[3.13] 250+ mil sDPS Cold Carrion Golem Summoner | League start to Mirror tier build guide |

Greetings Exiles!

This is the third league in a row that I have been trying to perfect my own summoner archetype and I've finally reached the point where I feel confident enough to create a build guide. This build has been through alot of trial and error through different Ascendancies, different jewel setups, changing skill gems and altering curse setups. The final product is a build that has close to unlimited damage potential which absolutely destroys any content in the game in an instant. This build guide will help us understand many indepth summoner mechanics and functions as a walkthrough taking us straight from level 1 in The Twilight Strand to onetapping the hardest content in the game with a mirror tier build.

Awakened level 9 Drox

Table of Content:

I. Introduction
II. Pros and Cons
III. Gameplay Footage and my PoB
IV. General Build Mechanics

For the Experienced Players:
V. Skill Point Allocations and other
VI. Skill Gems and Support Links
VII. Gearing and item acquisition
VIII. Jewel sockets and Clusters
IX. Flask Setup
X. Animate Guardian Guide and setup

For the Newer Players:
XI. Medium budget approach and intermediate mapping
XII. Low budget approach and early mapping build
XIII. From lvl 1 to Maps - Complete walkthrough
Coming Soon:
XIV. General mapping guide
XV. Currency farming strategies

I. Introduction

The premise of this build revolves around maximizing clearspeed and dps. We utilize a high movementspeed, a completely automated low interaction playstyle with maximum throughput. You basically press the same button combination of Flasks and Phaserun every 4 seconds while clearing everything. It's literally the Blade vortex build version of summoners and the fastest minion build I've ever played, both in terms of mapclear and bossing. The basics of the build is based around Ghazzy's pure spectre build and how to scale minions through converting pure physical damage to cold with the use of Triad grip gloves.

This build:
- Destroys 130% quantity The Feared invitation bosses in a second.
- Clears 100% delirius maps almost as fast as explodey builds.
- Evaporates all endgame bosses in less than a second.
- Can carry 5-way legion encounters for 100+ million exp/hour without disconnecting people or crashing the server.
- Can AFK alched Blighted maps.
- Semiafk Simulacrums and consistently get 5 - 6 tiles of loot.
- Full clears Legions

The list goes on.
It's also a very powerful league starter that can kill off A9 Sirus deathless on a budget with a single exalted Orb if you know the mechanics of the fight. The build starts off strong and the power scales exponentially as we acquire more gear which is a perfect build for someone who wants to dedicate alot of time to a single character capable of doing all content in the game.
All this power and clear speed comes with a serious consequence though:
This is not a very tanky build

Since we're not playing an aura stacker, we don't have accessability to 90% all res, 90% phys damage reduction, Max Block et.c. This build literally has zero defensive layers outside of normal resistance caps and an effective healthpool, which may sound daunting at first. This is however, solved through the nature of how the build plays, primarily through it's clearspeed and constant movement. In most cases, the clearspeed is so high that there's not much to get hit by at all. You can watch some of my gameplay footage to see what I mean, especially during 100% delirus content. I play like I'm immortal, and that's how you get around with this build.

With that in mind, I managed to hit level 100 this league by a simple combination of running semi-juiced beyond maps and offering 5-way carries. Very few builds could ever dream of hitting 100 running maps solo. However, you won't be leveling to 100 running 100% Delirium content. Deaths will occur in those maps from time to time. Even if the survivability looks low at first glance, it's less off a problem than one would think. I still run majority of content like Elevated Sextant 100% delirius map completely deathless on a 5 FPS potato PC most of the time.

As some historical figure once said:
"The best offense is a good defense"

This build vs Aurastacking Carrion Golem:

This type of minmaxed build specifically competes with the carrion golem aurastacking variation and borrows heavily from the cold conversion spectre scaling. The short answer to why you would play this instead of the Aura stacker is if you want to more heavily focus on clearing maps compared to afking Sirus storms and Shaper slams.

If you're like me and prefer to run maps, full clear Legion Monoliths, speedfarm 100% delirium content like regular maps, all while running a Golem build this variation is superior. It's still a very potent bosser once you get the gear going. But due to limited defenses this is not an attractive build for bossing early on when you're on a budget.

Who is this build for: This build is for people who want to main a minion build that's able to clear all content in the game at insane clearspeeds. It's for the rich guys who actually know how to farm the currency needed to get the build going. It's not for the people who're looking to build a tanky immortal build or those who have trouble farming currency. If you're looking for such a build, there's other budget approaches out there.
This is a tradeleague build and very badly suited for solo self found and hardcore approaches.

I've been a golem player for 4 leagues in a row now, always playing some variation of golems. I've played Legion, Harvest, Heist and Ritual League which has been the backbone experiences I needed to create this build. I have fond memories of playing my Ice Golem Elementalist following a build guide back in Legion. However, I was always bothered by how awful the clearspeed was. This was made extra aparrent by how ineffective melee golems in particular, were at breaking out legion monoliths. And the same still applies today, even to Carrion Golems.

If you ask any summoner streamer or high level Carrion golem player they will all tell you the same thing. Golem builds are not made for clearing, they're made for bossing. In no way are other pure golem builds bad at clearing maps. They're just okay in the end. It doesn't matter if you run a minmaxed 100 million dps Carrion golem aurastacker - Pure melee golem build clears maps at a mediocre pace.

For this reason I decided to include spectres into my build for the sole reason of exponentionally improving my clear speed which allows for the build to farm other content in the game besides bosses more efficiently. The cost of running all this obviously is the amount of links required which prohibits the us from getting additional defensive layers. I managed to create a glasscannon build that basically runs on the premise of killing things before they kill you. This is all done while running around like a headless chicken trying to avoid getting hit by telegraphed attacks on and on death-effects.


II. Pros and Cons


- Very strong league starter and extremely potent on a low budget.
- Incredibly fast mapper and bossfarmer. Can easily farm a Headhunter in 1-2 days.
- Clears all the content in the game besides deep delving which only very few specialized builds are able to do. Can delve upwards ~1000 without a problem though.
- Extremely strong bossing build that relies on killing before getting killed. If you get hit by a telegraphed oneshot ability like a Shaper slam you will taste sweet death though.
- Very flexible build. If you want to sacrifice damage for defenses you have that option. But you know what they say:
Go big or go home
- Able to AFK farm Blighted Maps and Simulacrums with some skill link and jewel changes.
- Excellent 5-way Legion carry. Even better than most selfcurse builds because you don't crash the server instance like those builds do.
- Easy button inputs. Just press all your flasks + Phase Run run. Use Dash and convocation when needed.
- Entirely automated build. Curses, Offerings and Debuffs are applied entirely through triggers. You don't have to cast a single ability. Just watch your positining.
- Easy debuff applier, all your ailments, curses and debuffs are applied around you as an aura thorugh blade vortex. Just run through everything to apply key debuffs.
- Heavy reliance on movespeed which makes dodging abilities and clearing smooth and easy.
- Unethical dps.

- Endless scaling, you're never done with the build.


- Not the tankiest build. Can't tank telegraphed oneshot attacks like Aurastackers can. Can survive most things though.
- No defensive layers outside of Resistances and EHP.
- Can be pricey during league start due to the price of primordial Jewels early on. The prices of these jewels taper off though.
- Alot of intermediate scaling is gated behind large clusterjewels which cost a couple of exalted orbs.
- This build has alot of chase items once you've finished the medium budget version like 8-link helmets, +2 trigger wands and +1 spectre chests. One of these items alone costs more than an entire medium version budget.
- Very hard to minmax, especially hitting the 160 Dex requirement and all resistances while keeping your EHP and damage modifiers high enough. It's a very finetuned build.
- Sometimes Zombies flop when running the hardest content in the game which can be annoying.
- Because debuffs are applied through autotriggered blade vortex you might have to be careful when applying debuffs to bosses as you have to get into melee.
- You want a headhunter for this build. No questions asked. It's not a requirement though.

Keep in mind also, that HH is almost entirely useless for bosses and just acts as a stat stick. DPS is so high that it doesn't really matter thoguh.

- Build is enabled heavily by Harvest crafting. Did play an elementalist variation of it in Heist though and it was still able to farm 100% delirium.
- Endless scaling, you're never done with the build.


III. Videos and my Path of Building

Mirror Tier Budget Videos:

Drox, Al Hezmin, Veritania, Baran and Sirus:

My build against all 4 conquerors and Sirus on awakening level 9. Really shows how disgusting the single target damage is when all minions focus the same target.

UAtziri, Elder, Chayula, Shaper, Cortex and The Feared Invitation:

Bosskilling compilation of all Maven witnesses required for doing the Feared ending with doing the invitation itself.

116% quantity The Feared Invitation:

T16 100% Delirius Burial Chamber:

Showcasing 100% delirius Fractured map farming as this build. This is done with max juice beyond watchstones and Elevated Sextants(Byeond8, Nemesis4, Breach3 and Hunted Traitors). Unfortunately my PC is very old and the performance during these maps are very bad so I got alot of framerate issues. Doesn't stop me from clearing the map fast though.

T15 Legion Farming:

Just showcasing T15 Legion Farming. This was one of my primary methods for farming currency at a rate of ~8-10 ex/hour earlier in the league. Wanted to show this because pure Golem builds are incapable of breaking legions and farming them.

Sirus Awakened level 9 Kill:

5-way Legion Farming

All 4 Shaper Guardian Maps:


Showing a realistic clip of how the gameplay looks chaining all 4 Shaper Guardian maps after one another.

The Formed:


Insta deleting 80% quantity The Formed Shaper guardians.

Monsterjuiced 100% Delirius Canyon:

Hardest maps you can do in ritual, mainly because of the performance issues. This is 100% canyon with BiS quad Elevated sextanted watchstones running maximum mob density Scarabs and prophecies with Alva.
Disclaimer: Almost unwatchable due to the lagg. A good PC would run this map much smoother.

Medium budget Videos (15 exalted):

Phoenix and Chimera:

Just a quick video showing how this build plays alched Shaper guardian maps and bosses. More than viable on a lower budget.

T16 Juiced Red Map:

Just a normal juiced T16 maps running 4 scarabs, sextants and a corrupted Caldera.

Legion and Canyon Farming:

Targeting Legions in Dunes and Harbingers in Valdos Rest was two of the best medium investment farming strategies during Ritual league. This video shows how the build runs both of these maps with additional juice added through scarabs, sextants and zana mods.

Low budget Videos (1.5 Exalted):

Low budget version vs Conquerors, Shaper and Elder:

A compilation of the low budget version of the build killing Baran, Veratinia, Elder and The Shaper.

Low budget version vs A9 Sirus:

Showcasing how an awakening level 9 Sirus fight looks running my build. In reality, you will never get to Sirus A9 with this bad gear.

Low budget version vs Phoenix and Constrictor:

Running the 1 ex budget version versus an alched Forge of the Phoenix and a juiced Atoll map occupied by an Elder Guardian.

Disclaimer Keep in mind that this budget version of the build is running 20/20 in all relevant skill and support gems for the Spectre and Carrion Golem links. These videos also show the Elementalist ascendency of the budget version.

My 3.13 PoB:

Path of Building Link:

If you don't have Path of Building community fork on your computer, download it here: https://pathofbuilding.community/

Beginner instructions to PoB:


IV. General Build Mechanics

Offensive capabilities, mechanics and scaling:

Single Target:
Primary scaling of the build is done with the Summon Carrion Golem skill gem. This is where the majority of our single target damage comes from. The #1 priority item that allows for this build to even function is the classic Ghazzy spectre helmet that allows us to 8 link the golems on a medium ticket budget. With higher budgets the helm even allows us to 9 or even 10 link the golems. However, we can still run less powerful helms for lower the budget approaches.

AoE Clearing:
Secondary scaling is done through the use of Syndicate Operative spectres linked in a 6-link classic spectre chest. Their primary role is to offscreen everything on the screen that your golems can't reach. Keep in mind that Syndicate operatives have a shotgun mechanic applied to their triggered spell which allows for Greater Multipile Projectile style support gems to to ensure that targets consistently are hit by additional projectiles. This means that the spectres alone also do an insane amounts of single target damage when positioned correctly. Truth is, I could entirely remove the Carrion Golems from my build and I wouldn't notice much difference while mapping. The spectres alone are able of killing bosses of at a respectable rate.

Here we see a single spectre kill Minotaur alone.

It has come to my knowledge that different content creators have vastly different opinions on whether the Syndicate operatives shotgun or not. GGGs official statement has been that projectile type attacks are NOT supposed to be able to shotgun. But after doing testing on these spectres it seems like they ignore this general design philosophy.

It seems like half the spectre community seem to be under the impression that only a maximum of 3 projectiles (The 3 original triggered by Secret Police Dagger) are able to hit one target, meaning GMP style support gems effectively do nothing to increase our dps. Other content creators believe their testing shows that GMP does indeed shotgun which vastly increases our spectres damage. Here I will show you my testing to see what I've concluded.

My spectres rock a PoB dps of 7 million dps per spectre which which is extremely high. As a comparison, Ghazzy's pure spectre build from this league are currently doing 3.6 million dps per spectre (Unless I've butchered his PoB). To be fair though, he's running Feeding Frenzy on his spectres and much less Eye jewels than me. If he actually minmaxed the damage of his build his spectre dps would easily surpass mine.

You also have to keep in mind that the dps done by the Syndicate Operative spectres isn't reflected properly in PoB. The actual dps of the operatives is a product combination of how hard they hit, the trigger rate of their spell "Secret Police Dagger" and how many projectiles actually hit the enemy through the use of Greater Multipile Projectiles. For now, some who have tested the spectres seem to be in agreement that a maximum of 3 projectiles can hit the same target and this is based on the Secret Police Dagger spell which originally, fires 3 projectiles.

Basically it's a multiplication formula of Actual Dps = a*b*c
a = Average damage
b = trigger rate
c = Actual amount of projectiles hitting.

In my PoB my spectres have an average damage of 940k and a trigger rate of 7.5 projectiles per second. Awakened GMP provides their attacks with 5 additional projectiles which results in a total of 14 projectiles per attack.

The exact way their projectiles scale with multipile projectile support gems seem to follow a very weird pattern. It seems like the amount of projectiles is counted as:

#Projectiles = 2(1 + y) + (1 + y^0)
- Where Y = Additional projectiles from support gem

The formula seems weird but hear me out:
It seems like only 2 of the total 3 Secret police daggers fired by a syndicate operative can fully benefit from a support gem.
The third police dagger seems to cap out at 1 additional projectile, no matter which support gem we use.

As an example, if we use AGMP:
- 2 Projectiles get full benefit from the gem so they fire themself + 5 which gives us:
2(1 + (5)) = 12 projectiles
- The third projectile gets a benefit but caps out at one projectiles. The only way this is possible is if the amount of possible projectiles is raised by the power of 0.
(1 + 5^0) = 2
This gives us a total of 14 projectiles.

This seems to check out for all variations of support gems we choose to use.

No Support: 3 projectiles

Lesser Volley/LMP: 8 projectiles (Support gives 2 extra)

Greater Volley/GMP: 12 projectiles (Support gives 4 extra)

Awakened GMP: 14 projectiles (Support gives 5 extra).

In theory, this would mean that my Spectres deal:

DPS = a * b * c = 940 000 * 7.5 * C
Where C represents the number of projetiles hit. If we assume that a total of 3 projectiles hit the bos my spectres do a total of 21.2 million dps per spectre. This is under the assumption that 3 projectiles hit the target though. I do GMP actually does shotgun which allows us to hit a target with more than 3 Projectiles. But due to the spread of all 14 projectiles, only a few concentrated in a tight angle are actually able to hit the boss.

Other Minions:

We also run Zombies and a Stone golem in the build to provide our primary dps minions with Feeding Frenzy buffs, additional minions for our Carrion Golem multiplier and health regeneration. These minions and their damage is completely overshadowed by the spectres and the carrion golem but it's far from nothing. Our unlinked Stone Golem actually trucks an impressive 4.1 million dps and our Zombies deal 177k dps per Zombie totalling in 1.6 million dps.

Scaling Mechanics:
As mentioned earlier, the mandatory scaling is predominantly done through scaling Cold damage through the Hatred Aura skill gem combined with Triad Grips gloves. By combining these two items we effectively allow our minions to doubledip their damage by focusing on physical damage that. The physical damage is then converted into cold damage and which is further amplified by the Hatred Aura. Majority of the actual damage is scaled by introdcuing Hatred Aura effect into the build.

These gloves combined with the Bonechill support provided by Skitterbots, cluster jewels and several debuffs applied is what allows us to reach such outrageous DPS. In short, we scale the build with Cold Conversion predominantly and minion crit multipliers subsequently. Due to how powerful Power charge scaling for minions is I've been able to reach 84% crit chance on my Carrion Golems and 52% on the spectres. The build also manages to scrap together 150% more critical strike multiplier(30% base, 40% from Precise Commander, 30% from Vengeful Commander and 50% from Kingmaker).

Power Charge and Frenzy Charge generation:
Frenzy and Power charges are a key component to how we scale the damage of the build. I cannot stress the importance of charges enough for minion builds since minions get a 200% increase effect of Charges. That's why we always want to have charges up on our minions.

Standard pure golem builds usually use support spectres like Host Chieftain and Carnage Chieftains which provide an AoE charge buff to everyone around them every 8 sec while in combat (6 sec cooldown on the spell, 2 sec cast time). This is a pretty consistent source of consistently allowing 1-3 charges always be up on your minions while in combat.
Since we don't have room to run support spectres we instead use the Noteable Keystone Necromantic Aegis which allows for all our minions to benefit from our shield instead of us. This allows us to provide Power and Frenzy charges for our minions consistently at the cost of defenses.

Blade Vortex:
I jokingly called this a Blade Vortex build earlier and I wasn't lying entirely. This build utilizes Blade Vortex as our primary means to spread and apply debuffs on monsters in a completely automated fashion.
This is done by equipping a BV skillgem in our wand allowing it to automatically trigger whenever we cast another spell. The mechanics are simple:

When we cast Phase Run or Dash it will automatically trigger Blade Vortex putting it on a 3 second cooldown. Fortunately, Blade Vortex has a 5 second duration which allows us to permenantly have BV up around us. This causes BV to behave as a pseudo mini aura which applies everything we modify it with like Curses and Elemental Equilibrium. Having BV acting this way is a MASSIVE quality of life and damage amplifier to the build. This is what allows the playstyle to essentially just be a build that pianos flasks while running through monsters to apply debuffs.
The high budget and medium budget version of the build uses different links to BV due to access to "curse on hit" modifiers on gloves and rings later on. But the use of BV always remain a key component to the build due to the QOL it provides.

This is a Curse reliant build and we scale the build through the use of negative resistance applications done to our enemies. This is done through the use of 2 curses predominantly: Frostbite and Elemental Weakness.
In the beginning we can only afford 1 curse for the build, later on we start using 2 curses once we get access to a second one.
Alternate versions for even higher DPS may even utilize a third curse with the use of Shaper rings providing Assassin's Mark for obscene single target damage. All curses are applied automatically to monsters close to you through blade vortex.

Elemental Equilibrium:
Elemental Equilibrium is a keystone passive which causes all elemental damage you deal to reduce the resistance of an enemy by 50% based on which type of elemental he was struck by. Basically how it works:
If you hit an enemy with any type of Fire Damage -> Fire resistance is increased by 25% but Cold and Lightning resistance is decreased by -50%.

This is a massive damage multiplier and again, we utilize Blade Vortex to apply this debuff. This is done through the use of Ring Bench crafts.

By crafting Lightning and Fire damage to spells it causes our BV ability to deal those elements when it hits. This in turn allows us to apply negative 50% cold resistance to all enemies which exponentially increases our damage done.

Actual Bossing DPS:
Unfortunately the numbers stated by PoB aren't entirely true in my case.
My build utilizes alot of Eye Jewels that provide 8% attack speed if my minions have killed recently and I don't have desecrate in my link setup so against bosses that don't spawn adds, like Sirus, Flesh Offering won't be up at all.

This means that actual Sirus dps for the build is:
Carrion Golems - 65 million Sirus dps per golem.
Syndicate Operatives - 3.75 million PoB Sirus Dps per Spectre. If we assume that the spectres are able to hit with ~4 of their attacks per trigger that means our spectres deal 15 million per spectre.
Using 3 Carrion Golems and 5 spectres in the build this nets us a total dps of ~270 million with a huge variance based on how many projectiles actually are shotgunned. In reality the dps could be anything between 214 million (Only 1 projectiles per spectre hits the target) and an insane unrealistic number if all projectiles fired hit the target and Syndicate Operatives actually do properly shotgun.

Keep in mind that this also assumes the target is on Concecrated Ground, affected by all our BV debuffs, affected by Frost Bomb and Vaal Haste is active.

Defensive capabilities:

As mentioned previously in the build guide, this builds biggest weakness is it's defensive capabilities, or rather, it's lack thereoff. The build ignores defensive layers outside of the standard things you get when starting with the mapping endgame content. This however, doesn't mean that we're completely helpess like most other fast mappers are. You will still survive most hits in the game, just not the big telegraphed attacks designed to be dodged.

