[3.14] Newbie (3rd character) build - improve survivability

Hi guys.

I am quite new to the game (finished the main story line with 3rd character).
First two characters I was just playing for fun and in the end was 1 shot killed by any mob on T1 map.

This (marauder / berserker) is my third build in which I was reading a bit before I actually implemented my ideas.

I still do not like to just follow someone builds (I don't see much fun in that).

My character (Beriamor, 85 lvl berseker) can handle T5 maps easily.
I am sure DPS wise I could go even higher, but survivability is an issue from T6 maps and above (I get killed with one hit).

Perhaps someone with more experience could give a look on my passive skill tree and gear and perhaps give my some ideas for improvement the survivability.

Passive skill tree

I think the inventory can be accessed directly via POE site.

Thanks for any help / assiatance.
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Try changing your tree to this:


I've removed a bunch of inefficent nodes and put them where they have more effect. According to POB (which you should download asap if you really want to make your own builds) you'll have about 500 extra life and 30k extra damage with this.

As for gear, try to replace rings, belt and helmet as soon as you can with pieces that have life and at least two resists on it (but keep in mind to get mana leech from somewhere when you change the rare ring). You don't want to waste 10+ nodes on the skill tree for resists as you have now. Your resis should come from gear alone and every gear piece should have at least 50+ life on it.

As for gems, remove vitality and add Pride for more damage. Blood and Sand should also fit in without much trouble. Alternatively, throw out Warbanner and use Flesh and Stone instead. FaS has the advantage that you can farm maps in sandstance and benefit from blind aura to not get hit as much. Also remove Immortal Call and cast when damage taken. You can only use one Guardskill since they share a cooldown, using two is pointless. Also a high level cwdt is useless as well as the amount of damage you need to take before it triggers will probably kill you. Use Molten Shell and put it on your left mouse button for autocast while moving. Also add Enduring Cry with second wind to your setup, buffs physical defenses with endurance charges and gives a huge chunk of life regen everytime you use it.

With that you should be set for yellow maps and maybe low red maps. You'll have to up both defenses and damage quite a bit though to be ready for endgame so there is a bit of a journey ahead of you even after those changes.
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Thank you very much for such elaborate reply.

Will follow your guidance and will see how it ends :]
Can I have CWDT and COMK (C on melee kill) in use at the same time or do they also share cooldown?
Doesn't really matter, you don't want to use cast on melee kill anyway. Gem slots are limited and there are much better things to do with them than socketing this thing. On the list of useless gems it's a top contender.
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