[3.13] Earthshatter Juggernaut - Blasts from league start to endgame - 20M+ dps tanky boi

Hello everyone, in this guide I will present you the build that I mainly used during the 3.13 league. This build was my league start, and is the main one I used for the endgame. This build is capable of a doing almost every content in the game, and is, in my opinion, worth giving a shot. :)

1 - Global presentation

1.1 Why this build ?

This build has many advantages, and can be used by players of many different levels in my opinion. As a new player, it is quite tanky and is forgiving while learning the game. As a veteran player, it can be scaled up to tens of millions of DPS. It can also be geared with cheap items first, and more expensive items later on.

Recap :

+ Tanky with good life regen
+ Lot of DPS
+ Screenwide AoE
+ League start viable

- Not the tankiest Jug build, doesn't face tank everything
- Not much chaos res
- Flasks must be managed correctly to get good DPS on bosses
- Lot of warcries used, not a one button build (but honestly not complicated)
- Some maps modifiers are not possible

1.2 Why earthshatter and juggernaut ?

Earthshatter is a spell that has a lot of AoE, cleaning mobs extremely fast. It provides good clear speed, high DPS against masses of monsters aswell as bossing. Juggernaut is an ascendency providing great tankyness and quality of life. It easily generates endurance charges, avoids stuns and many more.

1.3 Why two-handed axes ?

Many different weapons can be used for ES jugs, but the two handed axes are the ones scaling best with both critical strikes and impale, especially with the Fleshripper, but also offering us a great early mapping option with the Kitava's Feast, a great and not too expensive unique with nice regen.

1.4 What is this build capable of ?

To put a bit of context, I tried a different version of this build in late Harvest league (which was my first league). I played a bit during Heist, but not too much and without good understanding of the game. I really got involved in the game during Ritual league and played around 300 hours (lockdowns, you know). This build is the one I played the most, and I was able to accomplish every fight in the game except The Feared (mostly because of Uber Atziri tbh). This build is capable of bursting down most endgame bosses without problem. I think that with good skills you can do everything in the game with this build, even if you will not be the best build for everything, nothing is impossible with it (some maps modifiers asside lol).

1.5 How does earthshatter work ?

Earthshatter is a skill that can be described as a sequence of 3 different things :
1 - You smash the ground, dealing damage to ennemies around you in a star shape.
2 - Pikes appear at the end of your AoE (you can have up to a maximum of 3 consecutives slams' pikes, so 15 usually).
3 - Using a warcry or slam skill like Leap slam or Consecrated path on a pike area will cause it and the one it is linked with to explode, creating a chain reaction and dealing massive physical damage.

The idea of the build is to exert your attacks with warcry, smash your ennemies with earthshatter, exploding your pikes with warcries, which will exert your next attacks, and so on. The build can seem a little bit complicated at first glance as you have many active skills, but it is in fact quite simple to play. :)

2 - Skill gems, passive tree, bandits and pantheon

2.1 Path of building

You can find a great recap of what is said here in the PoB here : https://pastebin.com/yjYF5KZs .
There are 4 different trees, different gems setups and different gears shown, so check it out fully if you want to have all the information I've put in it. :)

If you don't know how to use Path of building, you can find more infos on this thread. :)

2.2 Passive tree

For the ascendency, I would advise you go in this order :

Unflinching > Undeniable > Unstoppable > Unbreakable

Ascendency details

Unflinching : Endurance charge generation and +1 to max charge, with this skill you will never have problem generating them !

Undeniable : Great accuracy boost, and some attack speed with accuracy... really good node so we have better DPS, and better survivability (attacking faster means you can get out of ennemies attacks faster).

Unstoppable : Move speed, cannot be stunned, cannot be slowed below your base value... that node may look like nothing, but it's incredible to play with it. It is a QoL concentrate, don't pass it.

Unbreakable : A lot of armour, damage reduction and regen. Great node, nothing fancy tho.

Unyielding might look good but does not grant a lot of DPS, as well as giving useless stats (stun duration is useless for us). Unreleting is a correct defensive node, but I don't see it being better than the other nodes.

