eLLD Fighter List + Saturday 10th Event (4PM WET, 8AM PST, 11AM EST)

the community is really small right now so the open que is not the greatest spot.

If you make an eLLD character and want to challenge someone, post on this thread. This will give you a list of accounts to challenge and try your build

Open Profiles as well

Fighter Roster

you can also post to clarify to be removed from the list

Saturday 10th April
2v2 and 3v3 random teams
2hours of pvp
post the times that work for you (add your timezone) and we'll see what works
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I might have a hike on the 10th, but I'm trying to move it to another day. If that happens, then I'm pretty much available anytime though I'd prefer 12pm PST or later.
Can add me on there. Red_LLD (name subject to change based on character)
I'm free 7am-7pm Central US time
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I think my character's ready. Sign up ThuluMN for the roster list. I'll need to look into my schedule a bit, so I'll let others decide the time first.
Prefer 10am+ EST
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Hi, I would love to join (first time trying), I'm available all day on the 10th (8am to 3am CET). I haven't made my char yet but I've read the rules and already have a build in mind. Can I sign up as Dark?
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Post is updated with the time everyone :D

Thanks PT!
was fun to watch
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