[3.14-3.16 HC Updated] HOAG Champ. ~7k Life Gain on hit/sec vs. single target. All Content <Videos>

Hoag has inherent 40% phys to chaos conversion. 3 white socket grips are enough to bring that up over 100%. 4 white sockets is preferable only because of the extra socket available to play with. The conversion will be the same. However if you have 4 with a non-white socket, a pro-rata portion of the crawler's damage will be converted to elemental instead, as follows:

1. 40% inherent phys to chaos
2. 75% grip phys to chaos
3. 25% grip phys to elemental

=140% total attempted conversion

115/140 would be converted to chaos (about 82%)
25/140 would be converted to elemental.
(About 18%)

Against mobs with ele res that 18% both loses out on our 90% more multiplier from withering touch AND gets further reduced by that resistance. To take the worst case, Against Sirus (who has 50% ele res but only 25% chaos res) we will do approximately 12.5% less overall damage if we have a 4 socket triad grip that has only 3 white sockets than if we have a 3 or 4 socket grip that is all white.

Ok, that was a bit of a long winded explanation, but hopefully it makes sense.

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Great explanation, thanks!
Most welcome.

For how many hours I have in this game, I still feel like I have noob questions all the time. Anyways, I was curious when I'm supposed to use Convocation on my minion. It seems like sometimes I'm fighting to get him to fire at the enemies that I'm prioritizing.

Thanks for the build! I appreciate when I can read a lot of details and info about my builds, rather than me scratching my head at why things aren't working.
@LegendaryOne re: Ammy construction:

Yes. Orb destroys the one you click first and then rerolls the one you click second while smashing together the influenced mods. Using higher ilvl ammy second is best. Make sure each ammy only has one influenced mod or orb can be wasted.

Make sure not to try to put together +1 chaos & +1 phys or it and one of the amulets will be wasted (they use the same slot) has to be +1 Dex and +1 Phys. I learned this the hard way. Very sad to burn that much currency on a wasted awakener's orb and +1 ammy. I went back and updated the guide to include this warning because of the ammy's you linked.

Good luck on your roll!

@TurkMurphy re: Convocation:

Convo is your positioning/aiming tool for the crawler. I am more or less spamming convo every time it comes off cooldown during fights. Most welcome and happy if you are enjoying it.

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Anomalous pierce: Definitely. The 10% Inc damage on a normal pierce is so irrelevant I usually don't even bother with Qual. Extra 2 pierce likely solid in many situations, like ultimatums.

For late end game, you really want a helm to drop from Uber elder to get the ilvl 86. Otherwise any T8+ map is a valid candidate for your scarab. (I think the wiki has a list of maps where it drops if the stylishness of a bone helmet is important to you. Tiny extra damage that I usually pass on (when I can in favor of Gear without an int req that's easier to color with less expensive bases)

Whew! Really glad you posted to ask first and waited for a response before you used the awakener's orb. I was so depressed the league that happened to me I think a took a couple weeks off. :)

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Chest looks like you are trying out something different? Kinda crazy piece to have mostly red.

I wonder if that helm you rolled is used by anything? It's pretty to look at, but I prolly roll over it without another thought. Then again, that may be because I am ignorant of its use.

Ravenous horde or grave intentions for annoint? playing SC so I don't quite need the life one.
I'm leaving the wall of text below up so that my initial response can be seen. That said, I have now experimented with Grave Intentions in a few T16 delves and I feel foolish for not having tried it out earlier. It is a straight 30% MORE damage multiplier as long as it is up and the uptime felt close to 100% during the delves. The difference in feel while delving was significant and I must now highly recommend this annoint, offensively. Appreciation to RiZZaYnE for mentioning it and making me really look. Guide has been updated.


{Previous response follows}

If you are looking for a damage annoint, actually I would generally choose Gravepact for its higher value bossing. That said, there is an interesting idea around Grave Intentions that you might be able to make work, discussed below, and I would definitely choose Grave Intentions if I were doing endgame level 100% delirium maps where the additional damage while mapping would matter. Ravenous horde would not be my choice. Here's the math:

At 70 virulence and a lvl 23 Hoag (which you should meet or exceed by endgame) the crawler has a base of 700% inc damage and 280% inc attack speed. This means we are dividing any damage increases by 800 to determine how much more dps they provide, and any attack speed increases by 380 to determine how much more dps they provide.

Grave intentions: This is actually probably best for mapping, as you will have solid uptime on unholy might, which for the crawler is a full 30% more damage multiplier. Thing is, we don't usually need more damage mapping (exception, endgame level 100% delirium content would definitely want this annoint), and it would be difficult to have much uptime on that with bosses (though I spose you could get creative with a worm flask. This actually might be really interesting to try, since that 30% more damage multiplier is in no way trivial and (in an SC world) you could replace our over-time life flask with writhing jar. Unclear whether the flask would provide enough uptime to be worthwhile, but perhaps in combination with the many bosses that have adds, this would be viable. Would need testing.

Ravenous Horde: The 20% inc damage translates to only about 2.5% more. The 5% inc attack speed is a little over 1% more. The onslaught is another 5% more during mapping only (again, without worm like help). so a little more than a 8.5% more multiplier while mapping and around 3.5% more while bossing. The minion movespeed doesnt have all that much impact, since we are regularly repositioning with convocation anyway.

Gravepact: 15% inc damage= about 1.8% more 6% inc attack speed=1.5% more, and 4% chance of double is a straight 4% more, for a total of about 7.3% more multiplier that is still good while bossing.

Avatar of the Hunt: Honorable mention defensively. I haven't tested this out, but I'd imagine the cooldown reduction and move speed feel good. Choosing this or straight life is probably a matter of taste.

If anyone tries out the worm flask idea with Grave Intentions, please let us know how it goes.


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Lira Arthain, once you have taken Natural Selection.

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