Level 33 (35 skill points) : Tree

Level 57 (62 skill points) : Tree

Level 70 : Tree

Level 96 : Tree
You should place a Thread of Hope jewel with medium radius in the Jewel socket left of Golem's Blood and allocate Bravery, Versatile Stance, Titanic Impacts, Disciple of the Slaughter, Disciple of the Unyielding and Surveillance.

Jewels and cluster jewels are discussed at the end of the section.

2.2 Skill gems

All gems there are shown in order of importance for 6 links. If you cannot have 6 links you can play with 5 links and still do a lot, don't worry. :)
For 4 links, well, if you don't have 4 links.... use your jewellers and fusings lol

Under each skill is an explanation about the skills used, I would advise you check it so you can understand the choices better aswell as having ways of improving your set up !

Our main attack skill is Earthshatter :

Eartshatter > Fist of war > Pulverise > Fortify > Ruthless > Melee physical damage

Earthshatter details

Fist of war will greatly enance the damage of our attacks every 1.8 second, dealing massive bonus damage. Other skills are quite straightforward and will improve our physical damage. Fortify helps us getting defense layers, but can be swapped later on for an Impale support, improving our DPS.

Another source of damage and boost is Vaal Ancestral Warchief.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Multiple totem > Faster attack support > Leap slam

Ancestral Warchief details

Ancestral warchief has good DPS (especially for bossing) but also gives great damage boost, so remember to use it whenever you find a tougher ennemy ! We link it with leap slam to get use of the Faster attack support.
Later on, we want to have Shaper influenced gloves that support socketed skills with Faster attack support, so we can drop that support jewel for a Fortify support, and replace the Fortify support from our Earthshatter 6-link with Impale support.

We will use a 6-link aura set up :

> Flesh and stone > Blood and sand > Enlighten support > Dread banner > Precision

Aura details

Try to get a level 2 or 3 enlighten (level 4 is overkill tbh) and a precision as high as you can. Mine is level 2, so I can get ~70 mana left, which is what I think is the low limit considering our mana regen is only Alira's passive and leeching, and that sometimes you just want to spam totems and warcries before a boss appears, it's nice to not be too short on mana.

Our warcries are :

Enduring cry > Intmidating cry > Seismic cry > Second wind support

Warcries details

Enduring warcry is used both for detonating our pikes and healing (with that you can play without a life flask), intimidating cry exerts 3 attacks, doubling their damage. Seismic cry increases the damage of 6 next attacks. Second wind gives us one more charge (or 2 more with anomalous Second wind, which you should definitively get if you have the currencies) and will help us a lot not running out of cooldowns for blasting our pikes.
Our warcries are well improved wy our skill tree : they exert one more attack, heal 10% of our max HP and remove an ailment every time we use them. As we are shouting almost everytime, this helps us not worrying about having flasks for every ailment.
Try not to spam them too much and run out of CDs, but also try to be buffed by them as much as you can. It's a timing to find, but it's not too difficult trust me :)

We finally use a Cast When Damage Taken setup :

Cast when damage taken (level 16) > Molten shell (level 18)> Summon ice golem (level 16) > Increased duration support

CWDT details

The CWDT will trigger a Molten Shell tanking a lot for us when we get bursted. Linking it with Summon Ice Golem prevents from having to re-summon the golem every time it dies (and god knows it dies often lol). Increased duration support increases the duration of Molten Shell (who would have guessed ?).

2.3 Bandits

I chose to help Alira, which gives us elemental resistance, crit strike multiplier and mana regen. The mana regen is the only one we have so we do not have to worry about it when we are not leeching.

Killing all bandits to get +2 skill points is the other possible choice, if you do not mind the mana regen lacking (or if you find another way to sustain it).

2.4 Pantheon

I usually go with Soul of Solaris which is the best especially for bossing, but Soul of Lunaris can be nice too. Soul of the Brine King is useless for us, and Soul of Araakali isn't as good as Lunaris and Solaris for this build I think.

For minor gods, I usually go with the Soul of Shakari as we don't really have chaos resistance and poison can be quite deadly, and sometimes swap it to Soul of Yugul for some bosses (Uber Elder and Maven mostly).