Primary Defenses:
Your primary source of defense basically is your life Pool and your maximum resistances. We always try to aim for ~4.5k health. The more you can get the better. I've personally found that 4.5k usually is enough to take one big hit and run away to regenerate it again. If you want to run more health in the build you got access to alot more lifenodes which sacrifices damage as you lose additional jewel sockets.

Resistances must always be capped at 75%, especially all three elemental resistances. Chaos resistance can be capped as an afterthought. It's nice to get but not as essential. I always cap out Chaos resistance later on in the league through items like rings/boots.


This build doesn't run any life flask. Instead we rely on the regeneration granted by a Stone Golem and the concecrated ground provided by Bottled Faith. This allows us to maintain ~1000 health regen. Nothing spectacular but enough to passively regenerate full health between random hits you take.
Unfortunately this limits us to only use 3 Carrion Golems in total.

Secondary Defenses:
Our secndary line basically consist of our flasks. Since we're literally running minimal amounts of Armour and Evasion in the build almost all our physical damage mitigation comes from our flasks. We run a Basalt Flask and a Granite flask with a ~100% increased armour modifier on one of the flasks. This allows us to reach ~70% physical damage mitigation when both flasks are up which certainly is more than nothing. This provides us with enough physical damage mitigation to tank most melee hits without dying. Your Healthpool will drop though and if you tank too many hits you will die.

Additional Defenses:
Our Animate Guardian provides us with Fortify which grants us an additional 20% damage mitigation. He also uses a Garb of The Ephemeral body armour which grants us Critical strike immunity.

This is one of those builds were Headhunter actually is one of our primary layers of defense. Due to the insane clearspeed we're able to consistently keep up enough Headhunter stacks to completely bypass our defensive weaknesses. When we juice up the map with enough Beyond map modifiers we essentially become immune to damage once the Headhunter stacks reach unreasonable amounts. This belt alone is what allows us to play 100% delirius content like it's normal red maps.
Alot of people like to argue that Headhunter is useless offensively for minion builds aswell which is a completely false statement. Headhunter actually gives a massive dps boost to our minions through the Auras it provides.

For bosses though... it's just a stat stick that provides some attributes and lifepoints.

Experimental Defensive Setup:


Glorious Vanity:
The best option I've found to boost our defensive layers includes the use of a Timeless Jewel in combination with methods that increase our maximum Chaos Resistance. Unfortunately, the Glorious Vanity Jewel used to provide us with +10% to maximum Chaos Resistance and its primary effect effectively granted us 5% maximum Elemental resistance. It doesn't sound alot but actually results in very high elemental damage mitigation.

Unfortunately the jewel has been nerfed down to +5% maximum Chaos Resistance. To boost our survivability considerbly we have the option to run this Timeless Jewel together with additional small cluster jewels.

The strategy specifically utilizes a Timeless Jewel which transforms the Noteable passive "Shaper" close to the center of our skill tree into "Cult of Chaos". Cult of Chaos is a timeless jewel noteable that gives us +1% additional chaos resistance.

We also swap one Eye jewel for a small cluster jewel with the noteable - "Born of Chaos" which provides +3% additional Chaos resistance.
Technically, if we get 2 of these small clusters the entire setup would allow us to reach 87% Chaos Resistance and 81.5% Fire/Lightning/Cold resistance.
This more than doubles our elemental damage mitigation.

The sacrifices for this setup is pretty obvious - We lose alot of Jewel slots to run this setup so alot of damage us lost. We also lose all of our Energy Shield which provides a massive Defensive boost when we start acquiring Headhunter stacks.

The Wiseoak:

To further increase our Elemental damage mitigation we can also use a Wise Oak flask. The flask is hard to use though as it requires a stupid amount of minmaxing. It requires you to have the exact same value in all of your resistances. If the requirements are met this flask provides you with 10% additional elemental damage mitigation which is very strong.

This does require us to sacrifice a flask though and in most cases we'll be removing our Adrenaline Flask(Movement speed) which severely reduces the mobility of the build. Eitherway, this is an option.

Since we're giving our minions our shield through the use of the Necromantic Aegis Keystone the build runs with 0% block chance. However, we can introduce some block to the build by using a Rumi's Concoction Granite flask combined with the Mistress of Sacrifice Ascendancy skillpoint. This allows us to run Boneoffering which grants both us and our minions with a big chunk of Block Chance. This setup alone grants us 40% Attack Block Chance and 30% Spell Block. Theoretically, we could go for Blancing Blows which would allow us to reach 75% Block cap and 60% chance to block spell damage without even wearing a shield.


This is Zoomer build. Obviously not as fast as a labrunner, but we try to squeeze in as much movement speed as possible into the build. This is done by using 2 flask slots entirely dedicated to movement speed, Phase Run, Vaal Haste and the Headhunter belt. For additional movement speed bonuses we also include a movement speed Lab enchant and the movement speed pantheon.

Our secondary movement ability, meaning our gap closer/generator is Dash combined linked to Second Wind Support.

All these skill gems and links are essentially Green which comes in handy due to our Triad Grip gloves requiring 4 green sockets.

Everything combined provides us with an incredibly fast build with ridiculous movement speed, especially when Headhunter stacks pile up.


V. Skill Point Allocations and Other

Skilltree and Point Allocation:

My skilltree:

I'm using a 83 points for the skilltree and 40 points for the clusters. This is running x2 12-point Large clusters and x4 4-point medium clusters. These are very high budget clusters jewels. We annoint Golem Commander on our amulet.

Skilltree with medium budget clusters:

In this skilltree we use 5 points for the large clusterjewels. This is a solution in case the minmaxed 12 pointers become too hard to obtain next league without access to harvest post a 3.13. This version would also obviously annoint Golem Commander.

Most important Skill allocations:

- Death Attunement
Pretty self explanitory. This passive point allows us to summon one additional spectre which is mandatory to the build.

- Golem Commander
This is also an extremely important passive skill point to get as it allows us to summon one additional Golem. We will be annointing this skill point on our Necks as mentioned earlier.

- Necromantic Aegis
This Keystone node allows our minions to equip our shield which provides Power and Frenzy charges to them. It's a massive dps boost and a large portion of our damage. Early on we'll be using Victario's Charity. Later on we'll swap to a high budget crafted minion shield.

- Elemental Equilibrium
The mechanics section goes more thorughougly through how this works in detail. In short it reduces enemies Cold Resistance by -50% which is a massive damage multiplier.

- Gravepact
Probably the biggest pure dps point we can get in our skilltree. Not gamebreaking, but a decent dps boost.

Indomitable Army
I find this point is necessary to keep your minions alive. Especially the Zombies. Allocating these passives provide some much needed elemental resistances to all your minions aswell as a big boost to their Healthpools. This might not be as needed for nonjuiced content but for Delirius content it's absolutely needed. Without Zombies drop like flies.
It's also a very much wanted defensive boost to your Animate Guardian to help push him close to the 90k health pool without a single link.

Remaining skill points:
The rest of the tree is basically an attempt to allocate as much lifepoints and Jewel sockets as possible. A massive part of the damage scaling is done through the stacking and combination of Primordial Jewels and Ghastly Eye Jewels. Early on we focus more on the cheaper Primordial Jewels and as we gear up we start equipping more high budget Eye Jewels instead.

Ascendancy, Bandits, Annointments and Pantheon:


#1: Commander of Darkness
This is the first point we allocate because it provides much needed Resistances and damage to the build. Also provides +30% to all elemental resistances to your minions which is mandatory to keep your things alive.

#2: Mindless Aggression
Simple point that provides some nice damage bonuses to the build and some minion life which helps with minion survivability.

#3: Unnatural Strength
This point provides +2 to all minion skill levels which is a massive boost. This means that it provides 2 additional levels to all skills with the "minion" tag. This includes skill gems like Flesh Offering, Minion Damage Support, Convocation et.c.
I can't stress enough how important additional skill level is to minion builds. It's basically a 10% more damage multiplier for each level and also provides alot of additional health to all your minions.

#4: Bone Barrier
This ascendancy points provide some much needed survivability and mitigation to the build. Especially for higher tier content.
This skill point gives us access to Bone Armour which basically is a free Steelskin Guard skill. Bone Armour applies a temporary buff to us for 4 seconds that absorbs 2200 damage which helps us surviving oneshots when we missplay. It also provides increased Health Regeneration and Reduced physical damage taken which is very much needed for the build.
The 20% more life multiplier is also a massive boost to minion health to make sure that they survive the hardest content in the game. I would never run Feared Invitations or 100% delirium content without this ascendancy allocated.

For lower tier which includes non-delirious maps and less rippy boss encounters I swap Bone Barrier for Mistress of Sacrifice. When you want to speed farm content where the additional survivability is not necessary this simply gives us more movement speed which helps us speedrun certain content faster. An example would be if you're interested in farming Harvests faster et.c.

Nothing special here, we simply kill all 3 bandits to recieve 2 additional skill points. This build craves skill points so we need to get every point possible.


For our Neck we want to annoint Golem Commander (Silver + Golden + Azure Oil)
For rings I believe we have two options.

Option1: 50% range for Scout Towers (Teal + Violet Oil)

Absolutely the best tower early game if you want to print some free currency in blighted maps. If you got both rings annointed with this you can almost run Blighted maps naked just spamming Scout Towers.

Option2: 50% increased range for Temporal Towers (Black + Sepia Oil)
This is my favorite tower for endgame. Believe it or not, when running 100% Delirius maps, the hardest encounters you will face are actually blight encounters. The density is insane and you will spawn incredible amounts of Beyond monsters. This also causes the game performance to be close to useless. Because of this, I prefer to try and get 2-3 temporal shield towers up as they slow down the movement speed of the blighted mobs alot which allows us to cope with the insane amount of mobs spawned.


Generally I always use one primary setup overall. might swap points potentially.

Major Pantheon:
- Soul of Lunaris: I use this 99.9% of the time. This point is the absolute best mapping pantheon as it provides much needed damage reductions and makes us immune to chained projectiles which is a huge dps boost.

- Soul of Solaris: If you want to, you can swap to this one when doing bosses like Sirus. Usually not needed though but can be an option early on in the league.

Minor Pantheons:
- Soul of Garukhan: This provides us with insignificant evasion and +6% movement speed. I usually use this Pantheon 99% of the time.
- Soul of Abberath: Swap to this if there's alot of burning grounds in the map that are annoying to you. Usually not an issue but can be dangerous if you're running -max resistance map mods.
- Soul of Shikkari: Provides some chaos damage mitigation and is generally a good pantheon against poisons. This is a good alternative if you don't care about +6% movement speed. To be completely honest, I haven't used this once the entire league and I don't know which monsters actually attacks us with poison damage besides Al Hezman.
- Soul of Yugul: Very useful pantheon. Combine it with Sibyl Laments Coral Ring and we can run elemental reflect map mods in case we mess up our map rolling or we want to run Uber Atziri.

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VI. Skillgems and Support Links

Gems and Links

This build is incredibly socket starved. Almost all our socket slots are used for offensive or mobility purposes. The only defensive link we use is basically one single socket reserved for our Stone Golem which grants us majority of our life regeneration.

Helmet - Carrion Golems for single target:
Our helmet is our primary dps item reserved for the centerpiece of the build, the Carrion Golems.

My Links:

Summon Carrion Golem - Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support - Awakened Elemental Damage with attacks Support - Awakened Multistrke Damage Support

- Summon Carrion Golem: We use the normal quality gem here. The alternate qualities don't provide too much value. Straight damage and life modifiers to our golems is enough. Extremely important to get a level 21 corrupted gem. It's one of your top early priorities.
- Awakened MPDS: This gem is extremely useful to the build as it provides the build with Intimidate which increases all damage done by the build by 10%. Yes, intimidation scales with cold conversion. Also, this is one of the best damage multipliers we can find.
- Awakened EDWAS: Simply one of the biggest damage multipliers we can find. Our minions deal 100% cold damage with their attacks so this is a straight 60% damage multiplier.
- Awakened Multistrike: Extremely expensive but a massive dps boost. This will usually be a later upgrade for the build due to its expensive price.

If you're on a budget:
Get a 21/0 Carrion Golem gem and the non awakened versions of the support gems.

Chest - Spectre setup for AoE clear:
This is our secondary damage link containing the syndicate operative spectres. In these links we juice up our spectres with as much dps as possible.

My Links:

Raise Spectre - Awakened Minion Damage - Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks - Awakened Vicious Projectiles - Awakened GMP - Divergent Hypothermia

- Raise Spectre: We use a normal Raise spectre gem here. The alternate qualities provide us close to nothing. It's either 20% increased hp(which is a pretty small amount) for the anomalous one or 20% increased movement speed on the original one. Doesn't matter in the end but you'll find that the alternate quality gems are super expensive to get level 21 off. Huge priority to get level 21 on this game. Extremely important.
- Awakened GMP: There's alot of debate regarding which multipile projectile support is the best, whether it be Awakened GMP, Greater Volley, LMP et.c. It's impossible to know. In the end we all know that Awakened GMP provides 5 additional projectiles so it's the best support gem. Personally, I always get this gem really early in the league because it's always very cheap then. The price of this gem skyrockets the longer the league progresses.
- Awakened Vicious Projectile: The biggest damage multipliers we can get for our spectres, 65% more damage.
- Awakened EDWT: One of the biggest damage multipliers, 60% more damage.
- Awakened Minion Damage: One of the biggest damage multipliers, 55% more damage.
- Divergent Hypothermia: The last support gem that we can use providing us with a big damage multiplier. This gem effectively gives 40% more cold damage to the build, which is alot less than the other awakened gems but by far the most consistent gem we can get. It also provides -4% cold resistance against Frozen targets which basically is a 4% damage buff for the entire build. (Rememeber to box in that enemies are frozen on PoB to see the dps increase from the quality)

If you're on a budget, get 21/0 Raise spectre and simply 20/20 of the non awakened versions of the gem.

Alternative support gems:

Anomalous Feeding Frenzy:
Some people prefer to use feeding frenzy for their spectres. I personally don't see why it's needed but it does feel pretty good. If you want to use feeding frenzy, swap out Hypothermia. We want Anomalous because it gives our spectres 1% life Leech which is alot.

Awakened Fork:
I've experimented some with Awakened Fork for better clear. When I run it I swap out Hypothermia. It's hard to say whether the clear is better or not, everything is oneshot eitherway. Causes your spectres projectiles to fork 2 additional times when they hit a target meaning the split twice. Adds alot of additional projectiles to if you want to run it.

Awakened Chain:
Same thing as with Fork. Hard to say how the effect is because we can't see the actual projectiles chaining. But the gem causes your spectre projectiles to chain 3 times which adds alot of clear speed. I actually did some experiment running GMP + Fork + Chain with the build. Basically oneshot Legions when you click on the monolith. You lose alot of pure damage running that setup though.

Damage on Full Life Support
A bigger damage multiplier than Hypothermia, but requires spectres to always be on full hp. Also, you miss out on the -4% cold resistance effect which is why I don't think it's worth it.

Weapon - Trigger setup:
The wand contains our primary method for spreading curses and other debuffs. A key component for this build to work is through the use of a crafted trigger wand which allows for all socketed skill gems to be casted automatically when we use Dahs or Phase Run.

My Links:

Vaal Bladevortex - Divergent Flesh Offering - Phantasmal Frost Bomb

- Vaal Bladevortex: We use the normal BV because it gives additional Area of effect to the skill. 20/23 gem is enough because the skill recieves +1 from a proper trigger wand which adds +1 additional weapon range compared to a basic level 20 BV. To get +2 range we need to get level 25 BV which is impossible for the build. Vaal BV is not necessary but it's a really good way of applying curses on range against dangerous bosses/packs. Sometimes, simply running headfirst into a boss or a pack to apply your debuffs is extremely dangerous. Vaal BV gives us the option to summon a massive BV that moves on its own towards your enemies applying all debuffs.
- Divergent Flesh Offering: Divergent Provides us with additional attack speed compared to the standard one. Just the superior choice.
- Phantasmal Frost Bomb: Phantasmal Frost Bomb provides us with 20% additional cooldown reduction on Frost Bomb which makes it more consistent to have up. Alternatively you can run with Anomalous that provides 20% bigger AoE on Frost Bomb. I personally prefer to automatically cast Frost Bomb more often so spawns on enemy packs more consistently.

If you're on a budget, say during early mapping or the campaign, we run an entirely different setup because we don't have access to the trigger to begin with.

Alternative Setup:

Alternatively we can run an entirely different setup here allowing for the build to utilize 3 curses in total. This provides the build with even more dps as we're able to include Assassin's mark into the build, either through our Animate Guardian or through a shaper ring.

The alternate version uses:
Vaal Bladevortex - Awakened Hextouch Support - Divergent Frostbite

Awakened Hextouch supplies us with +1 additional curse and a chance to apply hexes on hex immune targets. This gives us a total of 3 curses(1 baseline, 1 from Awakened Hextouch and 1 from our chest). This allows us to apply Frostbite as a skillgem, Elemental Weakness through glove corruption and Assassin's Mark level 12 from a Shaper ring.

The downsides are that you're no longer automatically casting Flesh Offering and/or Frost Bomb. We also have to make space for link slots which can be annoying. To make space for more links we move Feeding Frenzy to our spectres freeing one slot in our boots. If you're interested in this setup I would argue for running Frost Bomb for bosses and Flesh Offering for mapping. This requires gem swaps and hard casting abilities et.c. though which just is annoying. But it nets alot more pure dps.

Shield - Skitterbots + Convocation:
In our shield we simply link our Skitterbots with Bone Chill and Convocation. Keep in mind that Bonechill and Skitterbots absolutely have to be linked together.

My Links:

Divergent Summon Skitterbots - Anomalous Bonechill Support - Anomalous Convocation

- Divergent Skitterbots: We choose to use Divergent skitterbots as it ads 10% increased effect of the shock and chill provided by them. This basically translates into more damage compared to other skitterbot alternatives.
- Anomalous Bonechill: Anomalous Bonechill causes targets chilled by abilities linked by bonechill, meaning skitterbots, to have a 10% increased chill effect. This basically empowers to slow effect of your skitterbots slows. Appears to not increase damage according to PoB so only has an effect on the chill slow, not the chill effect.
- Anomalous Convoation: It's either this or normal convocation. Anomalous provides our minions with 40% additional movespeed which increases the mobility of our minions. Normal convocation gives 20% increased CDR which also is decent if you find yourself pressing Convocation alot.

Bonechill and Skitterbots Interaction:

Reading these two skills it's very hard to understand how they interact and how our damage actually is increased. I'll try to explain it as best I can.

Skitterbots provides us with two bots, one that shocks and one that chills.
These bots have an Aura around themselves which permenantly shocks and chills anyone close to both of them.

As you can see by the provided link, skitterbots have a baseline chill effect of 10% and a baseline shock effect of 15%.
These numbers are multiplied by our effect of chill and effect of shock which we can find on our skitterbots details description.

As you can see from the image I've provided it tells us that My personal skitterbots provide +107% chill effectiveness and +33% shock effectiveness. We simply use these numbers and multiply them with the base chill and shock of our skitterbots.

Effect of Shock = Baseline Shock Effect * Shock Effectiveness = 15 * 1.33 = 19.95 = 20% shock effect.
This translates into a straight up 20% damage multiplier to all enemies close to the shocking bot.

Effect of Chill = Baseline Chill * Chill effectiveness = 10 * 2.07 = 20.7 = 21% chill effect. Now this doesn't provide any damage buff alone. 21% chill effect basically means that all enemies close to the chilling bot has 21% reduced movement and attack speed.
The magic comes from our Bonechill support which reads:
"Enemies Chilled by Supported Skills have Cold Damage taken increased by Chill Effect.
Enemies in Chilling Areas from Supported Skills have Cold Damage taken increased by Chill Effect."

Our skitterbots has a chilling area around them caused by the aura they provide. Bonechill causes all enemies within this area to take additional cold damage based on the chill effect it provides. It provides 21% chill effect which translates into 21% additional damage taken.

Gloves - Mobility Setup:
All mobility abilities in the build are linked together in the gloves since they all hve green colors.

My Links:

Phase Run - Dash - Second Wind Support - Vaal Haste

- Dash: Our gapcloser/creater. Used to get out of dangerous AoE effects or away from enemies or to close the gap. I personally like to initiate combat by dashing into enemies and convocating my minions ontop of them. Dash triggers all our wand gemlinks aswell. I prefer to use standard Dash because of the reduced CDR so I can spam dash more often. Anomalous providing it with a larger dash range is also good. Phantasmal which provides dash with Phasing is good but not needed since we run Phase Run anyway.
- Phase Run: One of our primary mobility skills. Provides us with a massive movement speed buff and phasing. We basically want to press this ability off cooldown. It usually lines up extremely well with all our flashs. Basically, press all five flasks and phase run at the same time. We use the normal Phase Run as it provides increased movement speed as a quality bonus.
- Second Wind: We use standard second wind. It provides us with 1 additional charge for dash so you always have 2 charges. It also provides a 30% cooldown reduction for both Phase Run and Dash which allows us to spam both abilities to a higher degree. Alternativey, you can use Anomalous which gives +2 additional charges to Dash at the cost of 15% CDR. I find 2 charges is enough though.
- Vaal Haste: We don't use the Aura, only the actual Vaal Hase on use effect. This provides us with a "cooldown" of sorts. Vaal haste gives us and our minions 15% movement speed and 30% attack speed for 4 seconds. To reduce it's cooldown again, we need to kill monsters to gain charges. When doing juiced content this ability basically has a 90% uptime as the cooldown almost is instantly replenished once the effect wears off. I personally press this ability everytime I push my flasks and phase run.

