Cheap Corrupting Fever golem League Starter

I haven't played much this league, but this is the build idea and it's going good to yellow maps with 1 cold iron point and taking mostly regen and life nodes.

2 cold iron points
Chain of the primordials
Possibly Kaoms for body armor
Onslaught on kill ring for movement speed

Apply CF with cyclone, gmp, cwc, bl

Last bumped on May 1, 2021, 4:38:39 PM
Now into some red maps. Damage is still ok with running only one cold iron point and a 4 link corrupting fever. Have 6.7k life without Kaoms and close to 8.1k with. Regening 1750 life\s. Biggest cost has been 70c for primordial chain and then 30c for cold iron point. Most everything else was a few chaos. Major upgrades that I can do is rearrange the skill tree and get clusters, purchase Anima Stone, get a good life recovery belt. Also need to get my last lab but haven't felt like running goddesses to get uber unlocked.

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