2.5 Jewels and clusters

Cluster jewels can be used, they grant a descent increase in DPS but are expensive. I would advise you do not use them first, and rather focus on the clusterless tree first.
If you want to use clusters, the one I use are :
- A Large cluster jewel with Feed the fury, Graceful Execution and Martial Prowess. All of these are important, so you will need the three of them.
- A Medium cluster jewel with Pressure Points and Quick Getaway. I'd say you are more fexible here, you can also consider medium cluster jewels with Ancestral Guidance or totem buff boost, as they will increase your DPS for bossing quite a lot and can be cheaper. I only use one, but you can use two if you want (check the PoB for the adapted skill tree).

A good Watcher's Eye is recommanded, the one I went with is a 12% chance to deal double damage while affected by Pride. Mine also gives flasks charges when criting while being affected by precision, but honestly it's not useful, we don't have enough attack speed for it to give enough flask charges. If you want you can try to get another Pride buff on it, but it will be expensive and may not make much of a difference depending on the modifier, so be careful !

For your basic jewel I would adive you look for this stats :
- % max life
- any %crit multiplier/chance that goes with your gear (melee, axe, two handed weapon...)
- attack speed with axes
- increased damage in any form that works for you (melee, with axe, two handed weapons, etc).

Having a Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted to you jewel is also nice if you can, especially if you plan on killing Sirus.

3 - Gear

I will first show uniques that I find useful for this build, and then my gear and/or the gear I find optimum for this build. Uniques are a great way to first get your build going as they give the same stats (rolls appart), and can be a good starting point to get geared up. :)

3.1 Uniques to keep

These are some cheap uniques you can get and that you will keep until the end of the league, so I'd advise you try to get some quickly !

Abyssus is a great helmet, giving a HUGE amount of DPS. The increased physical damage can be almost neglected due to our great amount of physical reduction and the way PoE calculates damage taken.

Carnage Heart is a fantastic amulet, which gives us everything we want : lot of every attributes, elemental res in all elements, damage and leech. Allocate Feller of Foes on it, and you will have your perfect amulet.

3.2 Cool uniques for early maps

Kitava's Feast is a great weapon, that has almost everything you want : lot of damage and sustain. It is not too expensive, and you can get a 5 link for not too much, so try to get that until you have enough currencies to swap for a well rolled Fleshripper, but keep in mind that you will need a lot of currencies before a fleshripper outclasses your Kitava's Feast !

Gifts from above is a great ring to inprove your damage. It is not the best item, but if you can generate consecrated ground with either a sulfur flask or consecrated path it can be a cheap and nice option to consider !

3.3 Other gear

I will list stats needed on items here, they are in order of importance. :)


Gloves details

You want a Spiked gloves base for the damage, and you should try to get :
- Max life
- Resistances
- Phys damage on attacks
- Attack speed

Armour and other stats can be OK, but are not the one you want to prioritize. Also, you should REALLY consider having Shaper influenced gloves with Faster attacks supports for two reasons :
- 5 link setup in your gloves, so you can swap Fortify there and get Impale support on your Earthshatter ;
- You need 111 dexterity in order to have a lvl 20 faster attacks, which you may not have depending on your gear, while your gloves can give you up to a lvl 20 gem for "free".

Buying these gloves isn't that expensive, mine cost me 30 chaos and have almost everything I want !

Body armour

Body armour details

You want an Astral plate, for the 12% elemental res. Many different ones can be considered endgame, and two main setups emerged for me :
- the Shaper/Hunter influence with lot of life, res and +#% crit strike chance to attacks. I would say this is the tankiest one, and the one I prefer honestly. The Hunter influenced one can also have the +1 to max curse modifier that can be really great. (The one shown above is the one I crafted and appeared to be the best one I found).
- the double influenced explody chest, which will either not grant as many HP and not allow additional curse. I personnaly did not enjoy this one as much as I thought I would, but it's nice to not get OSed by these porcupines lol (the one I used is shown below).

On this item, look for :
- Max life
- % max life
- Elemental resistances
- +% crit chance to attacks
- +1 max curse


Rings details

As I just talked about curses I thought it would be best to talk about the rings right know. The most important one is the vulnerability ring, which is a huuuuuge improve in DPS. The base can be quite what you need : two-stone, one element res, iron or steel ring, diamond... mine is a Vermilion ring, which is more expensive but helps having a good amount of HP.