How do you press all your abilities at the same time?
To be able to consistently press 7 buttons at the same time you need to bind your abilities efficiently and find solutions to press everything at the same time. If you're right handed, the most common solution is to bind your flasks from 1-5 and Phase Run on Space. Most people commonly use a move called "pianoing" where they basically slide their fingers across 5 -> 1 while pressing Space. Fortunately for me, I'm lefthanded which allows me to bind the numpad buttons the the right most side of the keyboard.

My personal solution to press 7 buttons confortably at the same time without damaging my wrist health like Pianoing used to do before utilizes an expired credit card and tape. I've basically cut out a credit card to fit buttons 1-6 on my Keyboard, attached it to the card ontop of all buttons which allows me to press all buttons simulatenously with a single click. Pretty ingenious if you ask me.

Boots - Aura + Zombies setup:
The boots have our Hatred Aura, Zombies and all associated support gems linked together.

My Links:

Hatred - Awakened Generosity Support - Raise Zombies - Anomalous Feeding Frenzy Support

- Hatred: One of our primary tools for scaling our damage. We use the normal version of Hatred which gives it a bigger AoE so it covers our minions better.
- Awakened Generosity Support: Causes hatred to grant a bigger buff to our minions, have a bigger AoE and also gives it 1 additional level. If you're poor, start of with normal generosity.
- Raise Zombies: Basically only there to buff up our Carrion Golems to 50% more damage. They're also linked to Feeding Frenzy. Having all 9 zombies linked to Feeding Frenzy allows up to have a 100% uptime on the buff. Use normal quality gem as it grants the zombies more health. These bastards will die at times so keep an eye on the zombie count. This is usually only a problem during 100% delirius content though. Most bosses flop instantly so they're not able to kill the zombies. They're actually tanky enough for normal content with their 31k health and elemental ress cap. Problem is that their HP is low, they got no regen and deal very low dps so they can't leech effectively.
- Anomalous Feeding Frenzy: Simply the best feeding frenzy as it gives linked minions some additional leech. Ususally very overpriced though and doesn't help zombies too much. Better used on spectres if you want to run FF on the Syndicate Operatives instead.

Ring1 - Animate Guardian:
This build requires additional sockets from Unset Rings. In here we put our Animate Guardian. By using a +3 Unset Ring we effectively are able to utilize a 1 link (+3 is the same as Empower lvl 4) AG which allows him to reach more than 90k health.

My Links:

Divergent Animate Guardian

- Divergent Animate Guardian: Our Animate Guardian will have an entirely own section. For the skillgem the priority is to get a level 21 animate guardian gem forthmost. If you got currency to spare, try to find a level 21/20 Divergent Animate Guardian. These gems are very rare and pretty expensive. Think I paid 10 exalted orbs for mine. The Divergent version adds 40% increased life to the guardian. This is one of the reason how I've managed to build a 90k animate guardian in an Unset Ring.

Ring2 - Summon Stone Golem:
Same thing as with the first ring, we use a +3 Unset Ring here aswell too boost the HP and regen from our Stone Golem as much as possible.

My Links:

Anomalous Summon Stone Golem

- Anomalous Summon Stone Golem: This alternate quality gives our stone golem 20% increased aura effect on its regen aura. Basically it translates into more Health regen. As with the Divergent Animate guardian, getting a 21/20 Anomalous Stone Golem is pretty expensive. If you don't have the money, settle with a 21/20 normal Stone Golem gem. If you're literally poor, a 20/20 normal one is enough.


VII. Gearing and Item Acquisition

Gear and Equipment:

My current Minmaxed Gear:

As I've mentioned earlier: This is a minmaxed version of the build. Getting to this point will require several mirrors.

[3.12] My Heist Gear:

The purpose of listing my Heist gear is to show how items for this build looked in a world where harvest crafting didn't exist.


The Helm is our most important equipment slot as it's what enables us to run both golems and spectres in the first place. Generally, this will be your first large item to go for once all Primordial Jewels are sorted.

Low budget:
When we start mapping we're simply looking for a very cheap starting helm. Any 4 linked helm with +3 to socketed minion gems, high life and some resistances is sufficient. Such a helm won't cost more than a couple of Chaos early on in the league and will last us until we get a big boy helm.

Medium budget:
Our second medium budget helm is actually going to be pretty expensive. These helms usually go for 15-25 exalted orbs early on in the league and remain this price throughout the league. The basic premise here is to obtain a 8 link helm as soon as possible. The stats you're looking for are:

+3 to minion gems
level 16-20 minion damage
level 16-20 Hypothermia
+3 crit chance to socketed spells

Usually these heads are crafted using Frigid fossils so you can often find them with some cold resistance aswell which is nice during league start.
Some helms also has an open prefix which allows us to benchcraft 70 life. These helms will always exist and getting one of them is a early priority for the build.

High budget:

Unfortunately, this type of helm will be extremely hard to obtain without Harvest crafting in the game. I personally metacrafted this helm back in Heist league. It was my league project basically and it cost me over 1100 exalted orbs. It was an extremely unpleasent experience and I won't do it again.
This helm basically provides us with an additional link resulting in a 9 link dps helm.

Baller budget:

We will probably never see a helm like this again. It was good while it lasted. In the end, a helm like this is complete overboard. But it's awesome.

Body Armour:

In our chest slot we're looking to link and power up our spectres as much as possible.

Hobo budget:
When you're poor, start of with a tabula or any 6link with some life and resistances if possible.

Medium Budget:
Skin of the Loyal. A very good early game item which helps us get +1 to our Spectres. This is very important to reach level 25 spectres asap for our fifth and final spectre.

High Budget:
A basic +1 Spectre Astral Plate with some life and resistances.
These chests are always available in the league for moderate prizes since beastsplitters always go ham.

Endgame budget:
Our endgame chest will be expensive when Harvest isn't around. We're looking for a +1 Raise Spectre and +1 Curse chest predominantly. We're also looking for High Life and High resistances.


Hobo budget:
During league start we're using a Clayshaper or a Cold Iron Point until. Doesn't really matter which one you use. Clayshaper gives us one additional golem while Cold Iron point gives +3 to Golem Levels. Generally, Cold Iron Point is a bigger damage boost overall.

Medium Budget:
+1 wand with trigger bench craft. You can probably find a wand for an exalted orb early league. If you can, try to get minion damage and attack speed aswell.

High Budget:
+2 Wand with trigger craft, high minion damage and medium-high attack speed.
These wands will still be available to us, even after the harvest nerfs. They usually cost ~20-30 exalted orbs

Baller budget:

A +2 Wand with 40% hatred aura effect, trigger, high damage and high minion attack speed. This wand actually was crafted by some crazy person during Heist League. How he managed to craft this wand without harvest is an absolute mystery to me.


Poor budget:
As soon as we hit level 51 we want to get our hands on a Victario's Charity. This shield provides our minions with 3 Power and 3 Frenzy charges almost all the time. Unfortunately we don't get Power Charges for bosses since those are only generated when your minions kill enemies. Eitherway, this shield is a massive early game item and usually costs 1 chaos orb. We'll be using this shield for a LONG time.

Medium budget:
You'll be finding a +2 minimum Frenzy Shield, a +2 minimum Power Charge shield, a woke orb and pray. Craft 8% cold -> Chaos damage on the result and replace your Victario's Charity.

Baller budget:

Basically a harvest exclusive item. I don't think we'll ever see shields like these again which is a shame. We'll be resorting to 'woke and praying which is a shame.


Low budget:
Fortunately our gloves are pretty cheap. You're looking for 4 socket green Triad Grips. People are usually pumping thee out on the market for 30 chaos early on which isn't too bad. Get one of them asap as it's build defining.
Make sure it's 4 green sockets, otherwise the gloves are unuseable.

High budget:
We're looking for 4 socket green Triad Grips that are corrupted with Elemental Weakness on hit. This gloves are usually pretty pricey and goes anywhere from 5-10 exalted orbs.


For boots we're basically looking for 4 things: +lvl to spectres, high life, movement speed and resistances.

Low budget:
Our low budget early league approach uses Bones of Ullr boots. These are usually 1 chaos boots that gives +1 to spectres, some life and movement speed.

Medium budget:
Medium budget boots are basically any high life boots with +1 to spectres. Either you get decent resistances on them and craft 24% additional movement speed or you get a base with decent movement speed and craft some resistances. This league I found a pair of boots with +1 spectre, 109 Life, 15% movement speed and an open suffix slot for 20 chaos. I used them all league until I crafted my current endgame boots.

High budget:
High budget boots will basically be medium budget boots with higher resistances and an open prefix slot so we can craft Freeze immunity. We want two-toned boots here.

Baller budget:
+2 Spectre, high life, high movement speed, high resistances and freeze immunity. Won't be harvest exclusive but will be extremely expensive to craft next leauge. We'll basically be forced to spam reforge keep suffixes after a succesfull maven orb until we get high life, high MS and an open prefix.


Low budget:
Our low budget approach utilizes a Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise and two low budget Ghastly Eye Jewels. This provides the build with alot of life and damage early on due to the 175% Jewel modifier on the belt.

For jewels we're looking for 25-35 life jewels with 20% additional minion damage if we've used a minion skill recently, 8% additional minion attack speed and any other last prefix, preferable a flat damage mod. I bought a ton of jewels like this for 15-50 chaos early on in the league.

Medium budget:
As a medium tier belt we can use a Torrent's Reclaimation. This is a very nice belt that gives alot of attack speed for our minons, passive movement speed and cooldown reduction for phaserun/dash. This belt feels really good to run and isn't very expensive. Unfortunately it provides no health or other attributes.

High budget:
We're using a Headhunter. We're even crafting the build specifically around using a headhunter. This build ultimately aims to get a headhunter as it's our primary defensive tool. It's also a large source of health to the build and grants us mandatory Dexterity and Strength. Balancing our attributes and Life pool is extremely hard on this build. The headhunter fits perfectly for this.
Unfortunately HH does nothing for us on bosses, but it's a godtier belt during actual mapping.

Optimal Belt discussion:

Lets talk about belts!

As a summoner the use of belt is always a common talking point and people have widely different opinions on which belt is the best minion belt.
The optimal belt suggestions usually boils down to three key options:

1. The Darkness Enthroned

2. Torrent's Reclaimation

3. Headhunter

These are all excellent belts, but the thing is, they're optmail for different situations. Lets look at what each belt provides us at face Value.

Darkness Enthroned:
If you're running Darkness Enthroned you'll be wanting two perfect Eye Jewels(Which are ~50 exalted Orbs each mind you).

This will give us:

1. 80 to life
2. 40% increased minion damage
3. 16% minion attack speed (Or 12% if want to focus on bossing).
4. 43 physical damage
5. 20% stun immunity if enchanted.

Multiplied by 1.75 from Darkness Enthroned we're talking:
140 to life, 70% minion damage, 28% attack speed, 75 flat physical damage and 35% stun immunity which is alot of good stuff.

Torrent's Reclaimation:

This is and has been the new thing for Summoners since Harvest and for a good reason. It's an amazing belt!
It provides us with:

20% Life Recovery which is amazing. Basically 20% more life regeneration.
20% cooldown recovery which also feels incredible. This alone will pull down the cooldown on your Phase Run and Dash by a large margin and you really feel the difference. It makes your build flow incredibly well and you feel super mobile.
And of course, it allows you to summon the Greater Harbigner of Time.
The greater harbinger of time will cast Slipstream on you which is a minor Aura around you that increases you and your minions Action speed by 20%. Action speed is completely broken because it's a MORE multiplier, not an increased multiplier.

What this basically means is that Slipstream buffs you and your minions attack speed and movement speed by a straight 20%.
This means that, if your minions deal 1 million dps they will straight out deal 1.2 million dps if they stand in slipstream instead.
Don't confuse this with modifiers like "20% INCREASED attack speed". These modifers will not give you a straight 20% attack speed increase, the wording is very missleading.

This means that the belt is a straight 20% dps upgrade to your build and it also provides you with a straight 20% increased movement speed.
The negative thing about this belt is that it requires your minions to stand in the Slipstream AoE and of course, that it provides no defensive stats or attributes. While mapping, the slipstream debuff can be kinda lackluster because your minions will rarely stand in the buff. You have to convocate them ontop of you. It's usually only when you stand still while waiting for a boss to spawn or something that where you get full value.

This image shows the radius of the Slipstream Aura. The small radius is the reason it's hard to keep your minions inside it consistently.

That being said, this is still an incredible belt and playing with it feels very good due to its consistency. I like to call it a "mini headhunter".


And now ofcourse, the Big Boy, The Headhunter Leather Belt.
This belt provides us with:

120 life
~50 strength
~50 Dexterity

Lets begin with the stats alone and how important they are.
If you look at my PoB you'll see that I've minmaxed my build alot. Losing 120 life isn't an option to me. That's 300 life in total, almost 7% of my builds entire effective health pool. I'm also at 164 Dexterity and I need 159 dexterity. I simply have no slots where I can get more dexterity apart from my belt and neck which provides me with everything I need. If I wanted more dexterity I would have to sacrifice suffix slots on either my rings or my boots, which means I would have to remove resistances, which would mean I wouldn't be capped in resistances any longer. Or I would lose 35% minion damage stats which I guess is fine. Another option would be to use 2 skill points for +30 dex nodes in the tree but that's a total waste. We need all skill points we can get.

The stats alone are super important on the Headhunter Belt.

Secondly, and the primary reason you wear a Headhunter is for the buffs you steal from rare monsters you've slain. This effect is hands down, the most broken mechanic in the game. Once you acquire your first headhunter it becomes a completely different game. For majority of builds, there's no bigger powerspike in the whole game.

Now the hot take - Headhunter is broken for minions too.
I've been in countless arguments with other summoners who just call Headhunter a stackstick and a useless belt that does nothing for any minion build. The reason people have these opinions is because all the buffs stolen by the belt are added to YOU, NOT your minions. Basically, some summoners seem to believe that the only thing you get from Headhunter is movement speed and some energy shield. But this opinion is wrong. Headhunter actually is a very strong belt for boosting our dps aswell, and let me tell you how: Auras

Headhunter actually provides us with a ton of different auras that affect our minions. These auras are also affected by the Increase Aura affect stat which proivdes more throughput. Lets take a look at the different auras we can obtain.

Offensive Auras:
- Speed Aura: Increases attack and cast speed by 35% and movement speed by 75%. This aura alone competes with Slipstream from Torrent's Reclaimation. It defintely gives a much bigger movement speed buff aswell.

- Accuracy and Crits Aura: 40% increased accuracy and 75% increased critical strike chance. The accuracy is whatever since our minions are already capped, but the 75% critical strike chance is a nice damage boost. 75% increased crit chance to my build adds up to 9% more criticals strike chance (It goes from 83% crit chance to 92%)

- Large Physical Damage Aura: Nearby enemies take 50% increased physical damage. Unfortunately we only do cold damage so this has no effect for us.

Defensive Auras:
- Resist Aura: 35% to all Elemental Resistances. Both we and our minions should be resist capped already so this has minimal impact. Only thing I can think of is if we're cursed by Elemental Weakness and don't have our Curse Immunity flask up. Then this actually help us.

- Life Regeneration Aura: Regenerates 1% life per second. Pretty lackluster. Gives some slight regen to AG and Zombies which is something atleast.

- Energy Shield Aura: Grants additional energy shield and increased energy shield recharge. It also grants a hidden effect - 30% of Maximum Life is added to Maximum Energy Shield.
This is a MASSIVE survivability boost for both you and your minions.

-Cannot Die Aura: Self explanatory. Yeah, this is a thing.

- Slow Aura: 25% reduced movement speed to nearby enemies. Never thought about this one to be honest but a decent addition.

All of these Auras apply to our minions which is why I'd aruge that Headhunter is vastly superior to any other belt we can equip, both offensively and defensively.

This does however have the predicament that we're going to be having a large uptime on the Auras. The juicier content you run, the higher uptime on all these auras essentially.

Other useful Headhunter buffs to us:
- Plated: 40% increased armor (stacks). Allows us to reach 90% phys damage mitigation pretty easily.
- Sanguine: 0.67% life regen (stacks). It's an okay addition.
- Shimmering: 100% increased maximum Energy Shield. Massive survivability boost. Together with the Energy Shield Aura which grants us a flat ~1.5k ES this is a major reason why our survivability skyrockets.
- Swift: 50% increased movement speed (stacks). Amazing, this is what makes HH builds run at 300 mph.
- Massive: 25% increased life (stacks). Self explanatory.
- Steadfast: Cannot be stunned. A nice addition if you don't have 10 stun enchants on your jewels yet.
- Of Endurance: 50% chance to gain an endurance charge on hit.
- Of Frenzy: 50% chance to gain an Frenzy charge on hit.
- Of Power: 50% chance to gain an Power charge on hit.
All charge modifiers basically allows us to permanently have 3 charges up at all times since we're always hitting things with our Blade Vortex which is great.

The Cons of Headhunter:
Put simply: No rare monsters to kill -> No Headhunter stacks.
If our maps lack density we get very few stacks and the belt feels underwhelming to a degree. For this reason, Headhunter loses power the lower level content you're doing. When running lower level content like non juiced maps, or just farming one thing with movement speed in non alchemy orbed maps et.c. Headhunter provides very little to the build.

And of course, Headhunter is nothing but a stackstick on bosses.

From my experience I feel like all three belt options have their specific niche. The Darkness Enhtroned is our best belt option if we want to focus on pure DPS and bossing. This offers an environment where mobility, movement speed in particular isn't as valuable. The Darkness enthroned also provides with a large chunk of life making it the ultimate minion belt for bossing.

Torrent's Reclaimation is an extremely consistent and wellrounded belt. Unlike Headhunter, you always have the 20% action speed and CDR additions compared to the Headhunter buffs which are more feast or famine. This belt also provides additional DPS against bosses unlike Headhunter. It provides no attributes or life though which makes it very hard to hit attribute requirements.
When doing lower level mapping without alot of Juice, Torrent's Reclaimation is by far the strongest belt option we have. This involves maps where Headhunter is unable to generate enough stacks to warrant using it.

Headhunter is the undisputed best belt for high end content and juiced maps. This includes anything where we try to push the mob count of the map up by utilizing items like Scarabs, beyond modifiers and delirium modifiers. Adding Zanas beyond modifier and juicy scarabs like Legion or Harbinger causes Headhunter to absolutely pop off overshadowing all other belt options.


The purpose of our Amulet Item slot is to provide Life, resistances, Dexterity and an annointment. With a higher budget we're looking for the same thing but with +2 to our skills added into the mix.

Low budget:
The lowbudget amulet is simply any rare Jade amulet with high life, high resistances and preferably some dexterity. When on a limited budget we Annoint Ravenous Horde instead of Golem Commander and just path to Golem Commander naturally.

Medium budget:
The medium tier amulets are basically the biproducts in the 'woke and pray graveyard. Here we're looking for +2 skill gem amulets with high dexterity. If possible, we want a free prefix slot to benhcraft Life or simply High life so we can craft some resistances.

High budget:
The high budget amulets are basicaly the same as the medium tier ones. The difference is we're using a neck with much higher health and resistances put into the mix.

Just like most harvest gear, items like these probably won't be craftable next league which is a shame.


The purpose of our ring slots are plentiful.
First of all we're looking for 2 Unset Rings to provide us with additional sockets so we can use an Animate Guardian and a Stone Golem. Secondly, they're there to provide us with life and resistances.
Thirdly, we want our rings to have +2 or +3 to socketed gems.
Fourth, we want our rings to provide us with additional curses on hit.
And lastly, one of our rings is supposed to have an open prefix slot so we can benchcraft lightning and Fire damage on it so we can procc Elemental Equilibrium.

Low budget:
The low budget approach to the rings are basic. Find unset rings with High life, some resistances and maybe attributes.

Medium budget:
The medium tier rings add +2 or even +3 to socketed gems. It's when we get one of these rings that we can start thinking about adding an Animate Guardian to tbe build. The medium tier rings will also have high life and resistances like previously.

High budget:
The high budget rings have everything above and more. We're talking additional curses and increased minion damage et.c. Unfortunately I don't think we'll see these type of rings outside of Harvest Crafting.


VIII. Jewelsockets and Clusters

Jewels and Clusters:

My personal Jewels:

My personal Cluster Jewels:

Jewel Enchants and Corruptions:
We want to Harvest enchant 10% stun resistance on almost all of our Jewels and Cluster Jewels. We want to have corrupted blood immunity on atleast one of our Jewels. For the rest of the Jewels we want to have 10% ignite immunity if possible. The build utilizes a total of 16 Jewels, 10 Jewel Sockets and 6 clusters. This theoretically allows us to obtain 100% stun Immunity, Corrupted blood immunity and 50% ignite immunity.

