3.14.0 Hotfix

3.14.0 Hotfix:

  • Temporarily disabled the Vortex skill on Stormcharged Cogwork and Frosted Cogwork monsters as it could cause an Animation Exception crash.
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ban bots pls

and ty for fix <3
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This is not fixed, still happening.
when fix it invincible RHOA?
exception crash keeps happening, this didnt solve the bug
It's still happening!
St4rblind wrote:
exception crash keeps happening, this didnt solve the bug

Seems there's something else that can also cause it, looking into it now thanks.
All week was fine this just happened at random.
I was in lab the first time I was at the end was about to claim new ascendancy points then got the pop-up. re-logged ran lab again crashed after killing the second boss phase. log again same thing. then do a full delete of Poe saves and files and do a uninstall then reinstall. run lab and finish it so far all is ok fingers crossed
This Bug is still happening.
I can't play the league mechanic at all. Lost so many things in my private league by now...

Pls fix it asap.

Not fixed, still happening, bricking 3 ultimatums in 3 different maps in a row.

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