Look for :
- Vulnerability on hit (32% increased effect is best but 20% is ok :) )
- Max life
- Physical damage on attacks
- Attack speed
- Critical strike chance/multiplier
- Elemental resistances

The second ring is either a similar one without the curse on hit, or if you have a body armour with the +1 curse modifier you can try to get a shaper influenced ring with the Trigger level 8/12 mark of the Assassin modifier. It is some fancy late game improvement but can help greatly for bossing. Otherwise, just look for a ring with similar modifiers as the first one.


Boots details

These are the ones I crafted too, and imo they are almost perfectly what I am looking for :
- Max life
- Res
- Move speed

You can get fancy influenced ones that can be of course better, but try just to get correct armour boots with a lot of life, res and movement speed. Stacking resistances there will help you not worrying for having them elsewhere on you gear. You can also consider fire and cold/lightning two-toned boots for the implicit resistances, but they will be more expensive. :)


Belt details

Two possibilities again here : either you go with a Stygian Vise, if possibled influenced with some +% max life, or either you go for a Ryslatha's Coil. The first one can give you more HP and resistances, the second gives a lot of damage but can be more expensive and will not give you resistances.

A last option to consider is Arn's Anguish, which replaces your endurance charges with Brutal charges (each brutal charge gives 3% chance to deal triple damage). This one will drop your tankiness quite a lot but gives you a great DPS boost... I wasn't convinced but I think it's still a viable choice, you can try it if you want (and maybe it will get buffed, who knows !).

For a strygian vise, try to get :
- Max life
- Elemental resistances
- % max life


Weapon details

First, go with the Kitava's Feast, it can carry on a long time. When you can, switch to a good Fleshripper. Lot of physical stats are good on these weapons, so I cannot really give a list of modifiers. But basically try to get a good phys damage stat, with crit and attack speed modifiers.
Keep in mind a weapon like that can cost a lot, and not having a really good one will not always give you a lot of DPS boost compared to Kitava's Feast. :)


Flasks details

These are the flasks I am using, most of them are quite straight forward but these are the resaons I am using them :

Lion's roar : great DPS and amrour boost, cheap, get one as fast as you can because it's perfect for our build.

Diamond flask : improved crit chance, perfect for our scaling.

Quicksilver flask : zoom zoom, go fast. faster clean = more money, also helps you dodge some boss attacks. I usually change it for endgame boss fights (I give alternatives below).

Cinderswallow's urn : gives Onslaught and some nice regen on kill. It is quite expensive, especially with the good veiled modifier. Either go for a % life regen one or a % crit chance one (the most expensive), I personnaly prefer the first option as it is cheaper and adds defense to my char.

Bottled faith : gives % crit chance and generates some large consecrated ground. Best flask in the game for crit build by far, get one as soon as you can, but it's expensive.

Before having the cinderswallow I would advise you go for an Atziri's promise, which is an amazing and cheap flask giving chaos res and adds DPS.

For huge bosses, I would recommand you swap the quicksilver flask to an HP flask. My two favourites are Forbidden Taste and Blood of the Karui. I prefer the first one as it helps more when panic flasking, but the second one gives more regen, soooo, try them and make your choice. A more classic instant or bubbling life flask is also perfectly viable. :)

4 - Other information

4.1 Source of deaths

Many different mechanics in the game can be deadly, and you should be careful when playing about them. The main one that come to my mind are :
- Badly rolled maps : reflect phys are instant death, no regen can result in death by not having mana... be careful in maps with a lot of additional dmg modifiers too.
- Screencluter : legions, Valdo's rest harbinger, etc... all mechanics freezing your computer or spamming screen can lead to death, be careful about them.
- Over confidence : you will sometime feel that you can tank anything and then try to... usually ends up in stupid death, be careful. :)

4.2 Inspiration for the build

This build first emerged from a mix of two builds combined with personnal search and optimization, so if you are interested, my main influenced builds can be found here and here. :)

I will add other infos when I'll think about them. :)

5 - Conclusion

This guide should help you building your earthshatter jugg, and give you the keys in understanding what to look for ! Do not hesitate if you have questions, remarks or anything else. I will continue to add stuff to this post in the next days or when new info can be added. :)

This build was a lot of fun this league, and I hope this post can help people looking for a build to find a cool one to try !

Thank you for reading this far, and have fun :)
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Thanks for your build, might try it for league start 3.14
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