Low Level Duel filter for bases

Filter to farm bases for low level dueling/pvp.

Added the following bases:
BaseType "Arming Axe" "Boarding Axe" "Gilded Axe" "Short Bow" "Recurve Bow" "Royal Bow" "Cat's Paw" "Timeworn Claw" "Blinder" "Stiletto" "Copper Kris" "Skean" "Ceremonial Mace" "Bladed Mace" "War Hammer" "Brass Maul" "Jagged Maul" "Ritual Sceptre" "Ochre Sceptre" "Quartz Sceptre" "Royal Staff" "Long Staff" "Coiled Staff" "Elegant Sword" "Antique Rapier" "Ornate Sword" "Spiraled Wand" "Quartz Wand" "Carved Wand" "Full Plate" "Full Leather" "Mage's Vestment" "Full Scale Armour" "Full Ringmail" "Scarlet Raiment" "Plated Greaves" "Deerskin Boots" "Silk Slippers" "Ironscale Boots" "Mesh Boots" "Clasped Boots" "Jagged Foil" "Bronze Gauntlets" "Deerskin Gloves" "Silk Gloves" "Bronzescale Gauntlets" "Ringmail Gloves" "Strapped Mitts" "Close Helmet" "Leather Hood" "Tribal Circlet" "Visored Sallet" "Great Helmet" "Festival Mask" "Copper Tower Shield" "Hammered Buckler" "Painted Buckler" "Jingling Spirit Shield" "Bone Spirit Shield" "Scarlet Round Shield" "Fir Round Shield" "Layered Kite Shield" "Reinforced Kite Shield" "Burnished Spiked Shield" "Coral Amulet" "Paua Amulet" "Amber Amulet" "Jade Amulet" "Lapis Amulet" "Agate Amulet" "Citrine Amulet" "Turquoise Amulet" "Onyx Amulet" "Chain Belt" "Rustic Sash" "Heavy Belt" "Leather Belt" "Cloth Belt" "Studded Belt" "Broadhead Arrow Quiver" "Blunt Arrow Quiver" "Coral Ring" "Iron Ring" "Paua Ring" "Unset Ring" "Sapphire Ring" "Topaz Ring" "Ruby Ring" "Diamond Ring" "Moonstone Ring" "Two-Stone Ring" "Alloyed Spiked Shield"

All at ilvl 36.

This filter is modified from NeverSink's soft filter at FilterBlade https://www.filterblade.xyz/

Bases selected with the help of MimiVirus.

Let me know if we missed some bases.

Download link: https://filebin.net/wp98apylnogqjf33

If that doesn't work, you can also download it from my profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/nszeek/item-filters

EDIT: Added flasks, thanks PT.
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Last bumped on Mar 31, 2021, 11:48:16 PM
Thanks dude! :)

BTW there are quite a few bases listed that are not used much at all, but it's designed to be more of a catch-all list and then you can narrow it down if you'd like.

Happy farming in Crystal Veins!

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