3.14 Scion Slayer/Gladiator/Occultist Exsanguinate Mega Leech/Petrified Blood

I'm trying to figure this build out and need some help.

I'm not sure on Slayer or Gladiator. Slayer would be nice if i can get tanky enough.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/qyztccEJ

In game dps 148k on Exsanguinate w/ 47k phys dps per second on the DoT in HO.

I figured out that with petrified blood, life leech "effects are not removed at full life" doesnt work. but if you have 50% of life reserved, this leech works normally.

Build mechanics:

The interaction of on full life leech with petrified blood/exsanguinate is the main reason i wanted to try this build.

Petrified blood causing dmg we take to be DoT and leech always out weighing that Dot.
Currently 3198 life with petrified blood and 2987 leech per second!

High cast speed for leech.

Very tanky. I can just sit in Ultimatums and not move.


Offering to the serpent for endless full life leech w/enfeeble on hit

Cold Iron Point x2 for +6 level physical spells

Need one ring with .4% of physical damage leeched as life.

Impresense with vulnerability.


6L - Exsanguinate - Cruelty - Brutality - Controlled Destruction - Spell Echo - Chain

4L - Corrupting Fever - Brutality - Efficacy - Increased Duration

4L - Blasphemy - vulnerability W/ impresense amulet - Pride

4L CWDT - Immortal call - Increased duration - Cold Snap

Herald: Purity - Arrogance(must not cause herald to reserve less than 50% for slayer leech to work)

Travel: Frostblink - Lifetap

Other: Petrified blood and vaal haste

Feel free to drop in stream and discuss.

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