm call and flame blast abilities and landing huge crits by using inquisitor

video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHhnn5n1wMk

pob: https://pastebin.com/1hj5h07P

}pretty simple one button build, run around and cast your ability, unleash makes both flame blast + storm call cast at same time,
}smack mobs with vigilant strike for fortify,
}vaal flameblast to help single target on bosses, assassins mark as well (i have it on a shaper ring),
}the flame blast casts one on cursor and one on you so stand close enough to bosses so that both hit, storm calls are seemingly pretty random

}level with armaggedon brand + cremation
}arma brand links - onslaught, combustion, ignite prolif
}cremation - gmp, intensify, fire pen, ele focus, controlled destruction
}(show levelling tree)
}go pious path first then inevitable judgement if HC
}go inevitable judgement first then pious path if SC
}bandits = help alira

}atziri's rule gives you atziri's flame blast / storm call, the flame blast has 650% effectiveness of added damage and the storm call has 250%, these are huge so this means stacking flat damage to spells is really good for this build.
}stacking a ton of crit chance + crit multi, inquisitor makes crits ignore resistance so we dont need to worry about res reduction
}the staff has a base cooldown of 1.5 seconds which doesnt feel great so we'll need to pick up cooldown reduction where we can
}abyss jewels (very expensive to get good ones)
}belt craft / shaper influence
}shaper boots
}if you get enough cooldown recovery you'll probably need to pick up cast speed somewhere
}pious path makes life regen apply to energy shield so we'll try to pick up life regen and hybrid life + es stuff wherever we can
}pantheons - brine king until you get a high life pool, then solaris, tukohama for minor

}atziri's rule staff obviously, there is no difference between the foil version and the regular version
}we're focusing on getting flat damage to spells wherever we can on our gear
}hunter influence base blizzard crown with added flat damage to spells + life, resistance, craft with scorched + metallic + pristine, zealotry reservation enchant and you can run vitality
}shaper chest with life, %life as ES craft, phys damage taken as cold / lightning, spell crit (craft with pristine fossil + jagged fossil + frigid fossil) for HC
}carcass jack for SC
}replica shroud of the lightless if ur rich
}bubonic trail boots (drop smoke mine and use an unset ring for zealotry)
}shaper boots with cooldown recovery rate, life, ms, res i used blessed boots base for chaos res (crafted by veiled chaos orbs for onslaught on kill ms mod)
}tombfist gloves
}shaper marble amulet with lightning damage leeched as life, flat life, and power / frenzy / endurance charge on kill (pristine + metallic fossils), alt spam, get lucky
}shaper ring with assassins mark + flat cold or lightning to spells, life (idk best way to craft this, does caster harvest spam still work? if it does then do that)
}other shaper ring with life, flat to cold + lightning + crit multi, or elder ring with fire damage to spells and crit multi
}stygian vise with life, res, cooldown reduction craft or shaper mod
}jewels - flat to spells / crit multi / cooldown reduction / life / onslaught if you're using bubonic plague

}staff - inspiration, crit damage, unleash, ele focus, increased crit strikes, less duration support
}chest - vaal flameblast, increased crit strikes, crit damage, ele focus, conc effect, inspiration
}helm - immortal call, vigilant strike, faster attacks,
}gloves - flesh and stone, enduring cry
}boots - flame dash, smoke mine, arcane surge, zealotry (make sure zealotry isnt linked with arcane surge)

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I feel like there is something wrong with edited staff in PoB, whatever I do/change with this item in pob it doesnt count properly.
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