[3.14] Pathfinder/Berserker Scion CoC Reap 42 Million Sirus DPS

I made a CoC Reap with 42 Million DPS.

PoB Community Version. 2.2.1
No longer needs manifest.xml edit. Just update Community PoB with latest patch.

*Updated Pastebins

Here's the pastebin. 42Million Version.

Here's a cheaper pastebin. Using Terminus Est. 19Million Version.

The idea for the build is using Scion Pathfinder/Berserker to get flask charges and rage stacks (without having to use Lethal Pride - Budget option)

We use Indigon to spam Brand with high mana cost in under 4 seconds, to ramp up Spell Damage while we Cyclone to proc Reap.

We top it off with Blade Blast Unnerve for extra 10% increased damage taken.
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hi how did you enable reap gem? am i missing something on my PoB?

PoB Community Version. 2.10
To get Reap updated locate PoB Community INSTALLATION FOLDER, and open up .Manifest.XML edit it in NotePad, and at the Top where you see "master" version, replace that with "Reap" case sensitive capital R. Restart PoB and Update the program. That's it, import my pastebin below two options.
hey nice build. This is not a dot build right ? you use reap as initial hit and thats it ?

Also, you know reap doesn't stack blood charge if triggered ? I am not sure how your dps is programmed, but just wanted to make sure you dont have 75% more dps

oh this is interesting proposal
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IBabe003 wrote:
reap doesn't stack blood charge if triggered

this XD
And you've got Indigon from where exactly? "Lucky boy" snack?
Oh look, you made another worthless PoB-Warrior build.

I'm going to try this build this league sometime. When people get to maps and do Elder drops. Since you need a indigon. hopefully i can snatch one in reasonable amount of time. I've never made a CoC Build that had Millions of Dps (first time). Reap is bugged in PoB right now the code is off, so the numbers are slightly off by maybe 7.5 Million or so. There's a budget option with Terminus Est listed. Also note that, i'll be updating the pastebin soon with fixes to the original post.
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Hey looks cool but max stacks indigo doing 80% of the DPS isn't reliable in my opinion.
Am I missing some mechanic? You would need 4k mana/sec.

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