3.13 | Impale blade flurry berserker | 30 mln shaper DPS | Perfect leaguestarter


For your discussion I'd like to introduce low budget Impale blade flurry warcry berserker.
Crazy leech
All content viable.

Bugget to begin: 15 ex

Min-maxing of course available


Gameplay video and videoguide: https://youtu.be/Ard_CrD0nFc

PoB (community fork): https://pastebin.com/sBriP9jy

How it works?

Simple concept:
blade flurry impale
some leech nodes
immortal ambition (from soul tether + corrupted soul) = 5.5k life + 2.5k ES
Leech doesn't remove on full life
30 mln DPS to start

1) Pros


*Crazy leech
*Perfect low budget leaguestarter
*Great single target (30 MLN shaper DPS)


2) Cons


*Not the best map clearer
*Swapping body armour for uber atziri
*To farm 100% delirium need more tankiness with chaos res + ailment immunity


3) Levelling


Easy levelling with any melee attack skill, saving the whole tree.


4) Ascendancy/Skill tree/Links/Pantheon


Flawless savagery
War bringer
Aspect of carnage

Bandits: kill all

Pantheon: Brine king + Shakari

Path of building (community fork): https://pastebin.com/sBriP9jy

Gameplay video and videoguide: https://youtu.be/Ard_CrD0nFc


5) Current gear and gem setups


Pride or flesh and stone mana reservation enchantment is a must.

You can always use abyssus, but your are becoming too fragile.
But for fights like Maven it's a perfect option.

Swapping for 6 link body armour with 100% reduced reflected physical damage (not necessary taking the same as mine - bought that for 80c, though)

Pride - dread banner - blood and sand - enlighten
Blood rage
Ancestral warchief
intimidating cry (for movement button)
CWDT - vaal molten shell - inc. duration
Leap slam - fortify - faster attacks
Flesh and stone - maim - enlighten - precision (~7 lvl)
Assassin's mark on the ring

Blade flurry - Melee physical - Brutality - impale - infused channeling - close combat (conc effect as an alternative)

For flasks:
life flask with bleed immunity
sulphur flask
lion's roar
diamond flask with freeze immunity
quicksilver flask




Thread of hope (large)
2 clusters to boost physical damage + getting life and mana leech
rare jewels with life + crit multi


7) Alternative gear and min-maxing


More physical damage on rings
pride impale watcher's eye (for min-maxing)
triple crit multi rare jewels (for min-maxing)

Also can use divine flesh instead of corrupted soul:
then do not take skin of the lords and soul tether, sacrifice some passives to get to vaal pact, get good stygian vise and hp body armour and cap your chaos and ele res.

Bottled faith for min-maxing
Cinderswallow urn also available

Getting ailment immune and capping chaos res gives you an opportunity to farm 100% delirium (big investment).


Thank you and good luck!

For more videos:
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