Primordial Jewels:
Since we're running a Golem build, Primordial Jewels are a central aspect in our build. My final version of the build uses 1 Anima Stone, 1 Primordial Might and 2 Primordial Emminences. These jewels are essential as they provide the build with two additional Golems.

In early stages of the build when we're not rich enough to acquire perfect Ghastly Eye Jewels we pump the build full of Other primordial jewels. Early on I like to go for x3 Emminences, x4 Harmonies, 1 Might and 1 Anima Stone. I also usually fit A Fortress Covenant and a quickening covenant early on aswell as one Unending Hunger. This adds up to a total of 12 Jewels. We're only ever going to have this many jewel slots during the league start. As the build progresses we start replacing the unique jewels for more valuable Eye Jewels and Medium Clusters. But we always keep our Anima Stone, Primordial Might and our two Emminences.


Ghastly Eye Jewels:

Ghastly Eye Jewels are a central damage scaling component of our build. The reason why we want to start removing the Golem Jewels from the build and replace them with Eye Jewels are for the following reasons:

1. These jewels affect both our Golems and our spectres. Primordial Jewels only affect our Golems.
2. The Eye Jewels provide alot of Life to our build and we're starving for EHP.
3. They literally provide more DPS than the primordial jewels, even for the golems.

We want to start replacing the Primordial Jewels pretty early on in the builds development, starting with Abyss Jewels that always contain ~20% additional minion damage, 6-8% minion attack speed and 30+ life. If you can get flat phys or elemental damage on the fourth affix for a cheap price, get it. Physical damage is by far the best fourth affix we can get since it double dips through our Hatred and Triad Grips cold conversion scaling.

Cluster Jewels:

This build recives a large part of its scaling from our cluster jewels, primarly throught he addition of increased Hatred scaling and additional critical strike scaling with Vicious Bite and Precise Commander.

Large Cluster Jewels:
For large clusters we have two different variants we can use. A medium budget one and a high budget one. The medium budget cluster consist of an 8-point large cluster with Renewal, Vicious Bite and Rotten Claws.

This allows us to allocate 5 points in total through the cluster due to its optimal pathing.

The high budget cluster for the minmaxed version uses 12 point cluster jewels that are Ilvl 84. These cluster jewels are also extremely annoying to craft and requires harvest crafting to get perfect. This large clusters are extremely efficient as they provide alot of damage to our minions aswell as additional life to bolster our EHP.

Medium Clusters:

For medium clusters, there's only one that were using. There's no high budget or low budget medium one. We're basically looking for a 4 or 5 point Aura Effect medium with Precise Commander and Vengeful Commander. These jewels aren't too expensive and are very easy to craft with Harvest Crafting.
Just bring your bases into your Harvest and whenever you get Reforge an item, add additional crit modifers - Put in the base and roll away. This is a very consistent way of crafting these jewels.

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IX. Flask Setup


My flasks:

-More info Coming-


X. Animate Guardian Guide and Setup

Animate Guardian Setup:

Lets talk about the Animate Guardian, a central piece to any high tier proper Summoner build. First of all, what is an Animate Guardian?

The Animate Guardian is a skill gem you acquire which allows you to Summon a minion equipped with the gear of your choice. To summon an Animate Guardian, you must first create one. This is done by using your Animate Guardian skill on an item that's lying on the ground. Once you've used the actual skill on an item, your AG has been created and you'll see a flying item circling around you. As you start equipping more items the you finally will see a minion fully decked in the gear you've given him.

The Animate Guardian can equip 5 items:
- Head
- Chestpiece
- Twohanded Weapon or 1-hand + Shield
- Pair of boots
- Pair of Gloves

His role in your minion army is to act as a buffer rather than a source of actual DPS. Our goal is to equip him with several Aura-like buffing items so amplify the damage of our minions. And there is several incredibly powerful items we have access to in the game that makes the Animate Guardian a central piece of all minion builds.

Before we start talking about what gear to use on him. Lets start of by discussing when to actually acquire one. A massive drawback with the animate guardian is that: When he dies - All gear on him is lost.

For that reason I would recommend a person to never start building an animate guardian unless you have a minimum of lvl 20/20 skill gem.
If you're gonna build a higher budget animate guardian, you will want to obtain a 21/20 skill gem. For the most expensive Animate Guardians you want a 21/20 Divergent Animate Guardian as the alternate quality of the Divergent version adds 40% increased life to him. The goal is to make your AG as beefy as possible by capping his resistances and buffing up his healthpool through levels.

How do we make our Animate Guardian close to immortal?
By raising his levels, acquiring increased life nodes in our tree and lastly, by giving him a ton of % life regeneration.

Alot of people choose to use gemlinks for their Animate Guardian but I don't find it necessary. My Animate Guardian skill gem resides unlinked in one of my Unset Rings. The trick is to make sure you have access to a +3 to level of socketed gems ring.

By having such a ring my Animate Guardian reaches level 29 (21 from gem, +2 from ascendency, +2 from wand, +1 from Neck and +3 from Ring)
That leaves me with an Animate Guardian that has 89 000 health which makes him borderline unkillable.

The only place where our Animate Guardian actually is at risk would be in very deep delves where the mobs oneshot everything in the game.

As mentioned earlier, life regeneration is also one of the AGs primary defenses. Since minions have such large healthpools % of life regeneration mechanics are extremely strong on them. In the case of my Animate Guardian who has close to 90 000 health, 1% life regeneration translates into 900 life per second. Our goal here is gear up our guardian whith as much % of life regeneration as possible making him outregen all damage in the game.

The animate guardian has 40% base elemental resistances and 20% base Chaos Resistance. That means that we need 35% Fire/Cold/Lightning and 55% Chaos Resistance to cap out our AG. Running my build, the AG also recieves 23% Elemental Resistance from our skill tree and 30% elemental from our Necromancer Ascendency which actually makes him overcapped at 93% elemental resistance. The only reason we get additional resistance from boots/gloves is for the rare occurances where our AG runs out of range from our Auras and don't get affected by the Necromancer ascendency.

Animate Guardian Gear
Lets talk about the gear and our options for the Animate Guardian. I'll start by showing the type of items I use on my guardian.

My Gear:

(Disclaimer: I can't actually link my AG's ACTUAL gear so I've decided to look up items on PoE trade that I would shop and fix with before equipping it to my Animate Guardian)


Eye of Malice:
I'm using this helm for the effect of increasing nearby enemies Cold and Fire resistance by 50%. The helm also gives ~35% cold and Fire resistance which is nice for easily capping resistances on the Guardian.
When you get this helm, make sure to try and buy one corrupted with % health regeneration per second.


Kingmaker is handsdown the best weapon an Animate Guardian can use for any build. It provides +50% critical strike multiplier which is a huge dps boost and culling strike. It also provides a fortify aura around the Guardian.
Garb also gives our Guardian curse immunity which prevents him from being affected by Elemental Weakness casted by certain mobs.

Body Armour:

Garb of the Ephemeral:
The Garb provides critical strike immunity which is a massive survivability boost. It also grants an aura that prevents your movement speed from going below your base speed which basically makes slows like Chilling Patches, Hinder, Temporal Chains Curse etc. to not be as obnoxious.
When getting this chest, make sure to look for one with an implicit that gives ~1% extra life regeneration.


Rare Warlord Boots with Lab Enchant:
For the boots we're looking for Warlord boots as they can roll 1.5% life regeneration. We also want the boots to grant Lightning Resistance and Chaos resistance if possible. Finally we're looking to get the lab enchant that provides 2% additional life regeneration if hit recently (These boots don't have the enchant). If you have room for more mods, Life and movement speed are also very good.


Rare gloves with Chaos and Lightning Resistances
The gloves are only there to grant the AG as much Chaos Resistance as possible and maybe some additional Life and Lightning Resistance.

Lets talk about the motivation for my gear:
Using my gear my Animate guardian has 6.5% health regen per second which translates to ~5850 life/second. We're also running a Bottled Faith which grants us a huge Consecrated Effect. We're literally spamming this flask so our minions are usually standing within its affect. Consecrated effect also grants allies who stand within it 6% additional Life regeneration. That means our Guardian has a whopping 12.5% life regeneration per second which absolutely is enough to always keep him top up majority of the time.
While standing in the Bottled Faith pool my AG regenerates 11 250 health/second.

Eye of Malice - What's that?:
This might be one of the most overlooked and broken items we can use on our animate guardian, and it's a 1 chaos item. Lets compare it to its rivals:

Usually, summoner builds are looking at 2 different helms for their animate guardian. They either are oogling:

Defensive Helm - Mask of the Stiched Demon:

To make use of this helm we need a source of Energy Shield for our Guardian. This is usually obtained by using a rare chest with an open prefix, most often with the "Nearby Enemies are Blinded" modifer. Onto this armour you bench craft 10% of life gained as extra Energy shield. The Result is that our AG would get 90 000 * 0.10 = 9000 energy shield of which this helm would grant 9000/500 = 18% life regeneration per second which is insane for survivability. I'd argue that it's overkill though. I haven't lost my AG a single time this league playing this build and I run the absolute hardest content you can in this game.

Offensive Helm - -12% cold resistance Redeemer Helm:

Keep in mind that this is a DOUBLE maven orbed and awakened helm which allows the AG to reduce cold resistance by 12% and make nearby enemies take 6% increased elemental damage. This would be a ridiculous investment for an AG, just getting those two mods would on average cost ~40 exalted orbs.

That being said, this type of helm is traditionally the helm most summoners go for when trying to scale damage. Thing is, this helm is extremely expensive and gets completely blown out of the water by the helm I'm using, the Eye of Malice.

Eye of Malice:
So how does this helm work?
The primary modifier we're abusing here reads "Nearby enemies have 50% increased fire and cold resistances". Now, what does this mean?
At face value this sounds horrible, it actually looks like we're increasing monsters cold resistance which is the opposite of what we want.
This is where all of our reduced cold resistance scaling kicks in - All of our curses and debuffs stacked reduce all targets Cold resistance below negative values. This is further amplified by the Eye of Malice helmet.

Lets look at the numbers involved:

Frostbite: Lvl 21 Frostbite reduces enemies cold resistance by 45%
Elemental Weakness: Elemental weakness on attack with 48% increased effect reduces enemies cold resistance by 20 * 1.48 = 29.6 cold resistance.
Elemental Equilibrium: EE reduces cold resistance by 50%
Frost Bomb: Frost Bomb applies Cold exposure which reduces cold resistance by 25%
Divergent Hypothermia: This alternate gem reduces the cold resistance of Frozen targets by 4%

Summarized, our build has a total of -154 cold resistance reduction to all enemies. Now, how does Eye of malice play its part?

It increases the cold resistance of all nearby targets by 50%, but since their cold resistance always will be negative, this further amplifies the cold resistance of the enemy.

A monster with 0% cold resistance would end up with:
Cold Resistance = 0(Monster Cold resistance) -154(Our curses and debuffs) * 1.5 (Eye of Malice aura effect) = -231% cold resistance.

This is a 231% more damage multplier for all cold builds!

The Eye of Malice alone provides our build with -77% reduced cold resistance. Compare that to the Redeemer helm which only grants -12%.
Worst case scenario are mobs that have Cold Resistance built into their design. Lets take a monster that's capped on cold resistance and see how much our Eye of Malice provides.

Final Cold resistance = 75% - 154% * 1.5 = -118,5% cold resistance.
Our curses and debuffs puts the enemy at -79% cold resistance. That means that our Eye of Malice is providing 118,5 - 79 = 39,5% reduction. Still way stronger than a Redemption Helm.

As a final argument I'll show how much dps this helm provides for my build.
I usually put the damage boosting effects of my Animate Guardian on my flasks so I can turn them on or off. In this case I have the 50% crit multiplier from Kingmaker on my Bottled Faith and The Eye of Malice effect on one of my othe flasks.

This displays DPS without Eye of Malcie equipped:

This displays DPS with Eye of Malcie equipped:

This helm provides a whopping 30.9 million dps per golem increase for my build. That's 93 million dps from one single item if you account for all 3 golems, and this doesn't even account for the spectres. One single item provides more dps to my build than another persons entire minmaxed build. It's ridiculous.

Alternative Body Armour:

Alternatively we can choose to use a Gruthkul's Pelt body armour on our Animate Guardian if we want to take a safer route. We still maintain the massive dps boost Eye of Malice provide but we're no longer crit immune and slowing effects will be annoying again.

This does however, provide +5% additional Life Regeneration for Animate Guardian which grants 16.5% health regen per second (5% from chest, 2% from helm, 3.5% from boots and 6% from Bottled Faith)

This will almost guarantee that your Animate Guardian can't be killed.

Keep in mind though that he can now be crit though. A massive elemental damage hit that crits might actually budge his health when Garb of the Ephemeral isn't equipped.


As a conclusion, this setup provides my build with an outrageous amount of free dps. The Animate Guardian alone provides 56 million additional dps per golem (31 million from Eye of Malice, 25% from Kingmaker). Our Guardian has 12.5% life regeneration per second, 14.5% with Convocation buff active.

If we choose to go the more defensive route (Gruthkul's) our AG has upwards 18.5% life regeneration per second. Getting a Mask of the Stitched Demon isn't really needed. Our boy is immortal anyway.

Some food for thought:
If actually think about it, lets assume we were to lose our Animate Guardian. How much would it cost to buy his items again?

Using ritual leagues historical prices:
Kingmaker: 70 chaos
Eye of Malice: ~2-10 chaos
Garb of the Ephemeral: ~60 chaos
Rare Gloves: 1-3 chaos
Rare Boots: Ilvl 73+ Warlord Boots with 2% life regen enchant - ~20-30 chaos
Pristine + Abarrent Fossils and 2-socket resonators to craft 1.5% life regen and some Chaos Resistance.

This entire setup cost's less than 2 exalted orbs which isn't too bad. For the classic Stitched Demon setup the helm alone costs 3 exalted orbs. If the worst were to happen and your AG somehow dies, it's not THAT expensive to get his gear back. It can be annoying though.

Budget Animate Guardian Setup:

This is an item list for the early game once we reach maps. Only buy the items for this list once you have a 20/20 Animate Guardian Gem minimum. Try to get it as soon as possible, these items are basically free.

All of this is 1-3 chaos items. All in all, this setup will cost you ~10 chaos orbs and look at all you get for it. Defintely worth the value.

Keep in mind that this Animate Guardian runs a much larger chance of dying due to his limited Regen. This Animate Guardian will most likely only be running while you're progressing the Atlas though.

How to put Animate Guardian into your PoB:

Lets talk about how we put make our Animate Guardians items actually affect our PoB profile:

1. When in your PoB, press on the ITEMS tab in the upper left corner of the UI.
2. Under the All Items section you will see all items included in your build. Pick one item you want to use to represent your Animate Guardian. I personally like using a flask for this because I can turn it on and off easily.
3. Pick one item to use, for example your bottled faith and dubble click on it in the list.
4. In the upper left corner of the UI you will find the option Edit Item. Click on Edit Item.
5. A textbox will appear containing your item information.
Copypaste this exact text and put it at the bottom of the textbox:

Minions have +50% to critical strike multiplier
Nearby enemies have 50% increased fire and cold resistances

It should look like this.

6. Press Save on the Textbox.
7. Press Save again in the upper left corner of the PoB UI.


XI. Medium budget approach and intermediate mapping.

The medium budget version of the build is the intermediary stage you'll reach as you start upgrading the low budget version. This version starts getting more expensive because we're introducing high level 21 gems, expensive Primordial Jewels and Cluster Jewels into the mix. We're also focusing on getting some gear upgrades, although these usually aren't too expensive. The medium budget version is trying to scale critical strikes together with the conversion of cold so we're also handing a Kingmaker over to our Inimate Guardian. For a budget of ~15 Exalted Orbs we manage to squeeze out a minion build with over 20 million Sirus DPS.

Medium Budget PoB:


Path of Building pastebin link:

Keep in mind that I didn't bother changing all the skillgems in this PoB which marginally increases the total dps of the build.

Point allocations and Skilltree:

Passive Skilltree(Up to level 97):


Necromancer, same as the high budget version.

Kill all bandits for 2 additional skill points.

Same as the high budget version.

Amulet and Ring Annointments:

Neck: For our Neck we're annointing Ravenous Horde

Rings: For our rings we'll be annointing scout tower range for both our rings since it helps us finishing Blighted Maps early on which are a great source of currency.

Skillgems and support links:

Helmet - Carrion Golems for single target:
Our helmet is our primary dps item reserved for the centerpiece of the build, the Carrion Golems.

My Links:

Summon Carrion Golem - Awakened Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage with attacks Support - Multistrke Damage Support

For the helm links you will be wanting to get a 21/0 Carrion Golem gem asap. Obviously a 21/20 is better but those gems usually cost upwards 3 exalted orbs early on during the league. A 21/0 version will be far cheaper, usually under the exalted mark. The 23% increased damage and life sound much more powerful than it actually is. Keep in mind that it's Increased modifiers and not more modifiers. Quality is more important for the Carrion Golem gem than the Spectre one so make sure to level up 6 Carrion Golem gems in your offhands.

Obviously you will not prioritizing a 6/20 awakened Melee phys early on in the league. But you will be wanting to get an Awakened Melee phys support early on as it provides a 10% dps increase for the entire build. This will definitely be the first Awakening Gem you'll buy and I suggest you buying it as fast as you can. This gem tend to increase in price as the league goes on. If you're early you can get it for 2 exalted orbs early on.

Multistrke and EDWA will just be the normal gems you buy when leveling. Get them to 20/20 naturally.

Chest - Spectre setup for AoE clear:
This is our secondary damage link containing the syndicate operative spectres. In these links we juice up our spectres with as much dps as possible.

My Links:

Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Vicious Projectiles - GMP - Divergent Hypothermia

Same rule applies for the Spectres as for the Carrion Golem. Try to get a 21/0 gem as fast as you can. Minions scale amazingly with gem levels and you want to reach lvl 25 on your spectres as it allows you to summon an additional spectre. Quality is completely useless for spectres, it grants some movement speed. Get a 21/0 for less than an Exalted orb and hold up on upgrading it until when you're actually rich.

We want a divergent Hypothermia as it decreases enemies cold resistance by -4% which is a nice dps boost. In case this gem is too expensive, just settle for a normal Hypothermia gem.

All support gems will just be standard gems you get during the campaign which you level up to 20/20.

Weapon - Trigger setup:
The wand contains our primary method for spreading curses and other debuffs. A key component for this build to work is through the use of a crafted trigger wand which allows for all socketed skill gems to be casted automatically when we use Dahs or Phase Run.

My Links:

Blade vortex - Divergent Flesh Offering - Phantasmal Frost Bomb

The alternate quality gems are a nice bonus but not detrimental. These are usually pretty cheap and you can often snag them for a couple of Chaos Orbs. Normal quality ones are fine too.

I always buy a 20/23 BV early on during the league because they're basically free. Adds some nice area of effect.

Shield - Zombies + Convocation:
In our shield we simply link our Zombies with Feeding Frenzy together with Convocation. Only Zombies and Feeding Frenzy has to be linked.

My Links:

Raise Zombies - Feeding Frenzy - Anomalous Convocation

Don't get fooled by the alternate quality Feeding Frenzy I'm using. It's a superexpensive gem and a luxury. Just use normal quality gems. Anomalous Convocation is nice though if you can get it cheap. Level 21/20 Raise Zombie is a nice bonus but definitely not a requirement. 20/20 in all gems is fine here.

Gloves - Mobility Setup:
All mobility abilities in the build are linked together in the gloves since they all hve green colors.

My Links:

Phase Run - Dash - Second Wind Support - Vaal Haste

My gems are minmaxed gems here so ignore them. You'll be going for the cheap 20/20 ones here unless you're lucky with any of your corruptions.

Boots - Aurasetup:
The boots have our Hatred Aura, Skitterbots and all associated support gems linked together.

My Links:

Hatred - Generosity Support - Summon Skitterbots - Bonechill

Again, ignore the skillgems I'm using which are minmaxed 21/20 gems.
You'll be going for 20/20 standard gems for all these sockets.

Ring1 - Animate Guardian:
This build requires additional sockets from Unset Rings. In here we put our Animate Guardian. By using a +3 Unset Ring we effectively are able to utilize a 1 link (+3 is the same as Empower lvl 4) AG which buffs his health alot.

My Links:

Animate Guardian

For your Animate Guardian you'll be running a 21/0 normal Animate Guardian. The medium budget build is using some items costing a couple of Chaos so we want to make sure he doesn't die. If you don't want to invest into your AG a 20/20 normal gem is enough. Might have to rebuy items alot though.
I've always skipped the budget AG and always go for a high investment one when I got the money. Quality is unimportant for the normal AG gem. You'll basically be going 21/0 normal gem into a 21/20 Divergent Animate Guardian when you're starting to get rich in the future.

