[3.15] AndreshKi's Blood Queen - Exsanguinate/Corrupting Fever/Petrified Blood/Absolution [SSF+HC]

3.14 Updates
UPDATE 1 (4/20/2021)
Fixed the leech fiasco, just doesn't work as intended, went the petrified blood route, it fits perfectly in the build in every way and removes the fear of getting one shotted.

Also tuned the tree pathing, way better use of points now, and didn't skip any jewel slot this time. :P

POB, gear and links section now updated! Currently sitting at 255k DPS with honestly sh!t gear.

UPDATE 2 (4/22/2021)
Did some testing with Diadem and MoM and the synergy between it and petrified blood is fantastic, end game build should definitely use it, this allows us to reserve all our mana and we also reserve 50% of life so we can benefit from low life perks like pain attunement. We become extremely tanky with this due to petrified blood staggering 40% of damage and 30% of damage being taken from mana instead of life, diadem provides us with eldritch battery, which makes energy shield protect mana instead of life, which means we can reserve 100% of our mana with auras and still benefit from MoM and cast flame dash/void sphere.

UPDATE 3 (4/22/2021)
POB App got update so now we can finally see the missing items and corrects calcs, i update some of the gear and we are currently sitting at whopping 2M+ DoT DPS which is insane, still half of the gear is very budget, i'll improve it as time goes and after further testing. Thanks everyone for the support so far!

UPDATE 4 (4/23/2021)
Fixed and cleaned POB, it's not a huge mess anymore, also fixed the pathing on the tree, forgot to remove the passives that became useless to us after dropping shield last night, it's all fixed and should be much better now.

Not sure what happened to the reservations on the last POB, possibly because we had a bunch of random old gems, but that is fixed now too.

As of 4/25/2021 i'm quite happy with the state the build is in, during the next days i won't be active here in the forum, since i'll be playing WoW for awhile to prep for new patch. Good luck everyone.

3.15 4/8/2021 - Started leveling up my Exsanguinate Scion, will see how the build is doing, should still work in 3.15, only major change was the nerfs to the support gems which every build got hit by, but this is still a solid build, will play around with it for awhile and see what i can improve on it.

3.15 Update 1 - 5/8/2021 - Build tree is the same as of now, will look in adding absolution minions and ward defences into the build, absolution also scales really well from the cold iron points so we can use them to boost our damage a bit and provide culling strike, as for ward we can use some ward gloves and boots along with "Elixir of the Unbroken Circle" unique flask + enduring cry, this will make us not only have endurance charges at all times but will also boost our one shot survivability even further while also giving us a very reliable oh-sh!t button, since the flask will give us at least 12% life (more if you invest in +endurance charges) and give us 200 ward + restore our ward when we press it, the flask also gives us endurance charge regen during it's effect.


Hello and welcome to my build guide! I'll be trying to improve the build as the league goes, so any constructive criticism is very welcome!

Please keep in mind while this build works very well as it is, it still has a lot of room for improvement, so if you have any ideas, do let us know! With that said, i will probably update this build often and even make some drastic changes to it, so anything could change at anytime.

This is a HC and SSF viable exsanguinate build that costs nothing to get started, and can go very far with proper investment.

So, how does it work?

This build excels in mapping, bossing is very good too due to corrupting fever. Exsanguinate is insane for clearing when linked with chain support, and corrupting fever applies up to 10 stacks of corrupted blood which ramp up really nicely, when bossing we apply corrupting fever stacks using both exsanguinate and void sphere, void sphere will also apply vulnerability for even more damage.

Tankyness wise, unless you lag, you can't really die unless you get REALLY unlucky.
We are attack/spell block capped, dodge chance, good life regen, perma phasing and the cherry on top... Petrified blood staggers 40% of damage while MoM makes 30% of damage be taken from mana.

