[3.14] Afk tank max block int stacker gladiator concept build for do all ultimatum encounters.

I've just made this experiment tank build in the Pob/fork, for whoever has enough money to test it for fun in the ultimatums.

The concept is to accumulate intelligence to have a lot of energy shield, mana, auras and damage added to your weapon provide by "Hand of wisdom and action" unique claw.
Also, your auras provide you with armor thanks to "Memory Vault" unique helmet.

The mechanics are simple, when you block, you increase your damage and block chance by "violent retaliation"(that got infinite stacks), recover energy shield from shaper's shield and attack by reckoning (main skill) doing chill and shock and steal energy shield.

You also gain charges when you block which increases the area of ​​effect and activate "outmach and outlast", that makes you deal more phys damage and recibe less phys damage.

This build is inmune to stun, reflect and chaos damage.
I dont know if can do no regeneration mods or cannot leech map mods.

The damage seems low (500k average damage) but it grows when you block.

Maybe the gear can be better,

Skill tree:

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