Ring2 - Summon Stone Golem:
Since we're on a budget we unfortunately won't be able to get a +3 for our Stone Golem here. The Golem in this ring is our primary source of life regeneration.

My Links:

Summon Stone Golem

We'll be holding of on getting the 21/20 Stone Golem for some time. You'll settle with a 20/20 normal Stone Golem when on a budget. In the future you will get a 21/20 normal Stone Golem and eventually work towards the 21/20 Anomalous Stone Golem.

Equipment Guide:

My medium budget Gear:

The medium budget version of this build will want to get a 6 link Helm for our Golems. Any type of elder helm that has +3 to socketed minion gems and any level of minion damage added to it. For secondary stats you want life and resistances if possible. This build is extremely starved on lifepoints so try to make sure to get a helm with life first and foremost.

If you can't find any +3 one you can settle for a +2. It's hard to say what the price of these type of helms will be during league start but I wouldn't invest in a medium tier helm for more than 1 exalted. The helm I'm using here was bought for 50 chaos. But this was bought during the end of the league so prices are not reliable.

Price: 40-100 chaos

For our chest we're using a 3 green, 2 blue & 1 red Skin of the Loyal. This is a very cheap chest and basically a buffed Tabula. You'll be getting this chest right after your Tabula Rasa.

Price: 15-30 chaos
Price of Skin of the Loyals are more expensive during league start but they plummet in price quickly. If you want to go more defensively, get a 6-link with Resistances and Life which also is a very viable option. I prefer a Skin of the Loyal to bruteforce level 25 on my spectres though.

In the primary weapon slot we want a onehand with +1 to all spell skill gems and a free suffix to craft trigger on. Everything else is neglible. If you can get minion damage and/or minion attack speed for a cheap price it's a very nice bonus. Make sure that the wand does NOT add cold damage to our spells as an affix as it will mess up with our Elemental Equilibrium Keystone node.

We prefer all spell skill gems compared to all minion gems here because it buffs our Auras and BV too which allows us to get 21 BV for +1 to weapon range.

Price: ~20-40 chaos

Victario's Charity is king.
Provides our build with 3 Frenzy and Power Charges which is an incredible damage boost. Keep in mind that the shield doesn't provide charges for pure single target bosses.

Price: 1 chaos

We're using 4-green Triad Grips here. There's always people pushing these out on the market early for a fairly cheap price. If they're expensive, make them yourself by abusing the benchcraft with Jeweller Orbs.

Price: 20-30 chaos

For boots we want +1 spectre boots with high life and resistances. Additional movement speed is a luxury. Prioritize +1 to spectres, atleast +70 life and as much elemental resistances as possible.

I got the boots I'm wearing for 10 chaos which defintely was a steal because it's end of league.

Price: ~20-50 chaos

We have two options for belts. I like going for Darkness Enthroned to try and get my damage up as high as possible. It also grants a nice boost in life.

If we're having trouble capping resistances a normal stygian vise with high life and resistances is a very good option.

For the jewels we're looking for Ghastly Eye Jewels with +30 life, 20% additional minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently and 6-8% increased attack speed if your minions have killed recently. For the secondary prefix additional phys damage for your minions is very strong. These jewels might be a tad too expensive thoguh.

But getting High life, 20% minion dmg, 8% AS jewels with 10-15 fire/cold/chaos/lightning damage was extremely cheap in the beginning of Ritual League. I found several ones for 10-30 chaos.

Price: 1 chaos
Price for jewels: 10-50 chaos

Our amulet is going to be a statstick annointed with Ravenous Horde.
We want as much dexterity as physically possible and very high life. Those are our priorities. Secondary to Dex and Life we want to squeeze in as much elemental resistances as possible.

Price: ~20-40 chaos

For our first ring we want to get our curse going since we're not running any curse skill gem in the build. You'll be looking for an Unset Ring which applies frostbite on attack. Secondary to that we want high life, resistances and dexterity if possible.

Price: ~30-100 chaos

The second ring will be our Animate Guardian ring. The most important stat on this ring is to find +2 or +3 to socketed gems to boost the AG health as much as possible. We also definitely want a high life roll on the ring aswell.
Secondary to that, we're looking for resistances and/or dexterity.

Price: 15-100 chaos

IMPORTANT: For our build to function properly we need our Blade Vortex to deal either Fire damage or Lightning damage. This is most easily solved by bench crafting Fire & Lightning Damage on one of your rings which requires an open prefix slot. This is to make sure that all targets hit by our BV also gets -50% cold resistance from Elemental Equilibrium. On my medium budget version of the build I don't have this crafted because my Wand grants +fire damage to spells so I didn't need the craft.

Jewel Guide

The jewels are were most of the early currency will be going. The primordial jewels will be a large money sink early on in the league. Especially the Primordial Might one.

The second large cost is the cluster jewel this build runs. The large ones especially can be pretty pricey and most certainly will cost somewhere between 2 and 3 exalted orbs. The mediums look scary but are extremely easy to craft yourself with Harvest(Reforge Crit).

My Jewels and Clusters:

Primordial Jewels:
As with any other Golem centric build, primordial Jewels will be our first important expense when we finish the campaign. You will want to buy the Primordial Might Jewel as fast as you can during league start as the jewel usually double, or even triple in price from day over the first week.
Primordial Emminences and Primordial Harmonies are usually ~10-20 chaos in the beginning. I suggest getting 3 primordial Emminences and 2 primordial Harmonies. We're only using 2 Golem Types so the harmonies aren't very powerful. Emminences boost the DPS of the spectres aswell as our own health regen which is a nice bonus.

That being said, I can't stress it enough how important it is to get your Primordial Might and Anima Stone as fast as you can. Don't wait for the gems to drop in price, they will only rise during the league start. It usually takes ~1 month for the Might to reach it's peakprice and it starts to drop off.

Tip: Don't buy the Anima Stone. Create it by vendoring 1 of each primordial jewel to a vendor.



If you don't mind trading early on you can actually flip the Anima Stone to make some safe and easy money. Alot of people don't know about the Anima Stone recipe and just buy it off trade. Other people are just lazy and can't be bothered to trade for 1 of each Jewel. We can abuse these facts by selling our First anima stone for a 15-20 chaos profit instead of using. So how it works is basically: Farm currency for your first anima stone, by using Chaos Recipe et.c. Craft your anima stone and then sell it for ~15 chaos profit. These jewels sell really fast during league start. As soon as you've sold it, rince and repeat. If you're an efficient trader you can flip 15-20 of these an hour.

Like with anything in this game though, the more that are doing something the less profitable it will be. Also, it's mindnumbingly boring to flip. But it's a safe investment and I would recommend it for newer players who struggle making currency and want a simple method that you literally can't lose money on.

Primordial Emminence: 6-20 chaos
Primordial Harmony: 10-30 chaos
Primordial Might: 30-200 chaos
Prices are extremely volatile on these jewels and the prices are always highest during the first weeks of any league. The prices are based on whether Golem builds are meta or not. When I leaguestarted in Legion, Primordial might was 7 chaos. In Heist I bought mine on day 3 for 270 chaos because I thought it was going to drop in price but it just kept rising.

Other Jewels:
We're using three other jewels early on to boost our spectres and help our build in general. These gems include:

The for Covenent Jewels, make sure that you place the jewel somewhere in your tree where it doesn't hurt your build due to the negative effects they have. My suggestion is to always put them in your cluster jewels because that way, they won't affect the rest of your tree.

The Unending Hunger is a nice addition to boosting your clearspeed. It makes it so that your spectres have a 50% chance to gain a stack of Soul Eater when they kill a monster. Soul Eater is a buff that grants your spectre 5% attack speed and movement speed while making it grow in size. When your minions are shredding through packs with more than 100 monsters they'll be getting alot of these stacks.
The price of this jewel might be expensive during league start though, depends on how meta spectres are. I got mine early on for ~50 chaos though.

Fortress Covenant: 5-10 chaos
Quickening Covenant: 1-5 chaos
Unending Hunger: 30-100 chaos
Just like with the primordial jewels, these jewels are more expensive during league start but the prices fall off.

Cluster Jewels:
The cluster Jewels will by far be our biggest expense to get the medium budget build going, especially early on in the league when the 8-point large ones are pretty expensive.

Large Cluster Jewels:

What we're looking for is 8-pointers, don't even bother buying one if it's more than 8 points. We need all the skill points we can get.
The reason we want Vicious Bite, Renewal & Rotten Claws is because Rotten Claws ALWAYS will be on top between the two socket slots. That makes us able to only invest 5 points into the cluster jewel getting what we really want being Renewal and Vicious Bite.

Since we're running Cold Conversion, Rotten Claw has zero effect on our build because we can't impale.

An alternative cheaper cluster jewel would be to run one with:
- Vicious Bite
- Renewal
- Feasting Fiends

This jewel will shave off some Exalted orbs of the price, especially during the early part of the league. The problem is that you will need to spend 7 points, not 5 running this jewel.
It does however add more minion damage, life and some added leech for your minion. The additional 40% minion damage, 20% life and 0.8% life leech for 4 points is pretty decent but you will have to sacrifice points elsewhere which might hurt your survivability.

8-point Rotten Claws: 3-5 exalted orbs
8-point Feasting Fiends: 1-3 exalted orbs

Medium Cluster Jewels:
The medium cluster jewels are the bread and butter of this build. They add such an immense amount of damage to the build which is why they're a very high priority. Fortunately for us, these jewels are often pretty cheap early on in the league and they're very easy to craft.

You're looking at Aura effect cluster jewels with 4 or 5 points (Doesn't matter) so we only need to invest 4 points into the jewel. The two primary modifiers are Vicious Commander & Precise Commander. Both of these nodes provide a massive damage boost to our build. Unfortunately these key jewels are gatekept by the large clusters as we can't equip them without the large ones.

Crafting the Jewels:

Fortunately for us, we will still be able to craft our cluster jewels with harvest next league. This is because Clusters aren't influenced bases so we can still augment them with certain modifiers. My guess would be that, due to the nerfed power of harvest, the crafts will be much cheaper. Just hoping people still will bother to sell the crafts.

Crafting Large Cluster:

1. Getting the Base:
Acquire an 8-point large minion cluster. It needs to be Ilvl 75 or higher, otherwise it can't roll Vicious Bite.

2. Getting the base modifiers:
Get either Renewal and Rotten Claws on the base, or Renewal and Vicious Bite.

We have 4 methods for getting these modifiers
Method1: Use the harvest craft Reforge Item - Life modifiers are more common. Do this until you hit either Renewal + Rotten Claws or Renewal + Vicious Bite.
Method2: Use harvest craft Reforge Item - Attack Modifiers are more common. Do this until you hit Renewal + Rotten Claws.
Method3: Use the harvest craft Reforge Item - Crit modifiers are more common. Do this until you Vicious Bite + Renewal.
This is probably the strongest method since Vicious bite has a 100% chance to be crafted on the base.
Method4: Alteration craft Renewal + Rotten claws or Renewal + Vicious Bite by just spamming Alteration Orbs and Orbs of Augmentation. Regal the product.

3. Cleaning up the base:
This will probably be the most annoying part with harvest annulment crafts gone. Once we have our base we might need to clean it up.

Best case scenario is that we get a rare cluster jewel with only 3 modifiers.
If your jewel has either Renewal + Rotten claws and 1 garbage suffix or Renewal + Vicious bite and 1 garbage suffix you can skip the cleaning up phase.

If we did a reforge craft and got a large cluster with 4 modifiers of which 2 of them were Rotten Claws and Renewal you want to use the harvest craft: Reforge keep prefixes until you only have 1 suffix on the item. Now we have a free suffix slot which we can finish the item with.

If we did reforge crafts and got a large cluster with filled prefixes, modifiers of which were Renewal, Vicious Bite and some other garbage we will have to bite the bullet and use an Annulment Orb. This will have a 33% chance of saving the item. If you remove Vicious Bite or Renewal the jewel is bricked and we have to start over.

4. Finishing the base:
If you've done everything correctly you have one of two different bases we can finish.

You either got:
Base#1: Renewal, Rotten Claws and 1 random suffix.
Finish the jewel by adding the harvest craft Augment Crit and you will get Vicious bite 100% of the time.

Or you got:
Base#2: Renewal, Viciout Bite and 1 random Suffix
We finish the jewel by crafting on Rotten Claw as a prefix using the harvest craft Augment Attack. This has a 100% chance to add Rotten Claws on the Jewel.

Crafting the Medium Clusters:
Crafting this jewel is suprisingly easy. It will be even more easy now that they've buffed the encounter rate of Harvest by 60%.

1. Getting the Base:
We're looking for an aura effect medium cluster base with either 4 or 5 points. The jewel needs to be Ilvl 68 or above to be able to roll precise commander.

2. Getting the base modifiers:
Getting the modifiers is and finishing the Cluster Jewel is extremely easy and should be pretty cheap aswell. We have two primary methods for crafting it.

Method1: Alteration crafting. Simply Alteration spam until you hit either Vengeful Commander or Precise Commander. Then use an Augmentation Orb followed up by a Regal Orb and pray that you hit one of the modifiers you're looking for. If you don't get it, rinse and repeat. This can take some time.

Method2: This is by far my favorite method and I've probably crafted ~50 of these medium clusters this league selling them for 1.5-5 exalted depending on what suffixes I hit. (Usually high tiers of Dex/Chaos Res/Elemental resistances can net you very high premiums. And the method is extremely reliable and very easy.

Use your Reforge Item - Critical Strike modifiers are more common on the base. If you get an Alchemy Harvest version it might be worth to scour the base and use Alch + Crit on it too.
This method is extremely powerful because Precise Commander is the only Crit mod the jewel can roll. So when you use one of these crit crafts it will have a 100% chance to get Precise Commander.

Vengeful Commander which is the second mod we're looking for also has a very high weighing, meaning it's a common modifier to get. On average you'll be looking at hitting this jewel every ~9 tries using the harvest craft.

3. Finishing the base: (Optional)
If you want to, you can also finish the product by filling in the suffixes. This is a decent way to get some additional resistances into your build. You can use Augment Chaos or Augment Fire/Lightning/Cold to fill in resistances you're lacking. Whether this will be worth it or not depends on the price of Augment crafts though.

More info coming soon

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Flask Setup:


The primary purpose of our flasks running the medium version is to provide us with much needed immunities and mobility.
From our flasks we're looking to obtain:
Freeze Immunity
Ignite Immunity
Bleed Immunity
Curse Immunity

That leaves us with Shock Immunity and Poison left.
We're also looking for additional physical damage mitigation since we're running literally zero armour in the build. That's why we want a Granite Flask and a Basalt Flask. The combination of these flasks alone allow us to get up to ~60-70% phys damage mitigation during flask effects.

You want to get the Bleed Immunity on your life flask. Reason being majority of times when you're hit with a dangerous bleed you'll notice it once your health starts decreasing rapidly. This is where you hit your life flask as a reflex which will ensure you remove all bleeds. I do suggest you finding a way to comfortably hit all flasks at the same time though.

Curse Immunity is mandatory to the build aswell since we're barely capping our elemental resistances. Having Curse immunity makes sure we're still elemental resistance capped when running "Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness" maps. We all hate Temporal Chains aswell which is a major reason why we want to run curse immunity.

Chemist as a Flask Modifier:
Do NOT sleep on this prefix. You want to have it on ALL your flasks. The reason why is because it allows us to get additional flask uses from filled flask.

Our Basalt and Silver Flask has 60 full charges and require 40 charges for one flask use. By getting a minimum of 23% reduced flask charges required the charges required for one "flaskclick" goes down to 30.
This allows us to effectively use these two flasks 2 times instead of one.

Same thing goes for the Quicksilver flask which requires 20 charges and has a total of 50 charges. By getting reduced charges used we can make the required amount of charges go down to 15 meaning we get 3 uses of a full flask instead of 2.

The next best option would be the increased duration of flask effects. I personally like the shorter duration of all flasks though making the Flask Duration timer more closely coincide with our Phase Run. This is a massive quality of life addition since we're always going to be pressing all our flasks and Phase Run at the same time.

Crafting Flasks:
Crafting flasks is very easy in most cases. All you do is alteration roll until you get the modifiers you're looking for.

TIP: For our immunity flasks(Bleed/Ignite/Freeze), all we need to hit is the Chemist's modifier and a free suffix. If you get Chemist and a filled Suffix you can always 50/50 annull off the suffix.
Once you have a free a Flask with the Chemist Prefix and a free Suffix you can go to the Menagerie (Beast place) and craft flask suffixes on your flasks.
This way you can sort your 4 of your flasks out for a couple of alterations rather than buying them for dozens of Chaos on trade.

Optional Flasks:
An option could be to sacrifice mobility for increased survivability. This would be done by opting to go for Evasion based Flasks instead of Run speed ones. If you want more tankiness, consider swapping your Silver Flask for a Jade Flask. Another option could be to use a Rumi's Concoction for some Block.

Animate Guardian Setup:

Animate Guardian Gear:

The Animate Guardian is probably going to be one of our more expensive expenses for the medium tier build, but not that outrageous. He's basically going to be using the same gear as the high budget version, just less minmaxed. The reason why we can afford doing this on a smaller budget is quite honestly, because the AG gear is pretty cheap. Especially if the price of Kingmaker will remain at ~50 chaos orbs next league aswell.


All our AGs will be using this helm because it's super strong for cold conversion builds. It doesn't matter what budget we're looking at.
Just like with the High budget version, you want to try finding a corrupted one with ~1.5% increased Life Regeneration. These are very easy to find when the league is active and costs close to nothing.

Price: 1 chaos orb without corruption. ~10 chaos with % life regen corruption.


We're actually using a Kingmaker in the medium budget version because the Kingmaker is one of the best items in the game for our build. When the item is cheap like it was during Ritual League there's no excuse for not using one.

Tip: Never buy a kingmaker from trade, use the vendor recipe associated with the Axe instead.
To make a Kingmaker you need x1 Soul Taker Siege Axe and one Heartbreaker Royal Skean. You vendor both of these items together with one Orb of Fusing and you get a Kingmaker. Make sure NONE of the items are Corrupted. If any of the items are corrupted you can't do the vendor recipe. Soul Takers were 50 chaos in Ritual and Heartbreakers are always ~1 chaos. Kingmakers are usually going for 80 chaos.

Price: ~40-50 chaos orbs


Our Animate Guardian needs regen. This is a very good Body Armour for that purpose.

Price: ~40 Chaos Orbs


Any rare boots with % life regen close to 1.5% will do. Make sure the boots have a free suffix slot so we can craft 15% Chaos and Lightning Resistance on them.

Price: ~1 Chaos Orb


These gloves are basically here to cap out our AGs Chaos Resistance. They also give some nice added health. If you get 40% chaos res on these gloves and 15% on your boots the AG will be capped at 75%.

Price: ~5 Chaos Orbs

IMPORTANT: As mentioned before, you'll be wanting atleast a level 21 normal Animate Guardian gem. I would never use a kingmaker on a level 20 Animate Guardian.
If you want to learn more about the Animate Guardian, read the AG section for the high budget version where I go more indepth into his mechanics and these items.

All in, all if we'll assume you'll be buying every single item apart from the 20/20 gems this medium budget version build will have a total cost of ~20 exalted orbs.

Gear Cost: The total gear adds up to ~2-5 exalted orbs depending on how good you are at sniping items of Trade and how high budget you're going to be going. More resistances, Dexterity and Life on gear will cost more Chaos Orbs.
Skill Gem Cost: For gems we're counting 3 level 21/0 gems. All of which should cost ~50chaos up to 1 exalted orb each. So around ~2 exalted depending on prices.
Jewel Cost: This is going to be a massive currency sink, especially early league due to Primordial Might prices. You should be able to get all Emminences and Harmonies for ~1-2 Exalted Orbs. Mights alone will probably cost ~3 exalted Orbs. Non primordial Jewels should be acquired for ~50 chaos. So lets assume around 5 exalted Orbs.
Cluster jewel Cost: The Cluster Jewels will be the next big money sink and where most people might get stuck. All you can do is power through and purchase each jewel one after another. Expect both large clusters to cost atleast 6 exalted together and the mediums to go for ~1 exalted each. So ~10 exalted orbs in total.
Animate Guardian Cost: All gear for your Animate Guardian shouldn't cost more than 100 chaos.

So for a total of 20 exalted orbs we get a build that can pretty much oneshot alot of bosses in this game and clear maps at a very respectable speed.


XII. Low Budget Approach and early mapping build

If you saw the outrageous item cost of this and got deterred in the beginning, think twice again. This build is actually a decent league starter and viable at going straight from league start to endgame. This section is more geared toward those starting the league and those with minimal currency. This will be an extremely low budget version of the build, meaning:

- No 21 gems
- No Cluster Jewels
- No expensive items

Most of the stuff you'll use for this version of this build only cost a couple of Chaos Orbs. With this setup you'll be able to run corrupted juiced T16 maps for under an exalted orb. We're able to squeeze out close to 3 million Sirus Dps on this extremely cheap build. If I'm going to be completely honest, by the time you get to T16 maps you should already be having WAY better gear then I have in this budget version.