We also have Eldritch battery which makes energy shield protect mana instead of life, this allows us to not only to reserve 50% of our life with auras (We go low life so we can benefit from Pain Attunement) but also reserve all our mana! Leaving us at an anxiety worthy 2.5k-3k life! Which, i know, sounds very low, but we can actually tank ANYTHING! Well, almost.

Reminder: we are not supposed to fully invest and go deep with MoM, it synergises extremely well with petrified blood, however our main goal here is to make it synergise with eldritch battery aswell, this will allows us to reserve 100% of our mana, while still benefiting from MoM too.

Pros and Cons

+ Doesn't need any investment whatsoever to be reliable, and with investment it can fly to the moon.
+ Pretty much immortal. You can literally cast exsanguinate while standing and tank Anything they throw at you (Well, almost).
+ Has great CC control due to Void Sphere, this build excels at doing Ultimatums and Rituals. Just drop a sphere in the center, go to a corner and spam Exsanguinate.
+ Insane clear speed.
+ Extremely satisfying to play, there's something about seeing exsanguinate blood tendrils cover the whole screen forming a huge crimson web that is oddly soothing.
+ Very fast paced and fluid.

- Bossing damage might feel odd. You need to ramp up the damage applying Corrupting Fever stacks and micromanage the buff itself, you need to spend X life to keep the buff up, which is usually fine, but during boss events if you go too long without casting you could lose the buff and CF costs a massive chunk of life to re-apply, and that could potentially kill you.
- Can't do phys reflect, unless you go Slayer instead of Gladiator, but you'd be sacrificing defences, up to you.


When you load in the POB you will see the full build tree, in the bottom left you can change between 1-4 which are progression trees in case you need help with pathing as you level up.

As of 5/8/2021 you can start out with this POB, i will make some tweaks to it in the following weeks to add in absolution and gear changes, but i need to do some testing first.


Get everything on the left side of the tree then witch side of the tree.

Kill all bandits.
Pantheon is whatever you prefer. i like Lunaris and Abberath.

For the ascendancies we take Gladiator first, then necromancer, necro will help us hit block cap after we drop shield and go dual cold iron.

You should swap to the MoM setup when you manage to get your hands on a Devouring Diadem, which can be bought for around 1ex or farmed from Catarina.

Links and Gear

For the weapons you can start off with any +DoT multi / +Spell damage wand, then transition into either 1 or 2 cold iron points.

Rings and Boots should have the most resistances, and 30% mov speed on boots. Could also use a Lori's Lantern.

Cheap rings with 120%+ res and cheap boots with 75%+ res and 30% mov speed:
Rings - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/ultimatum/0YjRKQFg
Boots - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/ultimatum/2q78K7dhk

Gloves should be "Apothecary's Gloves" base, then slam a essence of delirium on them for a +30% more DoT.
We will socket Corrupting Fever here.

Chest, shield and helmet should have any remaining res you need, chaos res and big life mods. Could also use Daresso's courage to cap spell block after you go MoM low life. Currently i'm wearing a tabula because i like to swap between chain support and empower for mapping/bossing, but it is not needed.

Amulet with big life roll and reduced reservation, this mod and a conqueror's efficiency jewel will allow us to cast Void Sphere, without them we won't have enough mana. After you go MoM you should get a +1 all strength skill gems and +1 all physical skill gems dual conqueror's amulet, an amulet like this is verry expensive so just 1 +1 is fine, after you go MoM we won't need reduced mana reservation anymore due to diadem.

For flasks i'm using defensive flasks, sulphur and a life flask.

Gem links

Exsanguinate, use this setup if you don't have a level 3 or 4 Empower.

Exsanguinate, after you get level 3 or 4 empower.

Corrupting Fever

Auras before diadem

Herald of purity linked with Arrogance

Auras with diadem
Socket petrified blood linked to arrogance suport, and malevolence + vitality in diadem for the reduced reservation bonus.

