[3.14] League Starter CoC Reap 50 Million DPS

New Skill Gem reveal,
Spell*, Physical, AOE, Duration
cost: 25 life
Cast time: 0.80 sec
crit 6%
Effectiveness of added damage: 180%

Deals 58 to 87 physical damage
deals 120.2 base physical damage per second
base duration is 1.00 second
modifiers to spell damage apply to skills damage over time effect
Costs 20% more life per Blood Charge
Deals 10% More Damage per Blood Charge (5x stacking)
Gain a blood charge if this skill hits enemies and none of them die
Loose a blood charge when an enemy dies while affected by this skill's debuff.

New Skill Gem reveal,
Corrupting Fever
spell, duration, physical
Cost: 78 life
Cooldown time: 1.00 sec
Cast time: instant.

Deals 7.8 base physical damage per second (Stacks 10 times *Corrupted Blood)
Base duration is 6.00 seconds
Base secondary duration is 1.00 seconds
Buff durationis refreshed after you spend a total of 26 life
Triggering this skill still requires paying its cost

We use Quill rain on Slayer with Overwhelm (8% base crit on quill rain's 5% +3% base) and Brutal Fervor to Overleech and go Cast on Crit using Frenzy Gem + Quill Rain to Trigger REAP (new gem) and CORRUPTING FEVER (new gem) *later we use Aesneth's Chant Unique Helmet to trigger Corrupting Fever without using a link.

Duelist (Gets Lifetap at lvl.8 (Needed for Frenzy), Vitality at lvl.10 for leveling with Lifetap (not used at endgame only leveling) - early no mana issues is good qol saver, Corrupting Fever at lvl.16 *Complete act2 Intruders in Black quest in Chamber of Sins to get Corrupted Blood quickly that's first thing i do in act2, Maybe Yeena sells him Cruelty support in act2 but prob not, we get Reap lvl.28 at Library and Cruelty at Library too.)

Normal Overwhelm
Cruel Lab. Brutal Fervor
Merciless Lab. Masterful Form
Uber Lab. Headsman

We have Stack More Multiplier on Single Target with 5 Blood Charges/5 Frenzy Charges/5 Endurance Charges maybe Power Charges to cap crit but idk and we stack Corrupted Blood up to 10 stacks. We stack lots of More Multiplier and Blood stacks for Insane DPS, and hit 20 ias atks per second.

At Level 100. We have
100% hit rate/accuracy.
100% crit rate *When we pop flasks.
We also have 8k Life. (This makes the build kinda expensive More Life = $$$)
*on the bright side the weapon is only a quill rain.

*You have a choice to use Cruelty support for More Damage or Power Charges to Cap Crit.

Things to note. REAP is a looks amazing both for Single Target (stacking Multipliers) and AOE for clear (look at vids on utube on how it looks). We hit so fast that we proc lots of AOE Scythes for clear and stack multipliers too on bosses. And we're Slayer too to add that extra Blood/overleech.

Also note. That REAP inherits the buff from Corrupting Fever so all Reap's hits inflict a AOE stack of Corrupted Blood per proc/trigger. I think i can get 20+ ias atks per second with quill rain + frenzy. that would give us 10 stacks of Corrupted Blood and 50% More Multiplier (it's only 20% More due to using Quill rain's less) in addition to 3 more support gems (the new Cruelty support looks nice) in 1 second. 20 ias.

We'll use Berek's grip unique ring to get 1% spell leech on shocked enemies. So we can take advantage of Overleech/VaalPact on slayer with Reap leeching life. We shock simply by criting and berek's grip automatically grants you added lightning damage on both hit and spell so we shock alot keeping leech uptime 100%.

Main damage will be them 10 stacks of Corrupted Blood DoT, applying 10 stacks in 1 second (with a 1 second CD on Corrupting Fever.) REAP is for the AoE and Leech not really a damage source since it's capped at 5 stacks (Blood Charges.) Quill rain actually leeches 3k life a second (overleech) since it gets decent amount of elemental damage (Hyrri's Demise quiver) and generic leech (Berek's grip ring) we also use Reap to leech which has higher base damage. And i like how Reap looks as a clear skill, it's similar to Reave but hits at an angle which gives it more coverage. It's like a Ranged Sweep.

In the PoB im working on i invested heavily into Attack Speed to get it to 20 ias, but i may lower that for Physical Damage Over Time Multiplier in Medium Clusters, to increase Corrupting Blood Damage (although each stack is a multiplier in and of itself, just so you know why i put so much to cap it at 20 ias.)

Also why have anything ias over 10+ it's because how CoC works. Your chance to crit lowers the consistency on the proc averaging higher proc rate with higher attack speeds until we proc optimally, like in this build. hence 20+ ias.

This is currently just theory crafting. I will post a Pastebin when PoB Community gets gem updates next week. Thank you. Happy gaming!
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I think corrupting fever is a buff similar to blood rage, read the skill gems side by side and let me know your thoughts. I don't think your going to want to CoC it. Maybe reap and exanguinate as CoC instead?
Setup isn't optimal it's a QoL saver. You loose a gem socket but you dont have to manually click the buff to trigger the Corrupting Blood buff on Reap. It has 100% uptime instead of manually clicking. That's why i put it in the CoC setup. It's up to you how you want to play. But if im trying to push dps numbers, i'd take it out of the CoC so i can add another more multi gem to get the numbers higher when pob adds the gems later next week.

*That's until i can afford a Aesnath's Chant circlet with good ias rolls. That will trigger Corrupting fever automatically without a link.
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This is currently what the Effective Health Pool for Physical and Elemental Resist is for my pastebin. I'm waiting on PoB community gem updates before posting it on my thread. That will probably be 2-3 days after league launch.
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Where are you getting leech?
I like the theorycrafting because I want to make a fast-hitting Corrupting Fever build work too. But there are some massive holes here.

1) you won't be shocking most things. It'd be ridiculous to scale lightning damage at all, which means the damage from Berek's Grip will not hit the threshold beyond which a crit will shock. It's not the guarantee you're imagining--if a certain life threshold of the monster is not met by the lightning damage, even a crit will not actually apply shock.

2) corrupted fever wants to be in a separate setup completely. It needs links that multiply its DoT, and with a bow you have two 6Ls you can use. So use one for corrupted fever damage and the other for CoC. Use lifetap as a link in your CoC to make sure frenzy is refreshing your corrupted fever buff duration.

3) quivers have been nerfed for spellcasting (reap is a spell) so good luck even finding a quiver that works for this build.

I'm having trouble coming up with a sane build idea but I think a gladiator with a melee weapon and a shield (using cyclone cwc blade vortex for mapping and frenzy something something reap for bossing??) may end up faring better.
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I'm scrapping this idea. I got it to 250,000 damage on the Reap hit, and 60k on the Dot from corrupting blood (10 stacks), using PoB mods and you dont even get the Blood charges which wasnt in patch notes but is on the revealed lvl20 gems in the description, cant trigger reap for charges. I think im going to try spellslinger exsanguinate corrupting fever instead since there isn't enough damage for endgame for coc reap. which is a bummer.
Sry just saw your last msg :(
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I switched to Scion instead of Slayer and amp'd up the DPS and Effective Health Pool even furthur but no longer using Quill Rain and going CoC Reap with Cyclone.

link here in forums.
link here in forums.

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