Elementalist or Necromancer:

When running the low budget version we actually have the possiblity of choosing between running either an Elementalist or a Necromancer version. There's pros and cons to both versions and I will cover them both. I'm personally leaning towards Elementalist being stronger early on and would probably suggest swapping to Necromancer when you're approaching the medium budget range.

Pros for Elementalist:
- This version is tankier than the necromancer. You got access to Elemental Bulwark which is a way better defensive tool than Bone Armor since this shield always will be up for big elemental hits. Bone Armor has a downtime during it's cooldown unlike Elemental Bulwark. We'll also be running more Golems with the option of running a Chaos Golem which gives us more golem buff effect. I personally choose to run without a Chaos Golem though for much more dps.
- More Golems. The elementalist gets 2 additional Golems.
- More dps. This version does less damage per golem but we get alot more Golems which results in a net dps increase.
- Elemental Ailment Immunity. One of the best additions to running Elementalist is that we get access to Elemental Ailment immunity. This means that we're completely immune to Chill, Freeze, Ignite and Shock effects which opens up our Flask slots for new modifiers. This allows us to get even tankier.
- Elemental damage immune Golems. Having our Golems be elemental immune is a great quality of life which literally makes them unkillable. It also opens up for the option of running Elemental Reflect maps (Spectres still die though) when we mess up or a corruption goes wrong when we're progressing our atlas.

Pros for Necromancer
- More "overall" dps:
Alot of the Elementalist DPS is reliant on the effect of Frost Bomb supplying the build with -50% cold resistance. This is a very situational ability due to it's cooldown and will basically only be cast on bosses or high health targets.
The necromancer, overall is less reliant on Frost Bomb and will generally have a higher dps while clearing due to all of it's nodes adding damage and levels to all minions.
- Tankier minions:
It cannot be understated how important this is for the build to feel good. We get access to alot of minion health which is a massive help for tanking up our Zombies who'll otherwise drop like flies.
- 30% Elemental resistance:
Commander of Darkness adds 30% to elemental resistances for both us and our minions. This is great early on and helps us cap resistances easier when we finish act 10.
- We gain one additional Gemslot:
Since we're not running Chaos Golem we gain 1 additional Gemslot. This is absolutely massive as it allows us to 6-link our spectres instead of having Feeding Frenzy on them.

In the end it's not THAT important which ascendency you choose as both play exactly the same and perform about as well. Whether you choose Necro or Elementalist early on won't change how we play or build at all apart for one unique weapon of which both cost a couple of chaos anyway. That being said, I do believe the Elementalist is the better version to start with due to the added tankiness.

When I play Elementalist I choose to ignore running a Chaos Golem alltogether as it allows me to 6-link my spectres and opens up for me to use 4 carrion Golems instead of 3. This setup has ALOT more damage than both the necro version and the classic Chaos + Carrion + Stone golem elementalist setup. This version feels amazing early on.

Low Budget PoB

Point Allocations and Skilltree:


Passive Skilltree(Up to level 75):

This is the core of the tree you will want to work towards in the beginning. Expect to have reached this far when you're running white maps.

Passive Skilltree(Up to level 92):


This tree is upwards level 92. Majority of people will already be working towards a medium tier budget by this point, just throwing it out there.
When you're lower level you're going to have less points invested into jewel sockets, mainly because you can't afford them yet, and less points spent into lifenodes. Once you got the core of the skill tree going, start investing into sockets, more life and minion survivability depending on what you feel you need.



Necromancer:, same as the high budget version.

Kill all bandits for 2 additional skill points.

Same as the high budget version.

Amulet and Ring Annointments:

Neck: For our Neck we're annointing Ravenous Horde

Amulet annointments might actually be too expensive and not be affordable during the early game. If that's the case, simply skip the annointment.
But understand that the annointment is a big DPS boost so try to get it if you feel your neck is worth investing ~20 chaos into.

TIP: During the early days of the league talismans actually have a lot of value and alot of people try to sell them while they have some worth. When on trade, search for an amulet with Ravenous Horde annointment on it. If you can, try to add ~70 life and some resistances to the search. If you get dexterity aswell you've hit the jackpot. I managed to snag a talisman I ran all into the endgame for 10 chaos during Ritual.

Rings: For our rings we'll be annointing scout tower range for both our rings since it helps us finishing Blighted Maps early on which are a great source of currency.

Skillgems and support links:

Quality of Skill Gems:
Getting quality on your skillgems early on can be quite expensive. When we're poor we can't afford to use x20 Gem Cutter's Prism on all our gems so utilize the Vendor Recipe.

If you vendor a level 20 gem with one Gem Cutter's Prism you will get back a level 1 gem with 20% quality. Basically x1 20/0 gem + x1 GCP -> x1 1/20 gem.

Off-coloring certain items:

The color an item rolls when you use a Chromatic Orb on it depends on the base stat requirement of the item. For example, an item that requires alot of strength th equip will roll majority Red sockets when we're spamming chromatic Orbs on it. This can be a huge problem if we want to, for example get 3 blue sockets on a Clayshaper.

This item requires 134 strength which means we will, reallistically, never hit 3 blue sockets with our chromatics. There's a trick to offcoloring items in this game which involves bench crafting sockets and using your Jewellers Orb. This method will determenistically allow you to offcolor 2-4 socket items very cheaply.

Von Vikton has made a very good video showing how to do this:

Helmet - Carrion Golems for single target:
Our helmet is our primary dps item reserved for the centerpiece of the build, the Carrion Golems.

My Links:

Summon Carrion Golem - Melee Physical Damage Support - Elemental Damage with attacks Support - Multistrke Damage Support

Since this is a budget version you won't be buying any gems from trade. These will basically be the gems you buy during the campaign that you keep in your Helm until you get 20/20. Since we're poor we can't afford a 21/0 Carrion Golem gem but try to get one later on. For the budget version 20/20 in all gems is enough.

Chest - Spectre setup for AoE clear:
This is our secondary damage link containing the syndicate operative spectres. In these links we juice up our spectres with as much dps as possible.

My Links:

Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Vicious Projectiles - GMP - Hypothermia

Same rule applies for the Spectres as for the Carrion Golem. As we're poor these will all be the gems we get during the campaign. Work them towards 20/20. Once you have the this low level build all done, just as with the carrion golem gem, try to get a 21/0 spectre gem asap.

We want a divergent Hypothermia as it decreases enemies cold resistance by -4% which is a nice dps boost. In case this gem is too expensive, just settle for a normal Hypothermia gem. This is in no way detrimental to the build and just a minor bonus.

Weapon - Curse setup:
Unfortunately, the budget version of the build can't afford a trigger wand yet so we'll have to manually apply all of our debuffs. We'll be using Storm Brand for this purpose as it's one of the best manual curse applying skills we can get. It's ranged, it seeks out enemies to apply to, it has an AoE and it lasts for ~6 seconds. Since it's a lightning spell this will also procc our Elemental Equilbrium effectively lowering enemies Cold Resistance by upwards of 95%. You can also have 3 brands up at the same time so you'll be casting this ability alot.

My Links:

Storm Brand] - Hextouch Support - Frostbite

As with all other gems in this budget version, buy them while leveling and get them to 20/20 by yourself. If you want to invest, get a Divergent Frostbite which is a better version of the curse compared to the regular one. This gem can be too pricey for a budget version though.

Shield - Random stuff:
In our shield we simply have 3 free blue sockets we can spend as we like. Our options range from Zombies, Feeding Frenzy, Frost Bomb, Flesh Offering, Convocation and Chaos Golem. I would always suggesting using Zombies and Frost Bomb in this slot. If you want to run Chaos Golem to be more tanky as an elementalist, move feeding frenzy to your spectres.

My Links:

Raise Zombies - Feeding Frenzy - Frost Bomb

I like running max dps, even when playing Elementalist so I skip the Chaos Golem and run Feeding Frenzy linked to our Zombies. This allows us to have 3 Carrion Golems in total and a full 6-link on our spectres.

Gloves - Mobility Setup:
All mobility abilities in the build are linked together in the gloves since they all have green colors.

My Links:

Phase Run - Dash - Second Wind Support - Vaal Haste

There's no way we're hitting the 160 dex breakpoint on a budget so settle with whatever level on your gems you can get and level them up as your gear becomes better. Investing into level 1/20 of these gems from trade might be a wise investment early on because hitting the dexterity breakpoint is extremely annoying.

Boots - Aurasetup:
The boots have our Hatred Aura, Skitterbots and all associated support gems linked together.

My Links:

Hatred - Generosity Support - Summon Skitterbots - Bonechill

Ignore the skillgems I'm using which are minmaxed 21/20 gems.
You'll be going for 20/20 standard gems for all these sockets. Also, big ignore on my Awakened Generosity. I couldn't find anyone selling a 20/20 generosity and couldn't be bothered to change this gem. It provides a very minor dps increase compared to a 20/20 normal version.

Ring1 - Animate Guardian:
This build requires additional sockets from Unset Rings. In here we put our Animate Guardian. By using a +2 or a +3 Unset Ring we effectively are able to utilize a 1 link (+3 is the same as Empower lvl 4) AG which buffs his health alot.

My Links:

Animate Guardian

Since we're on a budget we're running a 20/20 normal quality Animate Guardian. Don't start investing gear into your Animate Guardian until this gem hits a minimum of level 20. We'll be using very cheap gear on this Animate Guardian but he will provide a massive damage boost nontheless.

Ring2 - Summon Stone Golem:
As with any other version of this build we're using our Stone Golem in an unsetring to provide all versions of this build with life regeneration.

My Links:

Summon Stone Golem

As with all other gems in the budget version this will be the one you acquire during the campaign. We'll settle for 20/20 in the budget version.

Equipment Guide:

My Low Budget Gear:

Since we're on a low budget we settle for a 5 link helm. You either want to get a helm with +3 to socketed minion gems or an Elder Influenced helm with the modifier Socketed Gems are supported by level 16-20 Minion Damage. The minion damage is the best one but they're pretty close. Also, you want to get a helm with as much Life and resistances as possible.

I bought my low budget helm for 3 chaos late in the league. Such a helm might cost ~10-20 chaos early in the league, especially if it has T1 life and resistances.

Price: ~5-20 chaos
Price depends on how lucky you are sniping and how high secondary stats you get.

For our chest we're using a 3 green, 2 blue & 1 red Skin of the Loyal. This is a very cheap chest and basically a buffed Tabula. You'll be getting this chest right after your Tabula Rasa.

Price: 15-30 chaos
Price of Skin of the Loyals are more expensive during league start but they plummet in price quickly. If you want to go more defensively, get a 6-link with Resistances and Life which also is a very viable option. I prefer a Skin of the Loyal to bruteforce level 25 on my spectres though.


If you want to go a more defensive route, try to snipe a corrupted 6-link with the right colours, high life and resistances.

I got this chest for 10 chaos late in the league. This type of chest will definitely be more expensive early on.

In our weapon slot we're using a Clayshaper for the additional Golem to the build. This is a cheap item that work wonders for both ascendncies.

When we're running a necromancer we only have access to two Golems on a budget. Clayshaper effectively allows us to summon 3 Golems in total for the necro. The elementalist gets a total of 5 Golems on a budget.

Price: 3 chaos

Victario's Charity is king.
Provides our build with 3 Frenzy and Power Charges which is an incredible damage boost. Keep in mind that the shield doesn't provide Power Charges for pure single target bosses as it requires your minion to land killing blows. It still provides Frenzy charges though which is the biggest damage buff early on.

Price: 1 chaos

We're using 4-green Triad Grips here. There's always people pushing these out on the market early for a fairly cheap price. If they're expensive, make them yourself by abusing the benchcraft with Jeweller Orbs. These gloves are mandatory. The build won't function without them, and they must have 4 green colors.

Price: 20-30 chaos


Cheap boots we get during leveling. Grants +1 to spectres, some movement speed and life.

Price: 1 alchemy

Any belt with high life. You also want resistances and/or attributes to help finish your build. I recommend either getting a Heavy Belt for the added strength which might come in handy or a Stygian Vise for the abyssal socket.
Try to look for +80 to life, 40% to one elemental resistance and one free suffix. You'll be able to get a belt like this extremely cheaply. The belt I got equipped cost me 2 chaos. The more suffixes you can get the better.

For the Ghastly Eye jewel, get one with high life and resistances or attributes to help your build out. If you can get additional minion dps that's a bonus. I spent 10 chaos on my jewel.

Price: ~1-10 chaos for belt.

Cheap Jade(30 Dexterity) or Citrine Amulet(24 Dexterity and Strength) with high life, as much dexterity as possible and resistances. You should be able to find a suitable neck for less than 10 chaos.
I bought the neck I'm using for 3 chaos.

If you get Dexterity from other sources in your gear, like rings, skilltree, chest or helm you can choose to use this amulet:

Price: 1 alchemy

Price: ~1-10 chaos orbs

You'll be looking for an Unset Ring with +2 or +3 to socketed gems for our Animate Guardian. You also want the ring to grant you high life. For secondary stats you want to cap your elemental resistances or get additional dexterity/strength depending on what your build needs. The example ring I'm using cost me 5 chaos but that might be an end of league price. I think we'll settle for +2 early on in the league.

Price: ~3-20 chaos orbs

Our second ring is only going to be a basic stat stick Unset Ring. Make sure that it has high life first and foremost. For secondary stats, get elemental resistances and attributes you need. Remember that you always can benchcraft resistances on an item with less than 3 suffixes.

I got this ring for 2 chaos orbs.

Price: ~3-20 chaos orbs

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the price of rare items are highly volatile and extremely random. Prices are generally higher during the beginning of the league as people are struggling to hit their resistance/attribute caps and they're beginning mapping but falls off very fast.

Jewel Guide

The jewellery section is the most expensive part of the build. But we're poor and can't afford too expensive jewels so we're entirely skipping on Primordial Mights and the Anima Stone in the beginning. We will be using the cheaper primordial jewels to boost our damage significantly though.

My Jewels and Clusters:

(Ignore the Corrupted blood on one of my jewels, you won't be getting this corruption mod early)

Primordial Jewels:
The primordial jewels will be our last and only big expense before we start transitioninig into the medium budget version. As you're grinding away during early maps and start gathering more levels, start spending points in these Primordial Jewels and put them into your tree as you level up. You want to alternate the jewels you buy one at a time starting of with One Emminence going into one Harmony. Each additional Jewel you equip will increase your Carrion Golem dps by ~110k per golem.

Primordial Emminence: 6-20 chaos
Primordial Harmony: 10-30 chaos
Prices are extremely volatile on these jewels and the prices are always highest during the first weeks of any league. The prices are based on whether Golem builds are meta or not.

Other Jewels:
We're using two other jewels early on to boost all minions in our build with both tankiness and survivability. These Jewels include:

For the Covenent Jewels, make sure that you place the jewel somewhere in your tree where it doesn't hurt your build due to the negative effects they have.
Since we don't have any cluster jewels, put them in these two spots:

Fortress Covenant: 5-10 chaos
Quickening Covenant: 1-3 chaos

Just like with the primordial jewels, these jewels are more expensive during league start but the prices fall off quickly.

Cluster Jewels:

Aint nobody got money for cluster jewels fool!

Flask Setup:

My Elementalist Flasks:

For flask bases we want:
x1 Eternal Life Flask: Since we're on a budget, bleed immunity is all we care about. Catalysed is the best Prefix we can get though. Make sure to get 20% quality on this.
x1 Granite Flask: If Rumi's Concoction is cheap, get it. Otherwise any Granite Flask is good. If you're getting a Magic one I would suggest getting Poison immunity. That makes us immune to Poison, Bleed, Ignite, Freeze, Chill, Shock and Curse. Litereally immune to everything in the game.
x1 Basalt Flask: Get increased % armor here.
x1 Adrenaline Flask: Get additional Movement speed on this one.
x1 Silver Flask: Get Curse Immunity on this one.

My Necromancer Flasks:

The primary purpose of our flasks is to provide us with much needed immunities and mobility.
From our flasks we're looking to obtain:
Freeze Immunity
Ignite Immunity
Bleed Immunity
Curse Immunity

The necromancer is using the exact same flask Bases as the elementalist. Due to not being Elemental Ailment immune however, we need to get both Freeze and Ignite on our flasks instead.

Flask Prefixes: Since we're on a budget we can't afford minmaxing flasks so we're basically only caring about getting the bases and the suffixes on them. If you want to craft better flasks, read how to in the medium budget section of the this buildguide.

Disclaimer: For more information regarding flasks. Read the medium budget Flask Setup.

Animate Guardian Setup:

Animate Guardian Gear:

Alot of people don't want to run an Animate Guardian because they're afraid he might die. In this budget version we are running a Guardian and so should you.
We're making sure our Guardian is close to immortal in this build by running alot of defensive Health talents in the tree. We're also giving our Animate Guardian alot of additional levels to make sure he won't die. If he somehow dies in the end it won't really matter though, because this budget version is literally costing under 10 chaos orb for his entire gear.


All our AGs will be using this helm because it's super strong for cold conversion builds. It doesn't matter what budget we're looking at.
Just like with the High budget version, you want to try finding a corrupted one with ~1.5% increased Life Regeneration. These are very easy to find when the league is active and costs close to nothing.

Price: 1 chaos orb without corruption. ~10 chaos with % life regen corruption.

For our budget Animate Guardian we have 2 options. What you want depends on preference. (Personally I'm running with the 1-hand + Shield setup)

Setup 1 - Two Hander:

This twohander provide us with 18% increased damage for all our minions and 18% increased effect of our curses which both are very good dps increases.

Price: 1 Chaos Orb

Setup 2 - Onehander and Shield:

This setup provides our build with Culling Strike for bosses which is great when we're on a budget. Culling strike causes our AG to automatically execute enemies under 10% health, so see it as a straight 10% damage increase against bosses. Unfortuantely this isn't too strong when clearing against many mobs since it only affects the target the Guardian is hitting. The shield also provides our Guardian with alot of Life Regeneration which we want to stack to make sure he won't die. Getting life regen is very hard on a budget.

Optional Shield:

Optionally we can go for a Replica Victario's Charity on our Animate Guardian. This causes our AG to give us and our minions Endurance Charges on hit which is a nice survivability bonus.

Unfortunately the procc chance is only 5% per hit so don't expect to be running around with maximum endurance charges on this guy. But it's an intersting defensive option.

Price: 5 Chaos Orbs

Price: 1 alchemy Orb for weapon and 3 chaos for shield

For our chest we want a body armour with % Life regen, Chaos Resistance and an open Prefix so we can craft on % increased life.

Price: 3 chaos orbs for chest (6 Chaos Orbs for bench craft)


If you can't find any chest like the recommended one our your budget is extremely tight an Ambus Charge is decent enough.

Price: 1 chaos orb


Any rare boots with % life regen close to 1.5% will do. Make sure the boots have a free suffix slot so we can craft 15% Chaos and Lightning Resistance on them.

Price: ~1 Chaos Orb


These gloves provide % increased life which is extremely potent on the Animate Guardian due to his massive healthpool.

Price: 1 Chaos Orbs

IMPORTANT: Since we're on a budget our Animate Guardian gem will only be a 20/20 version. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT start equipping items on your guardian unless he's atleast level 20.
If you want to learn more about the Animate Guardian, read the AG section for the high budget version where I go more indepth into his mechanics and these items.

The budget version of this build is a very strong league starter and allows us to clear alot of content in the game on a budget of only a couple of exalted orbs. We're able to clear all red maps without a problem, kill all guardians and conquerors and if you're mechanically skilled, you can even kill Awakening level 9 Sirus aswell. The build is quite squishy though but I've pushed the build as much as I can on a tight budget.

I would suggest running Elementalist over Necromancer when running the low budget version. It will also coincide more naturally with the campaign and leveling version of the build which also is going for the Elementalist ascendency. As mentioned previously, the Elementalist allows us to get 2 additional golems which is huge. We also gain alot of Elemental immunities, better defenses in general and more damage compared to a necromancer.
When the build transitions into a higher budget we'll be swapping to a Necromancer as it provides a higher overall damage and more minion survivability which's needed since Zombies are godawful at surviving.

Gear Cost: The total cost of the gear that I bought on my budget version cost 65 chaos orbs. This was during the end of the league though so most prices had already dropped significantly. Expect most of these items to have a higher cost associated to them during league start. Especially uniques can be very expensive the first day but drop off significantly to their true singular chaos orb values.
Skill Gem Cost: We're spending zero money on our skill gems. All of them are bought from Gem vendors at level 1. I do suggest getting 21/0 or 21/20 Carrion Golem, Raise Spectre and Animate Guardian as fast as you can though.
Jewel Cost: We're starting of with the Covenant Jewels at first for under 10 chaos for both. The Primordial Jewels should be costing ~7-20 chaos each. Generally Eminences are cheaper than Harmonies. Lets assume you get all of these jewels for 1 exalted orb total.
Cluster jewel Cost: The budget version uses no clusters.
Animate Guardian Cost: All gear for your Animate Guardian costs ~10 chaos orbs.

