[3.14]Strength Stacking Reaper 500k dmg 8k ES 5k Life non-League starter but All CONTENT viable!

Using the new Reap skill

https://pastebin.com/tCt9Vffh https://pastebin.com/tCt9Vffh

There's the past bin don't feel like making it all expansive feel free to do so if you can improve the damage its just your basic strength stacking chieftain converting most of the damage to fire with some chaos and physical.

The one thing im proud of tho in this build is i managed to get the ES and life high while also having great Regen making you very tanky and still maxing out all res.

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Last bumped on May 7, 2021, 7:49:32 PM
Hi can u post some gameplay? :)
Mmm cool, got to try this skill on my 4000str character, CI
Look nice wanted to try a str build? any hint how to level this?

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