War banner and herald of purity somewhere else

CWDT Immortal Call + Tempest Shield (You should keep CWDT at lvl 1, IC at lvl 3 and TS at lvl 7)

Drop Tempest shield and get Bone offering and desecrate after going dual cold iron point, we use bone offering to cap our block chances since we now lost half of them due to stop using shield, and desecrate is used to generate corpses for bone offering before a boss fight or to regen life if you need it and don't have a life flask, life regen comes from feast of flesh from Devouring Diadem.

Movement skill

End game investments

You should get this asap

After you get this helmet you can go Mind over Matter, slap Malevolence, Vitality and link Petrified Blood + Arrogance in the helmet, herald of purity and war banner on another piece of gear.

This setup will make far more tankier than you already are, Petrified Blood will be staggering damage while 30% of damage will be taken from mana, this reduces the chances of getting oneshotted by ALOT.

For the weapons you should use 2

Get for damage and increased duration, which will be helpfull maintaining offering and CF

If you don't have a Tabula yet i recommend leveling up with a Exsanguinate + Reap Spellslinger setup.

To use spellslinger you will need the Frenzy skill, which you can keep at level 1, spellslinger can't be cast directly, it needs a projectile to be shot from you want to trigger, and that's where frenzy comes into.

Spellslinger links:

Frenzy (You don't need to link it to anything, and you can keep it at level 1, we only use it to trigger spellslinger)

Reap + spellslinger + brutality + swift affliction/efficacy/controlled destruction

Exsanguinate + spellslinger + chain support + brutality/swift affliction/efficacy/controlled destruction

Corrupting fever + efficacy + brutality + swift affliction (It's a good idea to start getting used to micromanaging CF buff early, so i recommend using it while you level, CF costs a pretty pricey amount of life at end game, however after casting it once you can keep it up be spending enough life, this life will be spent with exsanguinate, so if the buff is expiring it might be worth to cast 1 or 2 exsanguinates in the air just to refresh the buff.

If you want you can take sovereignty in the passive tree, and that will allow you to add in more support gems to the spellslingers, but if you have a decent wand it shouldn't be needed.

If you have a tabula or any 6L then you can level up with exsanguinate + chain support + brutality + swift affliction + efficacy + controlled destruction

You can use exsanguinate from the go but i recommend using any other skill until you get chain support.

Any wand with high spell damage should make leveling a breeze, you can get one by simply slamming an essence of woe.

Be sure to pickup the gems in the gem links section while you level up.
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Isn't physical attack leech as life doesn't work because exsanguinate is a SPELL and not an attack?

I know physical leech (non-attack found on amulet) works but that ring is "attack leech".

Last edited by ryukenden on Apr 19, 2021, 2:29:19 AM
the boy watched too much darkee and put some uniques that comes to mind lol. Attack leech don't work bro, put those trash away.
Ragefreakyo wrote:
the boy watched too much darkee and put some uniques that comes to mind lol. Attack leech don't work bro, put those trash away.

Ive been here to ask the same question.

So what kind of passives/item leech mods are working with exsang?
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Having a quick look at this build, there is so much climbing around the tree on it, thats a lot of useful nodes being wasted on just flat stats because we climb around all the way to the trickster tree then just take the trickster ascendency anyway? Like the 4 int and 1 dex going from witch to trickster could be cut and we could take the phys damage boost from the tricksters start point

56% phys damage inc + 12 life at the cost of 4int and 1dex nodes? Seems very likely a good choice to make

You also missed a jewel socket just left of Constitution which is easily MINIMUM 7% increased max life + more and perhaps the one right of Constitution would be worth taking too, depends on the resistance situation but IMO worth taking for 3 points

carnage heart is a nice amulet and it does give damage, leech, resist and some flat stats, would like to do the math to compare it to a rare amulet though because +2 levels to our gems could also be very strong. Highwayman is also another iffy choice IMO, depends how reliant we are on the life leech I guess and its not something POB can seem to show us reliably(?)

would taking slayer be worth to do phys reflect maps perhaps?
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Maybe this is a noob question, but how do you activate exsang and reap spellslingers setup?
Spellslinger setup is so much better.


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