3.13 Warcrying Champion Don Silava guides you to yelling

This was kind of a silly idea I had fun with and was proven to be a viable build. There is a notable Escalation in the skill tree, which gives us life recovery and increased damage each time we have used a warcry recently. We can generally use 7 to 8 warcries in the 4 seconds. In other words we yell a lot.

T16 map clear and the minimal effort showcase of the build

+ Good survivability
+ Decent damage with low investment
+ Versatile: Pairs well with a lot of skills and ascendancies
+ Good for party play if the party will tolerate all the yelling
+ No life or mana flask dependency

- Clear speed
- Some will hate the choppy way of running and yelling


Escalation: Each time we use a warcry we recover life and stack damage for a short while

Admonisher: Each time we use a warcry we're going to remove an ailment. The only ailment I've ever noticed is freeze, but that's because I can't yell it away like the others.

Mob Mentality: Each time we use a warcry we have a chance to gain either an Endurance, Frenzy or a Power charge. And since we are constantly shouting maxing them out was not hard.

Natural Authority: Enemies are debilitated for 1 second when we use a warcry. Since we are yelling all the time the uptime for this is always. And it's 20% less movement speed and 10% less damage.

Chainbreaker: Since I'm not the one attacking that much we can benefit from the rage bonuses and utilize Berserk for damage, survivability and movement speed.

Disciple of Kitava: Since we constantly generate bodies from Corpsewalker for the General's Cry we're going to proc the Corpsewalker damage increase with this keynode as well as recover constantly mana and life in large quantities. No map mod can take this away.

I chose Alira, but you can choose your own adventure. I'm not telling you what to do. I just wanted all of what she offered.


Easy Fortify that lasts long and is good for a party play

-9 to mana cost is going to nearly halve the mana cost of our shouts.

Gives us Chainbreaker, strenght on small nodes and luckily good mods on the notables nearby

Consumes corpses to proc damage bonus from Corpsewalker, and grants life and mana recovery

It almost never hurts to have added damage and a blind chance

Medium Cluster Jewels can have additional warcry benefits with Warning Call, Lead By Example, Mob Mentality and Cry Wolf. Everything else can to be chosen based on current needs.

We do not have much bonuses to the warcries in our gear besides increased warcry speed and General's Cry enchant:

If you need more warcry cooldown reduction you can apply it from the gear with belts, weapons and uniques.

The mirage warriors from General's Cry are going to be using our main hand weapon and can apply curses on hit:

They can also benefit from our flasks:

Equipping as many warcries as I did will require a lot of skill gem slots. You can alleviate this problem either by equipping Unset Rings or Shaper or Elder influenced items which can grant warcries:

Corpsewalker is going to create the corpses for the General's Cry and Disciple of Kitava:

While mapping I was using a belt which granted me curse immunity with rage:

Against Sirus I switched my belt for more damage:

And because I do not have freeze immunity and I can't yell it away I have to have it in the flasks:

The rest of my gear is quite common for Ritual league:

From all my warcries only General's Cry is properly linked:

I tried to support my mirage warriors and me with Vigilant Strike, but the proc chances are rare when you use Vigilant Strike few times in a fight. Some of the supports could have been probably better on the General's Cry itself:

My Cast When Damage Taken setup is linked to Berserk and Immortal Call with Increased Duration Support:

Berserk when procced provides us with a lot of damage, movement speed and survivability. Our Berserk buff lasts about +17 seconds thanks to Chainbreaker, Increased Mana Recovery rate and from the inherent slower loss of rage. And the Immortal Call is the perfect option for bad situations for us when we generate so much Endurance Charges. It procs so often I don't even always know if I was even close to death. Both of these skills could benefit from increased cooldown recovery rate from belt, but I opted for curse immunity instead.

The rest of my skill gems are unlinked:

I should probably mention if it is not obvious, but Pride and Dread Banner benefits from larger aura area. With Pride it is easier to keep the enemies in the area and keep the damage bonus maxed up. The Dread Banner will lower enemy accuracy and quite many ranged enemies can shoot from outside of the basic banner aura range.

The General's Cry is our main damage in this case, but that is not the only option. Shouting pairs well with a lot of skills you can use while actively shouting. What I mean is for a smooth gameplay you're going to need a skill that's going to deal damage while you are yelling. General's Cry mirage warriors are obviously a perfect choice for you can use a lot of different melee skills. But you do not have to use mirage warriors for the main damage, as you can use them for debuffs ass well. Other main damage options are Saviour, Death Aura, Righteous Fire and Herald of Thunder. There's not much time to cast spells or attack yourself if you are constantly shouting. Minions do not fully benefit from the shouting.

Sorry I do not have a proper damage calculations to give here, but Path of Building does not calculate the General's Cry damage correctly, nor for the excerted attacks. I could create a mod to a flask to factor this in, but I'm lazy for the specifics. I trust it is enough for my taste. I could just say what the POB says, but that would not be the truth.

The each warcry themselves also can have benefits for damage besides the excerted attacks:
* Infernal Cry covers enemies in Ash, making them weak against fire and making them explode on death
* Intimidating Cry intimidates enemies and gives you ability to overwhelm part of physical damage reduction
* Rallying Cry gives additional added attack damage
* Seismic Cry reduces enemy stun threshold

The warcries are going to help you with life recovery a lot. Don Silava has not needed a life flask at all since mapping started. Additionally taunted enemies are going to deal less damage and be slowed.

Each warcry can have their own addition to most of the defenses:
* Ancestral Cry grants a large flat amount of armour
* Enduring Cry gives additional defensive benefits to Endurance charges, Endurance charge generation and a large flat life regeneration.
* Infernal Cry covers enemies in Ash, slowing them
* Seismic Cry knocks back and interrupts enemies

Thank you exiles for your time. I hope this has been informative and encourages people to experiment with this.
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Cool beans! You might want to put some items linked from your character in the build itself and format it (:
I've revived my Gladiator Reave - stronger than ever with up to 600M DPS!
Kiss_Me_Quick wrote:
Cool beans! You might want to put some items linked from your character in the build itself and format it (:

Thanks! Appreciate the comment. You have motivated me to improve on the guide. I'm still trying to keep it minimal.

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