[ 3.14 ] KissMeQuick's Smooth Sailing Slam — A Short & Easy Beginner's Build for Running Acts Fast


Yo pimps & prima donnas!
Here's a quick leveling method that I've been using for the past 4 leagues on the first days of the league for my Reave build with great success.

The goal of this build is to provide as smooth passage with as little effort as possible to maps for other builds that aren't strong during leveling.
This build is strong because of many powerful nodes being in close proximity with two-handers having very strong base damage.

This build can be but is not meant to be played after white maps.

The pathing is specifically designed to follow the most popular melee nodes for as little refunding as possible after finishing the acts.

- You do not have to make any trades
- Very good for SSF and it's playstyle
- You can use this guide as a first timer
- Very little gem and tree busy work, only act 1, 2 and 3
- You can league start with it for any build
- You do not need more than 4 links at act 10
- Top damage, good survivability, no uniques, no nerfs, no problems

This guide is very short and there is nothing complex, simply follow the tree and buy the gems while keeping a few notes in mind - that's it!


Swap between different trees here:

Download the Path of Building Community program from here:


3.14 Path of Building Community - 30, 60, 80 points.

3.14 Path of Exile Website Tree - 80 points.


You must use main skill, 1 warcry, Herald of Ash and 1 movement skill - everything else use only if you have the sockets for it.

Act 1

Main skill
Ground Slam, Added Fire Damage, Ruthless Support, Onslaught Support, Maim Support

Intimidating Cry

Ancestral Protector

Dash or Leap Slam

Vitality, War Banner

Act 2

Main Skill
Swap out Ground Slam to Earth Shatter, add Melee Physical Damage.

Add Culling Strike

Seismic Cry - should be your main warcry but you can use both at the same time

Herald of Purity, Herald of Ash

Act 3

Swap Ancestral Protector to Warchief Totem

Act 4

Main Skill
Add Fist of War, remove Onslaught if necessary.


You have three things you have to remember when sorting through items.

1) Your two-handed axe or staff has to have as much physical damage as possible.

2) Armor and jewellery has to have as much life and resistances as possible, preferably both; all character resistances except chaos at least 60% - 75% at the start of Act 6.

3) As many linked appropriate sockets as possible for your main skill

You do not have to buy anything but if you do want to buy something, buy the strongest two-handed axe you can for your level for not more than a few chaos.
Level 50 axes with 300 physical dps are 1 chaos already on day 1.

If you have mid tier life and 1 mid tier resistance roll on your each of your items, you will be resistance capped with this build.
These two criterion are very easy to fulfill!


One or two of them for speed, roll them with transmutes as early as you want.

One for more damage and speed.

Always at least 1 life flask, remember that only one life flask can heal you at a time.
Try to get anti-bleed flask from act 6 forward.

Granite > Jade > Sulphur
If any of these drop, use them - evasion and armor are very strong before maps.


You should choose the ascendancy of another guide or build which you will be later playing because the cost of refunding ascendancy points is 5 per passive which is not worth it.

For the bandit you should be taking Alira as it gives you a strong boost already early on unless your build uses Resolute Technique, in that case choose 2 passive points.


Leave your questions down below and I'll do my best to answer to them (:

There is also a discussion on the same method under the Duelist section where it works as good as it does for Marauder!

I've revived my Gladiator Reave - stronger than ever with up to 600M DPS!
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Sorry I'm new to POE

How do I see the higher level passive trees? :O
Sorry I'm new to POE

How do I see the higher level passive trees? :O

It doesn't go past acts, it's a leveling build (:
I've revived my Gladiator Reave - stronger than ever with up to 600M DPS!

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