Assuming you get all Primordial Jewels, the total build cost is less than 2 exalted orbs. The primordial Jewels isn't required to get the build going. In theory you could run this version of the build without a single primordial Jewel. Your Carrion Golems would deal ~30%-40% less dps though, which is quite substantial.

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XIII. League start guide - From level 1 to white maps
In this section of the buildguide I'll adress how to properly league start as this build and how to get you flying through the acts into endgame mappaing as smoothly as possible. Since this is my buildguide I've decided to keep the starting build very thematic with the endgoal of the guide, meaning we'll be aiming to running a playstyle and setup that's as close to original build as possible.

Traditionally, people have looked down upon leveling as a summoner because it's apparently slow and clunky. I'm here to show how the opposite is true. Once we reach act 5 and get our hands on the Golem skill gems and majority of strong support gems build really starts to pops off and becomes one of the strongest builds at getting through the acts. The most annoying part with leveling is definitely in the beginning when the Zombies are made of paper and you can't seem to hit the links you need but this is literally over in a couple of minutes once you hit level 5.

Preperations and Leveling Tips:

Twink Gear:

If you're looking to level up as fast and smooth as possible and got currency to spare, consider getting these twink items straight of the bat.

Of all these items I find Seven-League steps and Tabula Rasa to be the best and most impactful items. You'll can literally use them all the way into yellow maps.

Key leveling Uniques:

This list will contain unique items I find extremely helpful and borderline mandatory to acquire as soon as possible on your leveling journey. Most of these items will cost ~1 chaos Orb which might sound daunting at first, but you absolutely want to invest in these items as soon as possible. You'll be using most of these items deep into your actual mapping experience so getting them early will help out your build massively. Chaos orbs will literally be raining in later on anyway so there's no need not to invest them right away as you find them while leveling.

This is a very strong and cheap helm for us to get during our leveling experience. If you've got 1 chaos Orb to spare before level 34, absolutely spend it on this helm. Even on day 1 this helm usually only goes for 1 Chaos. You want to search for a helm that's already 4-linked and if possible, with 2 green and 2 blue sockets. The colors aren't the entire world though, you can easily recolor this helm yourself.

The clayshaper is absolutely massive for this build, especially at level 42 when you only got 3 golems. This item usually costs ~5-6 chaos orbs on day one of a league so you might want to hold off with buying it until day 2 where it drops down to ~2 chaos orbs. If you can find a 3-linked one, snipe it. Hitting 3 linkes with your own fusings isn't a problem though. The 2 red and 1 green setup is pretty easy to hit with chromatics too.

Victario's Charity
This shield is absolutely massive and you MUST try to acquire one at the time you hit level 52. It's integral to the build. Day 1 prices of this shield is usually 2 chaos and it drops down to 1 chaos after that. As with all other items, try to get it fully linked if you can but it's not too important since you can 3-link an item easily yourself. You want to get either 3 red colors or 2 red + 1 blue color.

Bones of Ullir
Getting these boots super early isn't too much of a priority as we won't be running our spectres at level 28 eitherway. It's when we reach act 5 that we want to invest into these pair of boots. They are usually extremely cheap, only costing 1 alchemy, maybe 1 chaos orb during league start. These are a pair of boots which I would suggest buying fully linked. Hitting 4 links when you're tight on fusing can be extremely annoying. Try to get as high movement speed as possible. Ideally you want 2 blue and 2 red socket colors here.
All of these items are incredibly strong and will contribute to huge powerspikes in your gameplay experience.

Tabula Rasa:
This is one of the strongest early game items you can get but it's usually very pricey during league start. I wouldn't recommend you actually saving up for one of these like with the other items. If you do find one early, good for you, use it! These can be upwards 20 chaos orbs during league start being the reason why I wouldn't recommend anyone trying to acquire one early. When you get to act 10 I will recommend you starting to do the Chaos Recipe so you can buy one of these asap when hitting maps though.

General leveling Strategy and Tips:

This will just include some general tips how you should be treating and playing the leveling experience. Alot of people, me included get stuck in this weird inefficient way of playing our first characters where we literally try to discover every single corner of the map and clear every mob on our first playthrough. I know I did so because of some superstitious OCD believing I can't leave a single stone unturned because that one mob in the corner might be the the one hoarding an exalted orb. Full clearing maps, especially during the leveling is a complete waste of time and will only increase your the time it takes to finish the campaign two or even threefold.

Always keep moving:
When starting of on your first character - Avoid killing as many mobs as possible. This might sound counterintuetive but hear me out. Instead of spending time killing every mob you see or even, every mob you come buy, spend that time running towards the next objective instead. Just ignore all mobs and run towards what your quest up there in the right corner is telling you to do. Maybe if you see one juicy pack of mobs, summon a couple of skeletons and raging spirits, then continue running. By doing this strategy you will effectively cut down your campaign playthrough time by ~50-80% and you won't be underleveled. What happens if you spend too much time killing everything you come by is that you become over leveled and the mobs in the coming zones grant much less experience points. It's just an endless spiral of wasting your time ultimately.

I would suggest you to be either 2 levels below or above the zone you're in. If you're three levels below the zone, consider killing some stuff and you will literally level up in 1 minute. If you're 3 levels above I want to you to not hit a single monster until you get to the zones key quest objective. After act 4 this leveling build literally reaches god-tier leveling status and you will automatically be clearing everything on your screen while constantly running and spamming flasks. This will make you overleveled but you can't really do anything about it your minions autokilling everything you run past.

Looking for Linked bases:
This is probably one of the most important leveling tips I can give early on. In this game whenever you level up all vendors and the items they contain completely reset. This gives us the possibility to scout all vendors in town after we finish a Quest in search for appropriate linked items we need. This is espeically powerful for getting early 3-link and 4-link items.
So try make it a habit whenever you're back in town to finish a quest or if you've used a portal scroll/logged out to visit all item vendors to see if you can snipe a linked item you need. This is especially powerful early on.

Use your essences:
Early on you will be finding items called essences after defeating an enemy contained with a blue crystal you need to click. These items are very powerful crafting tools early on and you should absolutely use all of the ones you get during leveling.
Once used on a white item it will turn the item into a rare one with a guaranteed specific modifier stated by the essence itself. Especially good essences in the start are the ones that provide us with life or resistances. Don't get into the trap of thinking there's value in these and you might sell them in the future. These are entirely for leveling and no one will buy them so you should use them yourself. These are extremely powerful when used in conjunction with white linked bases you pick up from the ground or buy from a vendor.

I suggest using any version of these Essences up to Screaming:

Logout instead of wasting Portal Scrolls:
A very helpful tip I can give for your leveling experience is to just exit to character screen while you're leveling instead of using your hard earned portal scrolls. As soon as you need to get back to town or you finish a quest, just logout and get back in again. Finish your quests off and use the waypoint to get going with the next quest in line.

Act 1-4 Walkthrough:

Full walkthrough:
For the actual campaign playthrough I will be providing the information needed for you to finish each act running this specific build. You will be able to see how to allocate your skillpoints during every section. I'll also be guiding you through which skill and support gems to pick or buy at which moments. Generally, this playthrough is divided into two main portions:

Act-1 to 4: This is the early game from Act1 to the beginning of Act5. We don't have access to our key component minions and skills during this portion so we have to play around it a bit. In the early playthrough of the game we will focus on running Zombies and Summon Raging Spirits as our primary damage dealers. We will also include Summon Skeletons if we have socket links to spare.

Act-5 to maps: Once we finish act 4 we will transition away from summoned minions into running permanent ones instead. The leveling experience becomes disgustingly easy once we get here, especially if we've gotten our hands on the recommended unique items mentioned earier. Once here we'll finish our skill setup and links. You will basically run this setup until you transition into the low budget version of the build. This is where we replace our duration based minions with permanent minions like Spectres and Golems.


1. Rush for Lord of the Dead for +1 Zombies and Skeletons.
2. Get Enduring bond for additional minion damage and duration to synergize with Summon Raging Spirit and Raise Skeleton.
3. Get Heart and Soul for additional health.

Items and Sockets:

Main Skill - Zombies:
Zombies are our main skill running this build since they are a passive minion. We want to get as many links onto them as possible. Since we don't have to continously cast them like with other minions we don't get penalized for the increased mana cost of linking several support gems together with the zombies. This is very useful if you're running or finding a Tabula Rasa early on.

During act 1, look for a 3-linked blue socket item that we can put our zombies into.

Secondary Skill - Summon Raging Spirits:
Raging spirits are going to be one of our primary spammable skills we cast when we need to dish out additional damage. This will be our primary method of actively dealing damage.

During act 1, look for a 3-linked blue socket item that we can put our Raging Spirits into. Zombies still hold priority over Summon Raging Spirits.

Tertiary Skill - Raise Skeletons(Optional):

If you do find a third 3-link item, consider linking Raise Skeletons into this item. These can be a nice addition to your Raging Spirits since and are nice minions to summon for Bosses and larger packs. I do recommend getting Skeletons.

During act 1, look for a 2-linked blue socket item to put our Skeletons into. If you do find another 3-link you want the last socket color to be either red or blue.

Support Skill - Holy Flame Totem:
The Holy Flame Totem is a key component to our early game to make sure our Zombies stay alive. It summons a massive totem that sprays fire on our enemies. When summoned, the totem spawns a Consecrated Ground effect on the ground which increases all of our minions crit chance slightly and grants us 6% health regen every second. Before every fight you want to summon this one and then proceed with the rest of your dps rotation.

We're looking for a single Red Socket slot in any item. This doesn't have to be linked.

Aura Skills - Vitality & Clarity:
Both of these auras are a huge quality of life and we'll use them throughout most of the leveling experience.

For our Vitality we're looking for a single Red socket slot in any item. This doesn't have to be linked.
Clarity requires one blue unlinked socket slot.

Guard Skill - Steelskin:
For a guard skill we'll be using Steelskin as a defensive layer will leveling. Bind it to your left mouseclick and you'll be autocasting this ability everytime it comes of cooldown while moving around.

Mobility - Flame Dash:
We'll use Flame Dash for mobility. If you want to, you can go Dash instead which will do later in the higher budget versions.

Flame Dash requires one blue unlinked socket slot somewhere in your gear.

x2 3-blue 3-links
x1 2-blue + 1-red 3-link
x2 solo blue sockets
x3 solo span color="#df3a3a"]red[/span] sockets

Skill and Support Gems:

Linked Skills:
Main Skill - Zombies:

Secondary Skill - Summon Raging Spirit:

Tertiary Skill - Summon Skeletons:

Unlinked skills:
Support Skills - Holy Flame Totem:

Aura Setup - Vitality and Clarity:

Mobility - Flame Dash:

Guard Skill - Steelskin:


After killing Hillock and completing the Enemy at the Gate quest. Pick Raise Zombies. Immediately go to Nessa and buy a Freezing Pulse, swap out your Fireball and link it to Arcane Surge.
After completeing the quest Mercy Mission, pick the Quicksilver reward and use an Orb of Transmutation on it. Pray you get 'of Adrenaline' which gives the flask ~25% additional movement speed. Also pick a Summon Phantasm Support and link it to your Zombies.
After completeing the quest Breaking some Eggs, pick Summon Raging Spirit and Frostblink as your reward. After picking your reward, immediately go to Nessa and buy Holy Flame Totem and Steelskin Holy Flame Totem. Prioritze socketing Frostblink and Holy Flame Totem into your gear. Swap Freezing Pulls for Summon Raging Spirit. Put in the rest of your new gems when you get more sockets in your gear.
After killing Brutus - Go back to town and pick Minion Damage and Vitality as your quest rewards.

Immediately go to Nessa and buy:
x1 Infernal Legion Support
x2 Minion Damage Support
x1 Clarity
x1 Flame Dash
x1 Summon Skeletons
x1 Combustion Support (Save for future use)
x1 Melee Splash
(If you don't have the Transmutation Orbs, buy these later. Prioritize getting Zombie/Raging Spirit support gems)

Frostblink for Flame Dash.
Put in both Vitality and Clarity into your gear and activate both auras.
Link your Zombies with Phantasm and Minion damage as priority #1 if you have a 3-link all blue item.
Link Inernal Legion, minion damage and Summon Raging Spirits as your second link if you have an item.

Link Skeletons with Minion Damage and Melee Splash if you have access to the sockets. Otherwise wait until you find another third link and fix your final skill-link setup. We'll be running this setup for a while so get these links sorted as soon as you can.

Continue with the story and kill Mervail. Once she's defeated, go back to Lionseye's Watch and get Spirit Offering Nessa. Feel free to remove Holy Flame Totem from the build, we don't need it anymore.

After finishing Act 1:
Make sure you didn't forget to do these objectives.
- Love is Dead: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Flooded Depths close to the Submerged Passage waypoint.
- Reflection of Terror: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in the Ship Graveyard zone.
- The Gemling Legion: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in the Ship Graveyard zone.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trial in The Prison zone.



1. Get Minion Instability for some added clear once raging spirits expire.
2. Get Death's Attunement increasing your total number of minions.
3. Pick Quick Recovery for much needed additional health and recovery.

Items and Sockets:

While playing through Act II, just keep looking for gear upgrades searching for life and general resistances while keeping your skill gem setup.

Prioritize looking for Boots with optimal socket colors and as much movement speed as possible.

Skill and Support Gems:

Linked Skills:
Main Skill - Zombies:
Links Unchanged from Act I

Secondary Skill - Summon Raging Spirit:
Links unchanged from Act 1

Tertiary Skill - Summon Skeletons:
Change Melee Splash for Melee Physical Damage Support

Unlinked skills:
All unlinked gems remain unchanged from Act I
Aura Setup - Vitality and Clarity:

Mobility - Flame Dash:

Guard Skill - Steelskin:

Utility - Spirit Offering:


Get the Desecrate skill gem after finishing the Intruders in Black quest. You don't need to link it for now but can save it in your inventory or stash.
For your secondary quest reward, pick a second Quicksilver Flask. You wan't to be running both.
After finishing the Sharp and Cruel quest, pick the Minion Speed Support gem. Unfortunately, there's not much use for this gem unless you have Tabula Rasa. If you do, equip it. Otherwise, save it.
Finish the Root in the Problem quest and pick up Melee Physical Damage Support. Swap Melee Splash for this on our skeletons.
Kill all bandits and acquire 2 additional skill points.

After finishing Act 2:
Make sure you ddidn't forget to do these objectives.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trials in The Chambers of Sins and THe Crypt zones.



1. Get Sacrifice to add much needed minion survivability and regen to the build.
2. Get Fearsome Force for more dps and bigger AoE on our minions. Makes clearing feel better.
3. Move towards spiritual command for minion attack speed.
4. Get Discipline and Training to increase our total healthpool.

Items and Sockets:

In Act 3 we'll be starting to see 4-socket items and links popping up which opens us up to start linking our main dps abilities further increasing our throughput.

Main Skill - Zombies:
Since Zombies will remain our primary skill in the first phase of the leveling phase we'll prioritize our Zombies for our first 4-link. Depending on the color of our 4-link we can either choose to run with a 4-blue or a 3-blue/1-red

During act 3, look for a 4-linked blue or 3-blue/1-red socket items that we can put our zombies into.

Secondary Skill - Summon Raging Spirits:
When looking for a 4-link for our Summon Raging Spirits we're looking for the same color pattern as with the Zombies.

During act 3, look for a 4-linked blue or 3-blue/1-red socket items that we can put our Raging Spirits into. Still prioritize Zombies above Raging Spirits.

Tertiary Skill - Raise Skeletons(Optional):

Our Skeletons are looking for either a 3-blue/1-Red or a 2-blue/2-red linked item.

During act 3, look for a 3-blue/1-red or a 2-blue/2-red socket items to put our Skeletons into.

Predominantly look for 4-linked items. Keep an Eye on all 4-links that contain a combination of Blue and Red sockets with a focus on blue socket items.

Skill and Support Gems:

Linked Skills:

Main Skill - Zombies:
Add Melee Physical Damage Support or Minion Speed Support 4-linking our Zombies.


Secondary Skill - Summon Raging Spirit:
Add Melee Physical Damage Support or Combustion Support 4-linking our Raging Spirits.


Tertiary Skill - Summon Skeletons:
Add Melee Splash Support or Minion Speed Support 4-linking our Raging Spirits.


Unlinked skills:
Our unlinked gems remain unchanged from ActII.


After completing the Lost in Love quest, choose the Convocation skill gem. You can equip this gem if you want to. Unfortunately, our lower budget versions won't have enough sockets to use Convocation but our higher budget versions will be using it due to the access of Unset Socket Rings.
When you've completed the Sever the Right Hand quest, choose the Raise Spectre skill gem as your reward.
After getting Raise spectre, immediately go to Clarissa and buy additional skill gems from her. You want to buy:
x4 Raise Spectre
x1 Animate Guardian

After acquiring the gems, get your hands on 2 weapons that contain a combination of 5 blue sockets and 1 red socket. These items don't have to be linked. You can also go with 1 one-hand weapon and a shield. You'll easily find 2 of these weapons from a vendor in town.
When you've purchased the weapons, swap to your secondary weapon set in your item inventory and equip both of them. Put in your 5 total spectre gems and the animate guardian in there and swap back to your primary combat weapons.
We're keeping these gems in our offhand to level them up for the future.
Do the rest of the quests and finish the act.

After finishing Act 3:
Make sure you ddidn't forget to do these objectives.
- Victario's Secret: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Sewers.
- Piety's Pets: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed by defeating Piety in The Lunaris Temple level 2.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trias in The Catacombs, The Crypt and The Imperial Garden.



1. Get Cruel Preperations for additional life
2. Get Golem Commander to increase our total amount of Golems by 1.
Only do this once you've finished Act IV:
3. Unspecc Minion Instability and Enduring Bond
4. Start moving down the tree

Items and Sockets:

In Act4 we might actually start seeing 5-link items appearing, though highly unlikely. But keep that in mind. Also, you want to start keeping your eyes open for items that grant us Strength so we can equip certain unique items in the future. This primarily includes looking for a Heavy Belt, either of the ground or buying one from a vendor. If you have essences you can easily craft something decent early on that solves most of our strength issues. Also, keep an eye open for Amulets and Rings that give us Strength. We will want to get 134 strength to be able to equip certain gear in the future.

Other than that it's not much going on gearwise during Act 4. We'll be running the same setup and links as we did in Act 3. Keep your eyes open for additional gear upgrades that have higher life and resistances while maintaining the same socket colors needed to run the same gemlink setup.

Skill and Support Gems:

Nothing has changed from Act3, we're using the same Gem setup throughout Act4 aswell. Some small things you can keep your eyes open for are the best gem colors on our 4-links.

I told you earlier that we could use a blue 4-link for our Zombies and add Minion Speed to the mix. In reality you for sure want to use a 3-blue/1-red setup and link them to Melee Physical Support. This is only a minor detail but provides more dps.

Same thing goes for your Raging Spirits. They will do more damage if you link them with Combustion Support in a 4-blue linked item compared to a Melee Physical Damage Support.

That being said, don't waste too much time trying to minmax these skills out while running this act. If you can do a gemswap fast, then feel free to do so. But we'll we changing our entire gem setup at the end of Act 4 so don't waste time and energy trying to minmax anything while playing through this Act.


After completing the quest Breaking the Seal, pick Summon Stone Golem.
After defeating Malachai and finishing the act, complete the quest The Eternal Nightmare and pick Greater Multipile Projectiles as your reward.

After finishing Act 4:
Make sure that you didn't miss to do
- An Indomitable Spirit: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Mines level 2.

Now that we've finished Act4 we have access to majority of Skill Gems and support gems we need to get this build going for real. This is where we do the big "switch" and finish majority of links in our setup. There will be a detailed interlude guide between ActIV and ActV how to do this properly. Make sure to read and follow it.


Interlude: Golem and Spectre setup

Physical, Fire or Lightning:
Before we move on to Act V I'll go through in detail how we're supposed to get everything we need to setup the proper build we'll be finishing the campaign with. This is the part where we swap out our Skeletons and Raging Spirits for our more powerful Golems and Spectre minions.

Before we begin, let me start of by saying that you have the option of running 3 different setups depending on what you like more. All three setups are about as strong, it's just different flair during the actual leveling campaign. We can either choose to go:
- Full Physical: Running Summon Carion Golem and Syndicate Operative spectres.
- Full Lightning: Running Summon Lightning Golem and Slave Driver spectres.
- Full Fire: Running Summon Fire Golem and Solar Guard spectres.

All setups will follow the same formula of running one Golem Setup supported by Spectres. We'll be supporting their damage with either a Physical damage, Lightning or Fire type curse and Aura based on how we choose to scale our setup.

If you have the option of obtaining Syndicate Operatives I would suggest running with them. This allows us to level up the right gems for the mapping versions of the build and we don't have to go through the hassle of swapping a Fire or Lightning version to the Cold Conversion Physical version in the future. The problem during an actual league start is that no one will have Syndicate Operatives on day one so they might be hard to get your hands on. In the end, it doesn't really matter which route you choose to go with but it can be handy to get a feel for the Carrion Golem + SO route to know how it plays.

