Game crash


I have a problem with all my character in standard league i can log on oriath but all the time i want go on my house or other regions (mine,act 1,labyrinthe,etc) my game crash .
That start today when i die on boss on map with prodige look
I play on Xbox one x
Last bumped on Apr 22, 2021, 3:19:36 PM

New : Today just can select character in standard league when i log to oriath game crash and i back xbox home
Can t start new character in standard game crash when i log first area and back xbox home
But my character on ritual is ok can play with

No one have get this prob ??

Someone on GGG can look ???

I don't know that it will help you at all, but there was a vaguely similar bug on PS5, which could be fixed by signing out of PSN and signing back in (on the console, not the game). Note that restarting the system did not accomplish this task. You had to go into the menu and choose "sign out".

I have no idea if signing out of your MS/XBox account (I don't know the right terminology for XBox) and then back in would help or not, but it can't hurt to try, right?

Ty for you reply

I sign out my gamertag to my xbox ,turnoff my xbox with 10 second press on/off buttom ,live my ethernet cable ,turn off my router and cut 5 Mins to electricity and i restart all and i have the same bug can t connect all my exiles on standard league


This will be fixed in the patch which will be released early next week.

Ok thanks for your help QQPQ and JEFF.

New patch but i have same bug can't log all my exiles or create new exile on standard league.
I try sign out, reboot xbox etc,i got same issue xbox crash and back xbOx home when i logging to oriath

Is there someone of GGG can work on my bug or it s to hard to work on your enterprise ??

That was 12 days can t play you are begenning to annoy me

Make your job OMG
Hello I got exactly the same problem as you. Does the problem get solved, and in this case did you find a solution?

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