Path of Exile: Ultimatum Console Launch

gl Console hope for good start
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Now that's the way I expect a multi-million dollar company to launch a league. No long queues, no server hiccups, no disconnects. Just log in and go nuts for a few hours. Extremely well done. I didn't hear one single person griping about launch issues. Chat was bustling with friendly banter, people offering free items to level up with as we found them, and general all around good comradery and fun. And the occasional short spat regarding cheaters and the usual Ninja vs the world troll fests. All in all, it was a great night and I'm looking forward to day 2.

Once again, great job GGG.

Only minor complaints is that the item filter appears to be acting wonky. It's highlighting bows and quivers for my witch. Since ya'll nerfed how they act with spells, that seems weird to me.
All this new League and Mystery Box content and Supporter Packs looks so darn good, but when all comes together... Should I really truly bother to even start playing... again??!
Not that I don´t like PoE, but with all the recent Leagues that been, and so far from really good as can be, I really wonder if I should even start this one.
Is this the one that will glue me to the screen for once, or is it yet another one of those that will quite simply just be like too many of the past Leagues already?!
I really need to think hard on this. I´m tired of starting up from the start and say Yyaaayyyy, and then when coming to Lvl 45-55 I start to see the Mechanics within the league and say Ddoohhh, I take a break for a week. And thne that week actually becomes a month and a half instead.
I want to like it and I do like it, but when the Mechanics becoimes... Well, I guess most people understand what I´m getting at.
Because how it seems to me like this Ultimatum is now, is that it is like a more advanced version of Ritual, packed in with some other mechanics from earlier leagues mixed into one.

That both draws me in as of now, but at the same time drives me away.
Or is this Ultimatum the one that mixes Ritual and 5 other League Mechanics into one single one and tops it off with a Cherry and some delicious sauce with it?

I can´t really say for sure right at this moment.

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