[3.14] Low Life Doomfletch Zerker

With the introduction of

Doomfletch is back.

note, you'll need to multiply lightning arrow dps by 3 due to the interaction I explain below in the info section.

If you're looking to try out this build, there's quite a few thing's you'll need to know about.

Important Info

The kinks of petrified blood:

There's quite a few interactions we can abuse because of this new skill.

First off is leech. Unlike reserving life, where your max life becomes the unreserved life, effectively allowing you to hit "full life" in terms of leech, petrified blood doesn't. It instead prevents you from gaining hp above 50% but doesn't actually stop life gaining effects, such as leech or regen. Therefore as long as you reserve life above 50%, you can have slayer overleech. This gives us access to things such as

Since our life is reserved with

We'll always be under 50% hp. We'll need get rmr to reach over the 50% threshhold but theres quite a few sources now.


Which is probably the cheapest and easiest and not that far off a good rare ring.

Enlighten 4 as well as unset rings(this build is socket starved)

this option is alittle more pricey but is what im currently running.

Alpha's Howl or Essence RMR helm + rmr jewels. Its possible to do this but its just so much easier to get a guilt ring or enlighten.

Don't worry about not reaching the low life threshold, bloodthirst causes you skills to cost life if you are not low life so you will reach low life when you start attacking.

Rage and Berserk:

With chain breaker nerfed, berserker is really the only way of gaining and sustaining rage. We do this through War Bringer and Cry wolf

To sustain berserk long enough during bossfights we link it to Second Wind and take CDR on tree. It may feel clunky but it's honestly the one of only ways.

Cluster Jewel Choices

The larges are obvious, Feed the Fury + Martial Prowess should be the traveling nodes and the third is whatever since we wont take it, as long as it puts the other two in the shorter path.

This build requires 1 warcry medium cluster so Cry wolf + any of the below is fine

Haunting Shout (best dps)
Provocateur (poor mans Haunting Shout)
Mob Mentality (if you dont want to run the next cluster jewel)
Lead By Example (If you want onslaught without relying on Cinderswallow)

Our power charges generation is handled by Stormrider

It's very easy for us to proc due to the multiple hits of any barrage setup

The 2nd notable can be:

Blast freeze (good defensive notable)
Astonishing Affliction (small amount of damage, good synergy with Shock ring)
Inspired Oppression (basically the same as above but much rarer)
Eye of the Storm (good if you are low crit)

Our third cluster is a standard Alchemist's Genius setup since we are so flask heavy

and the fourth is a crit cluster with Pressure Points and precise commander.

Single Target
So for single target skill choices, there are many options that depend on helm enchants but all fall relatively within the same dps. Choose the one you like best basically.
Split arrow + 3 arrow enchant, Barrage + 1 arrow enchant, Galvanic Arrow + berzerk enchant
These three are the ones I tested and all are within a few 100k dps of each other.

Now there's a 4th option, though clunky, is theoretically more dps.

Lightning arrow + berzerk enchant.

Lightning arrow, +1 chain, hydrosphere and Vengeance Cascade have and interesting interaction basically allowing each arrow to hit a boss 3 times. This makes it basically better galvanic arrow. This combined with sniper's mark can make even more arrows hit the boss due to arrows passing through hydrosphere on the way out and triggering LA secondary effect.

To make this setup less clunky you can have a arcanist brand + hydrosphere and snipers to automate the sphere placement and cursing.

Shown here: https://youtu.be/fwMaFMpVMLE?t=125


Things you need:

I would say these are required. The bow is obvious, and with 6l Doomfletches being very cheap this league as well as easy access to corruption chambers, it should be very easy to get +1 arrow bows or even base crit + attack speed. The Koams is the biggest life per slot item you can get and drastically increases survivability while giving us more flat phys from Bloodsthirst. The only other option is Replica Shroud with GG abyss jewels which isn't strictly better for the build, it just sacrifices HP for dps.

Since we deal all three damage types at a relatively equal amount, it will be constantly fully stacked.

Other gear choices:

I wanted to try this new belt last league but never found an easy way to fit it in. This build is prefect for it. %hp works very nicely with koams and we have permanent endurance charges due to our enduring cry setup. Make sure to enchant with the rage enchant from Harvest lab too.


Why Berserker?
Highest DPS and access to rage/berzerk
Where the life flask?
Once you get a CB immune jewel and a good amount of damage. Overleech + enduring cry is enough. Cinderswallow + range enchant on belt also help.
Why lightning arrow for single target?
So there's a little trick with lightning arrow and hydrosphere. See the single target explanation in the info spolier above.

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Looks interesting! Can u post some gameplay? and can do all endgame content?
Where did you get +1 chain?
sSs1897 wrote:
Where did you get +1 chain?

Hello! How do you know that the passives of the large cluster will be in the shorter path?
BlizardShafff wrote:
Hello! How do you know that the passives of the large cluster will be in the shorter path?

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Dafii wrote:
BlizardShafff wrote:
Hello! How do you know that the passives of the large cluster will be in the shorter path?


Yeah i know, but there's something with prefixes and suffixes, and i want to understand
Hey, will be trying this build as the concept looks fun.

Just looking at the PoB and seems you have Herald of Ash. Is this supposed to be Herald of Purity instead?

I'm very interested in this build. But how do i level/start this build?

Also any gameplay/footage?
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Don't exerted attacks have to be melee? Everything I read about exerted attacks on warcries states the next # melee attacks or melee slam attacks

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