Before we start buying the required gems, lets buy some and craft important items for the build. You can disregard buying items if you don't have the required money for it. But if you do have some money I highly suggest you getting your hands on these items right away as they're usually very cheap:

Try to get them 4-linked if possible to save some Fusings.

If you do have the money, buy a Clayshaper as soon as you can. This is a huge weapon upgrade to us and we'll be running it for a long time. This item usually costs ~7 chaos on day 1 of a league but quickly fall down to 2 chaos the next day.

Crafting a Strength Belt:
If you haven't found a good strength belt to use from rare drops, consider crafting one yourself.
1. Get your hands on a normal uncrafted base:
Either get one through drops or buy one from a vendor.

2. Throw a resistance type Essence on it:

(I used a Wailing Hatred one on mine)
If you don't have any essences you can also use a Orb of Alchemy, but they might be valuable to you in the beginning.
3. Bench Craft Strength:
Hopefully your item has an open suffix. If that's the case, go into your Hideout and bench craft additional strength on the item. In the end you might end up with something like this which is excellent for leveling.

Dexterity and Strength from Tree:
If you're lacking needed attributes to equip certain items or gems, then feel free to use your skill tree to acquire additional stat points. Close to Mind Over matter in the skill tree you'll find 2 large attribute nodes which gives +30 Dexterity and +30 Strength respectively. Feel free to specc into these if needed.

Physical Version:

The Physical version is probably the strongest version to start with and since we're going to run both Carrion Golems and Operatives in the future we won't have to make many gem swaps or level up new primary gems in the future. This makes this version the handsdown strongest version to finish the campaign with

There's only one huge problem with running this version:
The access to Syndicate Operatives on day 1 of the league

Syndicate Operatives are a Betrayal type spectre and can only be encountered when running Syndicate safehouses which are a type of mapping content. That means we can't access them on day one of the league. For this reason I'd suggest you to run with one of the other two options if you plan to league start with this build on Day 1.

Gem Shoppinglist:

Here I'll list all the gems you need to buy and where to get them

1. In Act 4, enter Highgate and talk to the vendor Petarus and Vanja. Enter the gempage and buy all these gems:
x1 Summon Carrion Golem
x1 Hextouch Support
x1 Multistrike Support
2. Enter Act 3 and take the waypoint to The Library. Talk to Siosa and open up his gem vendor (Make sure you've done his Questline before or you can't access his gems). Buy all of these gems from him:
x1 Pride
x1 Dreadbanner
x1 Vulnerability
x1 Generosity Support
x1 Increased Duration Support
x1 Maim Support
x1 Impale Support
x1 Vicious Projectiles Support
x1 Storm Brand
x1 Feeding Frenzy Support

Gem Links:

Helm - Spectres:

Chest - Golems:

If you got access to a 6-link item:

Aura Setup:


Curse Setup:

Support Minions:

If you want more damage and less life regeneration in the build use Main instead of Vitality.

How to get Syndicate Operative Spectres:

One of the biggest problems with getting your hands on the Syndicate Operatives during day 1 of a new league quite frankly is that no one is having them. This means that we will have to wait for one person in a trade league to be the first person to get the Operatives so he can spread the spectres around.

If you're going the physical route there's only one way to get the Operatives during leveling and it's to ask for them in a global chat channel.

To do this you should join the semiofficial ingame minion channel which is an excellent source for sharing and obtaining spectres. To join this channel simply type:

/global 6666

This will take you to the channel and all you have to do is ask kindly for someone to share their Syndicate Operatives with you.
Once you get invited to someones party, equip a Desecrate skill gem and use the skill in this persons hideout. Make sure you have your Spectre skill gem equipped and mouse over the corpses you spawn. Keep casting Desecrate and look through corpses until you find the Syndicate Operatives.
Use Raise Spectre on them and now you got access to them.

Now you can raise them in your own hideout aswell so go there, summon your maximum amount of spectres and unequip the gem. Keep Desecrate in your inventory in case you need to resummon spectres again in the future.

Lightning Version:

The lightning version of the leveling build focuses on using Slave Driver spectres for single target and Lightning Golems for clear. We scale the damage by using Wrath which is a lightning based Aura and cursing enemies with Conductvivity through the use of Armageddon brand. The best thing with running the Lightning Golem version is that it's extremely flexible and easy getting the Spectres. We get access to the Slave Drivers as soon as we enter Act V.

Elemental Equilibrium
Before starting to swap your gems, make sure that you specc into Elemental Equilibrium in your skill tree. This will be a monumental damage boost for you. We're going to be using Armageddon Brand dealing fire damage to procc Elemental Equilibrium.

Gem Shoppinglist:

Here I'll list all the gems you need to buy and where to get them

1. In Act 4, enter Highgate and talk to the vendor Petarus and Vanja. Enter the gempage and buy all these gems:
x1 Summon Lightning Golem
x1 Hextouch Support
x2 Spell Echo Support
2. Enter Act 3 and take the waypoint to The Library. Talk to Siosa and open up his gem vendor (Make sure you've done his Questline before or you can't access his gems). Buy all of these gems from him:
x1 Generosity Support
x1 Increased Duration Support
x1 Fork Support
x1 Armageddon Brand Brand
x1 Wrath
x1 Conductivity
x1 Feeding Frenzy Support
x1 Concentrated Effect Support
x1 Elemental Focus Support

Gem Links:

Helm - Spectres:

Chest - Golems:

If you got access to 6-link:

Aura Setup:


Curse Setip:

Support Minions:

How to get Slave Drivers Spectres:

Slave Drivers:
As mentioned earlier, the best benefit of running Slave Drivers is the ease of obtaining them. They're also an extremely powerful single target dps oriented spectre, probably one of the best single target spectres in the game by quite a large margin.

To get these spectres enter Act V after you've finished your entire gear and gem setup. Your Lightning Golems will be more than enough to solo carry you through the beginning. Run through the Slave Pens zone and enter the new Act town, Overseer's Tower. From here, enter the The Control Blocks. Within this are Slave Driver monsters can be find.
Equip your Desecrate Gem and start spawning corpses. Once you see a Slave Driver corpse on the ground, ressurect it with your Raise Spectre skill.
Do this until you have the maximum number of spectres.

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Act 5-10 Walkthrough:

Interlude: Golem and Spectre setup

Fire Version:

The fire version of the leveling build utilizes Flame Golems and Solar Guard spectres through the leveling experience. This build specializes in using Fire damage to get to acts and we boost our minions damage by providing them with additional scaling through debuffing enemies with Flammability and Elemental Equilibrium. We also use Anger as an Aura to scale all our minions damage.

The problem with the Solar Guards is that we can't access them until the middle of Act 8. This forces us to use Flame Sentinels as a substitute until we reach that point. Sentinels are a pretty strong type of spectres too though so not much is lost.

Elemental Equilibrium
Before starting to swap your gems, make sure that you specc into Elemental Equilibrium in your skill tree. This will be a monumental damage boost for you. We're going to be using Storm Brand dealing lightning damage to procc Elemental Equilibrium.

Gem Shoppinglist:

Here I'll list all the gems you need to buy and where to get them

1. In Act 4, enter Highgate and talk to the vendor Petarus and Vanja. Enter the gempage and buy all these gems:
x1 Summon Flame Golem
x1 Hextouch Support
x2 Spell Echo Support
x1 Greater Multipile Projectile
2. Enter Act 3 and take the waypoint to The Library. Talk to Siosa and open up his gem vendor (Make sure you've done his Questline before or you can't access his gems). Buy all of these gems from him:
x1 Generosity Support
x1 Increased Duration Support
x1 Anger
x1 Storm Brand Brand
x1 Flammability
x1 Frostblink
x1 Feeding Frenzy Support
x1 Burning Damage Support

Gem Links:

Helm - Spectres:

Chest - Golems:

If you got access to a 6-link:

Aura Setup:


Curse Setip:

DISCLAIMER: We're swapping Flame Dash for Frost Blink here because we're running Elemental Equiilibirum. If we were to continue running Flame Dash we would effectively reduce our dps as Flame Dash would increase everyones Fire resistance by 25%.
Support Minions:

How to get Solar Guards Spectres:

The Solar Guards are probably the strongest Fire dealing spectres we can obtain early on during the campaign. The problem is that we first encounter them in Act 8. For this reason we have to subsitute them for Flame Sentinels until we reach Act 8. This isn't too much of a problem though as the Flame Sentinels are just slightly weaker.

Acquiring Flame Sentinels:
Go to act 3 and take the waypoint to The Solaris Temple, it doesn't matter which level. Equip Desecrate and keep raising corpses until you find a Flame Sentinel. The spawn rate seems to be pretty low so you might have to raise a but. You can also just clear the place and kill a Flame Sentinel directly and use your Raise Spectre ability on its corpse if your Desecrate doesn't seem to work.

Acquiring Solar Guards:
Getting the Solar Guards is actually going to be done through the exact same method as with the Flame Sentinels. The Solar Guards are retrieved in Act 8 in The Solaris Temple level 2 zone. When you get to Solaris Temple, keep an eye out for Solar Guard enemies and raise their corpses. Alternatively, spam Desecrate until you spawn a corpse and raise it.


Items and Gemlinks from:
From this point when you go into act 5 we won't be modifying our gem and links any longer apart for some minor improvements in Act 6. When it comes to gear, keep looking for upgrades that allow you to keep the same gemlinks throughout the campaign. These links will always have a massive priority over any item you find. As always when it come to upgrades, look for resistances and Life in addition to keep the integrity of the gem links we've chosen.


1. Get Indomitable Army to increase minion survivability. This will ensure your minions are unkillable.
2. Get Foresight, mainly to path for Necromantic Aegis.
Buy a Victario's Charity of trade
3. Specc into Necromantic Aegis which is the biggest damage node we can get in the tree.


Use a waypoint to enter The Sarn Encampment in Act 3. Enter The Aspirants Plaza to finish your Normal Lab Trial. This should be incredibly easy.
Once finished, choose Elementalist as your ascendency and put your first two points into Liege of the Primordial for one additional Golem, you should have 3 Golems in total now. Since we're using Vitality Stone Golem isn't needed so run 3 DPS Golems.
When finishing the quest The Key to Freedom, choose a Silver Flask as your reward. Put a Transmutation Orb, a Orb of Augmentation and equip the flask. This flask gives us additional movement speed. Always press it together with your Quicksilver Flask.

There's not much to say about the act itself. Use the newly constructed build and try to get through the act as fast as you can. If you don't have a Clayshaper or the Chaos Orbs needed to buy a Victario's Charity, feel free to put some extra time into doing the primary League Mechanic as these usually provides us with some free Chaos Orbs during the campaign.

After finishing Act 5:
Make sure you didn't forget to do these objectives.
- In Service of Science: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Control Blocks.
- Kitava's Torments: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed by finding 3 quest items in The Reliquary.



1. Specc into Aligned Spirits for minion damage

2. Get Purity of Flesh for additional life and Chaos resistance

Skill and Support Gems:

When we get to Act 6 we get access to the last gems we'll be using in the build. After finishing the Fallen from Grace quest we're able to buy all skill gems in the game from Lilly.
Main Skill - Golems:
If you're running the Physical Version of the build with a Carrion Golem and got access to a early 6-link Chest, link your golems with Brutality and remove Maim from the build.

Mobility and Guard skills:
Finish your last 3-link item by buying Phase Run from Lily and link it to your Steelskin + Increased Duration Support link.


After finishing the quest Fallen from Grace, talk to Lilly and purchase Phase Run. Link it together with your Steelskin and Increased Duration support.
Finish the rest of the campaign and keep looking for item upgrades.

After finishing Act 6:
Make sure you didn't forget to do these objectives.
- The Father of War: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Karui Fortress.
- The Cloven One: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed by defeating Abbareth in Prisoner's Gate.
- The Puppet Mistress: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in The Wetlands.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trial in The Prison.



1. Specc into Sanctity
2. Get the Gravepact damage wheel which is one of the biggest damage dealing increases in the tree.


Once reach level 52 or you're close to it, get your hands on a Victario's Charity Laminated Kiteshield and specc into the Necromantic Aegis keystone passive if you haven't already. This shield provides a massive dps boost to your build. On day 1 of the league this shield usually costs ~4 chaos orbs but instantly falls down to 1 chaos rapidly.
After completing The Silver Locket quest, pick a Granite flask as your quest reward. Craft some modifiers on it and equip it.

After finishing Act 7:
Make sure you didn't forget to do these quests and objectives.
- The Master of a Million Faces: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Ashen Fields.
- Queen of Despair: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in The Dread Thicket.
- Kishara's Star: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in The Causeway.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish both Labyrnith trials in The Crypt and Chambers of Sin level 2.



1. Get Righteous Army for additional damage and minion survivability
2. Specc into Devotion for additional survivability


Get to the Aspirants Plaza a second time and finish the Cruel Labyrinth. After finishing the Labyrinth, specc into Elemancer and get your fourth golem.
If you're playing the Fire version of this build, make sure to replace your Flame Sentinels with Solar Guards in The Solaris Temple.

Other than that there's nothing noteworthy to do in this act. Just rush through it and complete all the quests.

After finishing Act 8:
- The Father of War: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Quay zone.
- The Cloven One: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in The High Gardens.
- The Puppet Mistress: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed in The Grain Gate.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trial in The Bath house.



1. Path your way through Shaper towards the life wheel
2. Get Constitution for additional life


There's nothing noteworthy to think about when running this act. Just run through the act and try to finish it while picking up potential item upgrades.

After finishing Act 9:
- The Queen of the Sands: Awards 1 skill point is done defeating Shakari in The Oasis zone.
- The Ruler of Highgate: Awards 1 skillpoint and is completed by killing Kira in an arena zone to the west of The Quarry zone.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trial in The Tunnel.



1. Get Sentinel for additional elemental resistances
2. Finish of the leveling experience by acquiring as much resistance as you need


There's nothing noteworthy to think about while running through Act 10. Just finish the storyline and do all quests.

After finishing Act 10:
Make sure you don't forget to do these objectives.
- Vilentas Vengence: Awards 1 skill point is done in The Control Blocks.
- An End to Hunger: Awards 2 skillpoints after defeating Kitava and finishing the campaign.
- Labyrinth Trial: Make sure to finish the Labyrnith trial in The Ossuary.


XIV. General Mapping Guide


Welcome to the Atlas of Worlds!
After you've defeated Kitava in act 10 and finished the main campaign you're now introduced to the endgame of Path of Exile. Or rather, you're introduced to the actual game. During your the later acts of your playthrough you most probably started finding various items called Maps.

These are a central and integeral part to the Path of Exile post game experience. Maps function like stages in other games and each map reflect one specific zone that you played through in the campaign. Maps come in tiers from level 1 up to 16 and grow increasingly hard as you move up the tier.
Just like items, maps are items that we can craft on. The more currency we choose to invest in our map, the higher currency yield our maps will give us back over time. This is known as investing into our maps.
Put simply, we use the currency that we gather to juice up our maps introducing more and harder monsters into the map. This in turn increases the droprate in our maps and over time, you will make more money.

Early Map investments:

This brings us to my first and #1 rule when you start mapping in this game:

Always use orb of Alchemy on your maps
I know that it's sounds daunting at first to spend these currencies that actually seem to have some value when we begin a league. I remember playing my first league and buying unique items of trade for 1 alchemy orb during my campaign experience. This made me thing that Alchemies were super valuable so I was really adverse to spending them. Back then there was some golden rule that you should use Transmutation Orbs on White maps, Alchemy orbs on yellow maps and Alchemy + Vaal Orbs on red maps. While it's certainly better than nothing, today I just prefer to Alchemy every single map I touch.

This will give you your money back, I can promise that. When I began playing this game I feel into the mental trap of trying to alch one of my first yellow maps. After running the map I didn't get an Alchemy Orb back and I instantly regret my decision and continued to run my maps blue. This was a stupid decision for one simple reason: Investing once and not getting your money back doesn't show the overall picture. That goes for all content in this game. The Path of Exile endgame plays on averages over time. Running a boss might cost 1 exalted orb and has a 20% chance to drop an item that's worth 10 exalted orbs. Maybe you won't get anything back on your 4 first runs which severely demotivates you but you have to keep at it. If you continue to push and do the same 100 times over you will make a big profit in the end.

That being said, ALWAYS invest in your maps, even the first map you put into your map device! Having more % item quantity on your maps will yield you more Chaos Orbs, more Maps to feed the endgame machine, more unique items, more chisels and most importantly, more high value currencies like Exalted Orbs.

With that out of our way, let me tell you my strategy for how I invest in my early game maps. This include all maps I do to finish my Atlas of Worlds:

White maps: White maps are the easiest maps we can do, and usually it's not worth to throw too much into them. That being said though, you should ALWAYS throw an alchemy orb on them. This usually increase the item quantity of the map by ~70% which in simple terms mean, 70% more loot. White maps are all maps between tier 1 and tier 5.
Yellow Maps: Yellow maps include maps form tier 6 to tier 10. Not much changes with these maps, just like white maps we will throw an Alchemy Orb on them and put them into the map device. Don't invest more into them.
Red Maps: Red maps include all maps from Tier 11 to 16 and it's these maps that we actually start putting some currency into. Everyone has different strategies for how they juggle their chisels and vaal orbs. Personally I do it like this:
1. Alchemy Orb all red maps I run.
2. Always use a Vaal Orb on uncompleted red maps for atlas completeion. Vaal Orbs are usually pretty rare during league start so don't use Vaal Orbs on map early on unless it's for map completion.
3. If the map is Tier 14+, always use Chisels to get it to 20% map quality.

This is my general strategy during my mapping experience when I'm working on finishing my atlas and I've found it the most successfull to make sure I always make money during the actual Atlas completion.

How to Complete your Atlas:

Atlas completion and obtaining your 32 watchstones is always very confusing for a beginner. In this section I will describe how you should be going through the process of finishing a your entire Atlas from entering your very first map.

Without going too much indepth, your atlas has a progressystem known as your map completion. This is a bonus to your drops you get for each map you have completed. What this means is that, the more maps you've completed, the more items you get in return - Specifically maps.
For this reason, my goal during a league start ALWAYS is to finish my atlas and get 162/164 completed maps as fast as I can. When that's finished, I focus on finishing my Awakening Bonus getting 162/164 there aswell. So how do we get there?

I won't be going too much indepth with all the details but I will outline my general strategy for finishing my atlas and it starts with the first watchstone we our very first map.

Step I: build your map pool
Begin running your white maps and always prioritize newly found maps and your higher tier maps. This is to build a base pool of maps that we always can fall back on. Your goal during this step is to finish EVERY single white map on your atlas. This might seem daunting at first but is actually very easy when utilize third party sites like PoeMap.live.

While you're running around your atlas franticly completeing all maps you will eventually face one of 4 conquerors. After defeating the first conqueror and obtaining your first watchstone I want you to put it in the top left inner region.

This will allow this region to start dropping higher tier maps within that specific zone when you're running maps there. As you're progressing you will continue to acquire more watchstones and I want you to continue placing them in the inner regions in a clockwise fashion. After doing a full rotation of 4 conquerors your atlas should look like this.

Once you've finished your first rotation of conquerors I want you to finish ALL white maps that you haven't completed. I don't mean that you should just do all white maps you've got, I'm talking about completing every single white map needed for your atlas completion. Unfortunately, you won't have found all the required maps yet which leads us to the next step.

Step II: Finish all whitemaps
The reason we want to finish all white maps as early as possible is to drastically improve our map sustain. We'll be doing this by utilizing the map pool you've already garnered during your first conqueror rotation in trade your already completed maps for uncompleted ones.

To do this smoothly, use the site Poemap.live and simply fill in all tier 1 to tier 5 maps that you lack and have. This will allow us to get 88/164 maps early on which skyrocket your map sustain to the moon and help us prepare entering into the yellow maps.

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Started on a medium budget guide for the build.
More details and videos coming for that version soon.

Also added videos vs Feared invitiations and maven witnesses:

What fossils do you use for the medium helm craft? I cant find a combination of fossils where the craft costs below 1k exa on average.
This looks like a glass cannon if I have ever seen one ^^
My motto with minions always been, you cant deal any dmg if you are dead. So at some point, you have to balance between minion dmg and survivability. This build seems to have 0 defenses and would probably cause any new minion player to get 1 shot in every map.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Ibarela wrote:
What fossils do you use for the medium helm craft? I cant find a combination of fossils where the craft costs below 1k exa on average.

To be completely honest, I wouldn't try and craft that helm myself but would rather buy other peoples failed crafting attempts.
But if you're insisting on crafting a medium ticket helmet I would either go with only bound fossils or bound fossils + Pristine + Prismatic.
I'm leaning towards only spamming solo bound fossils. Alteration + Augmenting could also be an option, although the most frustrating one. You can try it out on the craftofexle emulator.

The reason why crafting one of these early helmets isn't a very smart move is because those type of helmets usually are the failed crafts of other crafters. They can still make some profit of the helm though so they do sell them off, often for less than the crafting cost is.

I would wait with crafting a Helm until we're actually investing into a proper 8+ link helmet. If you try to selfcraft or need because you're a SSF players, then fossil crafting is basically gambling.

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