3.14 Discharge - league starter, cheap, fast map clearing and bossing - Under 2 ex build!!

I started this league with this build and it is doing fine for me. Havent dropped single exalted yet, but from chaos recipes i got all these gears. Under 2 exalteds. Unlike other discharge builds, this one doesnt need anything expensive and it can still melt bosses fast.

+ Cheap
+ Fast map clearing
+ Fast boss kill, huge dmg
+ Can do all map mods

- Weak defense

How this build works:

This build uses Fireball and/or discharge, which focuses mainly on Ignite. Discharge has quite big AOE so you can use it or fireball for maping. Depends on your playstyle

we do generate charges with Romiras banquet, which gives us most of the time Power charge on hit. Voll's protector + Blood rage for another way of getting power charges, and lastly enduring cry.

Most of the time voll's protector with blood rage instantly gives me charges after killing. It automatically refill those charges i spent on discharge, so you dont need to wait or generate it other way. If you run out of charges, use either enduring cry or just spam fireballs until you get some charges.

Required items:

Recommended items:


Discharge - swift affliction - burning damage - deadly ailments - unbound ailments

Fireball - greater multiple projectiles - deadly ailments - swift affliction - burning damage - Combustion / Ignite proliferation

Wake of conviction - hextouch - combustion - flammability

Malevolence - Arrogance - Flame dash - blood rage

Flame golem - Lightning golem - chaos golem - stone golem

Prices from 5 days after league came out:

6 Linked volls protector -> 15c
abberath hooves -> 25c
amulet -> 20c
5 linked staff -> 15c
cluster jewels -> 150c
Rest are 1-3c, some self found/crafted.

How to upgrade:

Better rare staff with +max endurance charges
Endurance charge rings
Endurance charge boots, belt
Helmet with charge and -fire res
Gloves with charge and multiplier
Farruls fur (replica is the best). In this case, get cat stealth on gloves and use lesser duration and swift to get fast swaps
Cluster jewels with blowback

Passive tree

Video here
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
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Hello can post pob or a tree without cluster for starting

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